JOIN US to Celebrate LEO/Lion’s Gate Cross Qtr 2021
SAT/August 7th
@4:30pm (pacific) / 7:30pm (eastern)
LIVE Zoom w. Kelly & Cinnamon Rose
Register BELOW ~ Donate $22 HERE
ALL are Welcome!!

One of the magical things about this Sacred Season is that we get to anchor something in the HEART, we get to release some aspect of Self PERMANENTLY and we get to prepare for the Virgo Pre-Harvest Process which so depends on you being centered in your heart and clear in your mind. This LEO Gate of Power falls almost exactly on the LEO New Moon which is also kicking off a whole new 18-month *Rhythm of Creation* for us all as individuals.

Kelly M Beard of will share the value of the Season, the energetic support for the next 6-weeks and some specific, rare Activations that we all have access to at this powerful Portal in Time. We will also cover the four different kinds of Self-Love/Self-Worth that Leo/Aquarius/Taurus/Scorpio represent.

Cinnamon Rose of is going to share her intuitive downloads for this Sacred Season and walk us through a Reboot & Reconnection of both the physical body and the energetic being that we are as Spirits having a human experience. Cinnamon is known for channeling an amazing combination of meditation and shamanic journey – whatever you call it, she will assist us all in being able to go forward and EMBODY & EXPRESS our brand New Story that reflects the New Truth & Purpose being birthed at this time through each one of us!

Join Us!! Be part of the unique *alchemical mix* of energies setting the Season in motion!! You can offer your energies to the Community and Mother Earth or you can come and simply receive for your Individual Self. LEO time is ALL ABOUT YOU!

Kelly’s Other Offerings Include:
Astro/Tarot Reading for $150
Mercury Retro in LIBRA Class for $99 (Sept 2021)
Monthly Venus Circle for $25 (Sept 2021)

Cinnamon’s Other Offerings Include:
Mentoring Sessions: 45-min for $75 / 90-min for $175
New/Full Moon Group Energy Sessions for $40 (LEO New Moon)
Ask the Priestess for $30