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Note from Kelly:
I am posting April 3rd and April 10th Weekly Forecasts at the same time because I plan to be doing the Olokun Rising Ritual (see details below) and plan to be in Oakland or Tampa, near the Ocean April 7-14. These major rituals take on a life and timing of their own and I cannot promise to be anywhere near a computer on those days but I promise to come back and share all the *MAGIC* in the April 17th Forecast.

4/4 ~ Mars (energy, desire & action) ~conjunct~ Saturn (structure, responsibility & timing):   Any conjunction is an initiation and Mars rules ‘who you are’ and ‘what you want’, while Saturn rules your definition of reality & your physical limits, along with your roles & responsibilities. If you are feeling frustrated, you may need to clarify your desires more, then take tangible, practical steps toward them. Anytime Saturn is involved, it will depend on your personal nature, as some thrive on structure & good boundaries, while others buck the system and want to do it their own way (which causes its own types of conflicts in the world). Sometimes this energy manifests as action being restricted and the anger that follows. You can either be angry and feel restricted, limited and unable to move … or you can see this energy as an opportunity to define the right actions to take and strategically plan to take them when the Universe is more supportive. This energy requires us to slow down and double-check The Plan (Saturn). If you proceed consciously, your plan has a better chance of success than if you were reckless & impatient (Mars). You may experience a blockage of some sort, whether internal or external. You feel this tremendous urge to move forward in your life but seem to find blockages & limitations with every effort. That is likely your perception rather than reality, so ask your Self if you feel somehow inadequate to the task at hand or if you are dealing with some personal fears around this issue. Remember that fear is: False Evidence Appearing Real – so try to release the fear and reclaim your inner authority to create & lead your own life. If you don’t, your outer circumstance only becomes a reflection of your inner belief. You will attract criticism & delays and repel support & protection. Take your grand vision and figure out three small steps you can take, even on this restricted level, that will still take you in the direction of your goal. Mars links up with Saturn every 2-years or so, so even though it is an Initiation, you may be better supported for cultivating, planning, working behind the scenes, doing the detail work and foundational (grunt) work that is NECESSARY to support the grand vision when the time comes to fully express it.

*Saturn in Aquarius (2020-2023) During this time, we will learn about self-sovereignty as well as local & global communities. This is the dawn of the Age of Aquarius ~ when we get to be our individual selves with full conscious awareness that we are an intricate piece of the whole at the same time. Saturn’s sojourn through any sign will first dig up the weaknesses and unstable aspects so that it can reorganize with the values and priorities of NOW. We are literally ending an era when government elite got to run everything and now humanity is going to shift and learn how to be self-governed and self-contained within each community, starting with the one that we actually live and function in.

Venus & Mars just Initiated a New Cycle in Aquarius and now, they will each ground the New Reality, Purpose, Roles & Responsibilities for the Sacred Feminine & Masculine, which is how any of us create anything in the world. Their reset at the only time in 30-years that Saturn is there is a big deal. We can set the tone for the next 30-years in a tangible way with Saturn’s help. Last time Mars Initiated a New Cycle with Saturn in Aquarius was 1992.

4/5 ~ Venus Enters PISCES (until May 2nd):
Venus moving through Pisces activates the values of healing & wholeness. It is the most creative & inspiring for artists or healers, activists who care about ALL Life on the planet and for the rest of us, perhaps a little of that fairy dust & synchronicities will rub off on us too! It is a good energy to reflect on how you will infuse your Spring Goals with soul & beauty. Later in Spring the energies are going to get active and fiery, so let’s use the cool waters of Venus in Pisces to reconnect with our own intuition about what might be worthy of our attention & investment this year. I also cooked up this little list of the Light & Shadow of Venus in Pisces. IN-Joy!!

Sea Goddess by Jessica Meredith
• Being Mystical, Magical, Imaginative & Devoted in Love
• Spiritually Anchored with Innate Self-Trust
• Ability to Heal & Integrate Fragmented Relationships
• Valuing Intuition & Knowing Your Connection to Source
• Dissolving Boundaries So Greater Love Can Emerge
• Maintaining the Connection Between Body & Spirit
• Acknowledging & Honoring the Divine or Sacred Feminine
• Being a World Server, Dedicated to Global Oneness
• Ability to Easily Navigate Other Dimensions of Reality
• Being Overly Critical & Demanding in Love
• Self-Doubt & Inability to Deal with Confrontation
• Prone to Martyrdom, Self-Sacrifice & Manipulation
• Insufficient Boundaries & Subsequent Confusion
• Being Delusional & Having Blind Faith in Love or Money
• Excessive Anxiety or Fear of Loss & Abandonment
• Lack of Faith or Inability to Connect to & Follow Intuition
• Unreasonable Fears or Phobias (re: Love or Money)
• Imbalanced & Entangled with Social Fears & Collective Trauma

4/7 ~ Mercury (communication) ~sextile~ Saturn (responsibility):
This energy is really good for being able to objectively see what needs to be changed, fixed or stabilized in your life or environment. One expression of this energy is a tendency toward depression or apathy, but a better expression would be facing what needs to be done and following through on anything that you have already begun. You may feel the need to organize things at home or work, or perhaps take a class or workshop of some sort that will help you attain your current goals. Either way, be focused but not too serious – balance in all things. It’s when you focus on the lack and limitation that you feel overwhelmed and sometimes helpless. That’s not the point of this energy. It’s just time to take any ‘rose-colored glasses’ off, do some serious thinking, tend to the details, take stock, assess the value of your ideas and make changes accordingly.

4/8 ~ Mercury (expression) ~sextile~ Mars (passion):
This is a healthy selfish energy (aka self-preservation). Do not hold back this week. If you have a big dream or serious goal that you have been working toward, then this is the time that may attract the assistance you need from the Universe. This is definitely a “work” energy, however, it brings with it the caveat that it is best if you work alone on something important to you. No one else is (or ever will be) as dedicated to your goal as YOU will be, nor should you expect them to be. You are now connected to the extra energy it takes to push your goals to the next level, bringing you a sense of accomplishment while outlining the next tasks to be done. Opportunities present themselves all the time, all you have to do is be ready!! If you are given the opportunity to make a presentation, then go for it! Your clarity, energy & enthusiasm will be unmatched and that’s what people respond to. Don’t choose this time to be “shy” or doubt that you’re ready – you are definitely ready … otherwise you wouldn’t be here!! One of my favorite sayings is: “At the moment of commitment, the Universe conspires to assist you!” It’s time to decide if you are committed and how truly committed you are, to your own success.

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Olokun Rising Event
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