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Hello & Welcome! This class is about exploring & learning about Astrology while using your own chart to help you integrate what you are learning. The idea is to familiarize you with your own chart placements and the basic components that I focus on the most – which are cycles & patterns.

When you are done with this 12-week course, you will have a firm understanding of your Essential Nature & Authentic Self. You will understand cycles better and get to know your own rhythm so that dancing with the Social/Collective Rhythm gets easier.

No matter what your level of astro-knowledge is, this course is about energies & lessons that we are all familiar with. Once you know the various aspects of your own blueprint, and a basic understanding of the rhythm, then co-creating gets MIRACULOUS & FUN!!

*This is not a certification program.

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$200 for 8-wk Course  ~  8 Zooms + All Custom Tools Included