Soul Sisters Circle ~ is not astrologically related, but is more about managing your individual energy on an ongoing basis with the support of a community of like-hearted women of all races & ages, from all over the world. Details & Registration HERE

Venus Circle ~ is a group of people following the Venus 18-month Cycle. We do 9-months of conscious Release Work and then we do 9-months of conscious Reclamation Work, together. It is a powerful exercise in getting to know your own values & priorities in a whole new way. Learning how Venus feels to you personally will help you navigate the important choices you have to make regarding your relationships & finances in particular. Details & Registration HERE

I’d like to share a NEW Custom Tool I recently created. I’ve had many of you ask about getting to know Venus without necessarily having to learn her whole cycle and I am excited to offer it to you!

Venus rules everything we care about, relationships & finances being at the top of the list. She moves relatively quickly through your chart, spending 3-4 weeks in each Sign so you can work with her on your everyday decisions & choices. Your values & priorities shift & evolve as you do so it is a really great support to have this custom tool to remind you what she is activating in your individual chart.

Your Personal Venus Activations basically track Venus as she contacts planets in your chart and will support you throughout the month. You don’t have to learn her whole cycle, you can just learn how she’s affecting YOU! which will ultimately enable you to co-create in a much more sacred, conscious & effective way.

3-mo for $25 ~ HERE

Sample HERE
Includes Front/Back cover, Introduction & Activations
Order Your Mini-Venus Reading HERE ($75)
Includes First 3-mo + mp3 Intro to Your Venus
Your Personal Activations: Subscribe HERE ($10/mo)
Includes 10-pg/pdf Customized for YOU

Custom Monthly Reading Subscription $25/mo USD
(You can Submit One Question, Issue or Focus for Each Upcoming Month)

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