Introduction ~ I created these when I was wanting to activate my strengths and transcend my weaknesses by finding new outlets & expressions. Use the following to remember, reconnect, clarify and inspire you to effective action on your own behalf. You deserve to nurture your own potential! As you work with the Goddess Knowledge Cards, patterns begin to emerge and very often you end up with certain Goddesses who show up repeatedly.

Access Your Ancestors ~ I developed this reading to remind you of who you are on the deepest, core level. These are gifts which are innately yours, inherited by blood and Spirit. Often, your own Maternal Line shows up, but if not, whoever does is there to encourage & empower you.
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Access Your Team ~ I developed this reading to remind you of the *Invisible Help* that is always available to you. Connecting with the Goddesses will help you remember who you are, who you have descended from and what energy is always available for you to call on for assistance.
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Access Your Center ~ I developed this reading to remind you of the gifts you have ready-access to, the very gifts which will assist you in anything you feel that you need it with. Don’t focus on the challenge ~ Focus on the solution! Let the Goddesses guide you with their gentle reminders.
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