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JUPITER IN ARIES ~ Improve Your Independence
LESSON: Courage of Your Convictions / Overcoming Fear of New Beginnings
– Develop leadership qualities & practice being pro-active on your own behalf
– Adhere to a routine – know what you want and focus
– Be assertive and fearless – just do it
– Have faith in Self, Spirit & the Unfolding Process
– New beginnings / Fresh start in your consciousness
– Healthy competition with a special focus on bettering your Self
SHADOW: Idle time and starting things but not finishing them.

Jupiter is going to go back-and-forth over the Pisces/Aries cusp during 2022-23 to activate a whole new 12-year Cycle. During its travels, we will all experience certain Activations to move the Social & Collective levels along. Jupiter also Retrogrades every year giving us a chance to focus on what has expanded and reevaluate what in your life needs to increase and what in your life needs to decrease. That will happen July-Nov 2022 but first we will get an initial introduction to this energy during May-June, before its final months in Pisces to truly close out the cycle. This back & forth through the Pisces/Aries areas of our charts, will give us a chance to truly digest and process this new energy and when it goes forward and finishes up in Aries (Dec-May 2023), we will anchor it for the next 12-years. I will cover the basic cycle & energies, as well as the Activations that we will all experience. ALL are Welcome!! This is technically a FREE call for the whole Community – please share with others! And if you’d like to receive Your Jupiter in Pisces/Aries Activations and cannot make the $22 Donation, please eMail me directly.

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