GEMINI ~ Energy of the Month

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This month you will have to take many deep breaths to maintain your equilibrium. The pressure is intense and the speed of which information is coming at you, is continuing to increase. Always keep in the back of your mind, if you cannot control it, release it to the Universe … and if you CAN control it, then this (whatever is activating your “control” or “survival” buttons) is just a reminder to inhale back your own authority and your personal power to choose … your power to change your mind and thus, your circumstances. In the instant you commit to your choice, change can occur. Because it is Gemini time, I am inclined to think most of us have some major decisions to make which are going to require us to choose between two (or more) distinctly different paths. These paths are going in such new and different directions, that you can no longer ‘straddle the fence’ or ‘serve two masters’ … you will HAVE to choose.

Sagittarius (wisdom) helps Gemini (intelligence) make meaning out of the information coming through at this time. Right now, all SIX of your senses are being bombarded with information. How are your “filtering” systems working these days? We need to activate our “human spam box” where all non-relevant info can go automatically. Your main task at this time is sorting through all this information coming into your mental, physical and spiritual space. You will know the Truth when you come across it because it will speak to you on a Soul level and you will be compelled to act on that new knowledge. When you act on your knowledge, you develop wisdom that no one else can take away or diminish.

These are not “small” or “easy” aspects of life to undergo such a major transition. HONOR THAT FACT by taking the time to review how you have expressed yourself up to now … and reflect on how you want to express your Self going forward.

~ Who have you led your Self (and others) to believe you are
(over the last 3-6-9-12 months)?
~ Who are you today?
~ What parts of you are solid and structurally sound?
~ Which parts of you are completely worn out and
need to be released or recycled?

Use this month to plant your seeds with the New Moon in Gemini ~ take a long, deep breath and feel into what it would be like to express your Self in a whole NEW way. The story of your life is not done yet. You can still choose to “edit” and change the next chapter any way your Soul leads you to. Open your mind and heart this month and connect with your Authentic Voice in order to express your deepest Truth. Pay close attention, activate your individual filters for this particular flow of information because some will be Divine Truth and some will be petty distraction, delaying you on your Path. But the Full Moon in Sagittarius will be a Lunar Eclipse, the first in a series of six, which will help you to release anything that is no longer part of your personal Story and all that is no longer “true” for you. And not just now or this year, eclipses signify the *break to realign* that goes with these 9 and 18-year cycles. (Last Gemini/Sag Eclipses: 2010-2013 and 2001-2003)

It is a NEW day, and like it or not, you will have to make some (seemingly) daunting choices that will determine your course (path) over the upcoming 6-12 months. Backwards is not an option, and even if it were, all that used to be back there is gone / done / over / completed anyway. So you can CHOOSE – or you can get dragged – but either way, you’re going (to the next level). Actually you’re already there but some people are holding on to the door as it closes on their fingertips.

It really depends on what you want to create and what you want to be a part of for the remainder of this lifetime. If you are comfortable with the “light and airy” aspects of this Gemini season, then enjoy them because this is the best time of year for creative exchange of ideas; use social situations to learn (and teach) and share information, because you have more options than you think. INVITE COLLABORATION AND UNITY ~ look for circumstances that your individual personality and skill set are both *valued & appreciated*.

On the other hand, if you have some heavy-duty choices to make at this time, solitude is probably better. Tuning in around the Full and New Moons, dusk and dawn, the turn of each Sacred Season, when the channels of communication are wide open, invites the Invisible Assistance. Ask the questions, be still and the answers will come … then you must be prepared to accept a NEW Truth and commit to positive action and forward movement.

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