March 22 – 28, 2020 ~ Forecast + Resource List

Note + Special Offer from Kelly:
I am over-the-moon excited to share something really special with you and I encourage you to share it with others. This is my SouLodge Sistas on steroids! This is what we do, y’all 😉 Many of us became Earth Medicine Practitioners together in 2017-18 and this is the first big collaboration that we’ve done together – and it’s called Wise Woman Alchemy. What I find fascinating is the timing of this offering because, thanks to Heather Dakota – Book Witch & Business Alchemist, we were putting this together for months before this worldly chaos broke out and now, it is ready for you right ON TIME!

15 Women coming together. 15 Offerings to provide support for an over-stressed and overwhelmed world. We each bring our own brand of magick to help you tap into your intuition, reclaim your joy & sovereignty, and nurture your body & soul. The vision we hold as the Wise Woman Collective is that each woman shares her knowledge, which creates a powerful place for all of us. more…

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Aquarius/Leo Lunation ~ Divinations

Note from Kelly:
I had my weekly fun on Instagram, where I join Marji of to talk about the energies of the week. We did some Divinations today and so I created some fun graphics as reminders. I wanted those of you who are not able to join us there to be able to see these things. It will be up on my KarmicTools Youtube Channel by Thursday for those of you who want to watch the replay.

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