Here you will find People, Tools & Resources that I believe in, often use myself, and highly recommend to you on your journey of Personal Evolution and Self-Discovery.

Pixie Lighthorse Offers Spiritual Training for Shamanic Healers has all her offerings.

I am certified through Pixie’s Earth Medicine School in Levels 1-4 and would recommend any of her books, classes or events. She has developed support tools & methods for the woman on a self-healing journey, as well as those who feel called to heal others and Mama Earth. There is a lot to be done and the work begins within. Pixie creates the most amazing Sacred Space for your Soul to come out of hiding and shine as it was intended!

Nancy Hartline has a fantastic new report:
Your Numbers In a Nutshell

I love all of Nancy’s work, but you’re going to really love this one!! It is everything, at-a-glance – plus, the most poignant reminders, right when you need them the most. If you want to co-create with your own Inner Knowing, numbers are one of those Universal languages that are coded within you and Nancy is a *Stellar Guide*! This report will help you fortify your strengths, share your gifts and face your challenges with more integrity and faith that you are built for this very journey.

Kelly’s Power Circle Community
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Order Your Destiny Card Readings HERE

DeBorah Bellony has reignited my passion to understand this ancient system that is hidden in an ordinary deck of playing cards! She has also helped me tremendously with her own unique wisdom of the celestial realm, deep connection to her Ancestors and ability to synthesize it all using an ancient system called Cardology. If you’re ready to go deeper, consider a coaching session and use the link above to get 20% Off any of her reports which cover your blueprint, annual, weekly, relationships or partnerships and much more! I have found these to be really helpful in navigating my own world and I’d highly recommend them.

I have collaborated with Leilah since 2006 and she is an amazing & natural channel, she’s an artist and another one of my *Stellar Guides*! She has created two sessions that will help you learn more about your own Soul’s Divine Essence and one of them comes with your own custom mandala that she creates for you. eMail Leilah for Details