Here, I tell you a little bit about myself & the work I do. I have traveled extensively since I was 2-years old, studied several religions, belief systems and schools of thought, shamanism included, tried various healing practices and modalities and through it all, astrology has been a constant companion and guide to connecting to my Individual Path and Universal Truth.

I have a Sag Rising and so I naturally love all cultures & faiths and trust that even if we are not born to them, we can deeply resonate with them, and always learn from them. Flying alone at an early age, traveling became the one constant in my life, so I became accustomed to being independent, adapting to my environment and developing my communication skills in foreign lands ~ which sometimes meant California to a 7-year old child from the East Coast.

A true Gypsy Spirit, I have historically had friends from all walks of life, and circles which I would move in and out of over the years, but I eventually wanted to find a way to bring these beautiful, amazingly diverse Souls together. So in 1999, I formed the Power Circle, which is still going today. Additionally, I created the Venus Circle in 2007, which is a group following her 18-month cycle and their lives very closely. I’ve done virtual circles for over 20-years now and I’d like to do more in-person, live circles and sacred travel with small groups in the future.

As a Virgo Moon and Lone Wolf myself until I was 29, my Circle has attracted many others who seek individual support & guidance. I seem to have unwittingly created sanctuary for those who want to better themselves so they can better the world. I love helping people remember who they really are and what their true values & priorities really are, when they are untainted by the culture or stripped of their own conditioning. I like to offer support, guidance & new perspectives to a largely other-directed/outer-focused culture by teaching that creation happens from the inside-out, and that’s where your individual power resides. I also love helping others remember that they have an entire Invisible Team of Support in their own Angels, Ancestors & Animal Spirit Guides.

To some, working with their own cycles & patterns is a completely new & foreign concept. But there are many planetary cycles that coincide with natural life cycles that allow us to co-create in mystical, as well as practical ways. All of my One-on-One Sessions, Readings & Subscriptions are geared toward individual support so people can understand their own unique blueprint, as well as their subsequent rhythms & personal patterns.

I create custom tools that I’ve tried & tested myself for tracking personal cycles & patterns and I do the work along side my Circle every time. Everything I do is rooted in Earth and inspired by Spirit. I like to say that my Circle is where everything you’re serious about, you get to do for fun! And we are serious about Mother Earth, Father Sky, the Angels, Ancestors & Animal Spirit Guides, as well as our own personal healing & integration.

So I hope you will join me if you feel called to dive deeper into your own Soul’s natural rhythm or get to know your Invisible Team of Support better. I thank you for your time and look forward to connecting directly soon! You can also check out my NEW work as the Mystic Mentor HERE!!

PS ~ I’ve been an astrologer since 1996, studying planetary cycles & patterns. I’ve studied Spiritual, Intuitive and now Shamanic Astrology, which is where I feel I have found my home base. It integrates above, below & the connection between the two. Essentially, I’ve learned that the sky pattern matters (Above). Your time on Earth matters (Below). Your individual chart matters (You). You ARE the connection between Above & Below! And I’d love to discuss the infinite possibilities with you!

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