JOIN US! to Celebrate LEO/Lion’s Gate Cross Qtr 2020
SAT/Aug 8th
(pacific) / @2:00pm (eastern)
ALL are Welcome!

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You are invited to join me & Shanta Gabriel SAT/Aug 8th on ZOOM @11:00am (pacific) / 2:00pm (eastern) as we make our offerings and set our intentions for this Sacred Season. There are many celebrations and global prayer/meditations going on all over the world, holding space, as well as the vision of *Peace, Balance & Renewed Life* for Mama Earth & all her babies! Let’s claim that vision for one and all, then trust that our contribution of ongoing mindful focus & renewed dedication to Life counts and contributes to the evolution of all.

In this Zoom gathering, we will radiate global intentions into the world for raising the consciousness of all humanity. You will also be guided into an inner experience of the Archangels working to assist to integrate your Soul’s imperatives into your daily lives. This empowerment will provide a catalytic spark for the manifestation and fruition of your greatest dreams!

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Shanta Gabriel has many offerings and also hosts the Compassionate Wisdom Circle which is an amazing global community that offers prayers for the world every month and she offers stellar guidance on the New & Full Moons, when I also drop in to share the energetic support.

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