2011-2025 Neptune in PISCES

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2011-2025 Intro to Neptune in Pisces
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Sometimes, When We Do Not Rely
Too Heavily Upon Our Minds or Logic
We can Know Without Thinking
Flow Without Effort
There are Mysteries to Be Discovered
There are Feelings to Be Shared and
New Mythologies to Be Constructed for
A New World is Now Emerging

I am so excited to be participating in what started out to be a powerful Ritual to Honor the Waters of the World for our little class circle and now it is turning into a Global Event that you too can participate in whether you are the leader of a group or doing your own spiritual, soulwork on your own! On April 12, 2022 Jupiter & Neptune will get together to Initiate a New Cycle of Consciousness & Connection. They haven’t been together in Pisces in over 165-years so this is BIG!

I thought it might be interesting to review the recording of an event I held almost 12-years ago, on 11.10.2011, that had over 100 people on it just to hear about Neptune moving into Pisces because this is such a big deal. I just reviewed the audio myself and it is SO USEFUL & RELEVANT!! I call it Relevant Reflections when I release an old audio and the few that I’ve uploaded have been very well-received. So I trust you will find value in these Reflections too. I covered a LOT of ground – ALL of which is helpful to check-in with now as we prepare for this very special alignment between Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces.

Some of you may recall the Oshun Ritual that I collaborated with YeYe Luisah Teish on back on 12.12.2021. In the Yoruba tradition, Oshun is the Orisha of Love, Fertility & Sweet Waters and is closely associated with Venus so we decided to honor her as well as the kick-off of a new Venus Cycle in Capricorn. We discussed doing something similar again. But as I said, this “little suggestion” has taken on a life of its own and now we are coordinating people all over the world to join us in a common focus of renewed love, dedication and activism for the health & protection of the Waters of the World. This is the perfect time to claim a New Vision of Life & Longevity for the Waters of the World. In order to do that, we are going to ceremonially make offerings, including apologizing for the lack of respect or proper value of our life-giving waters. We are going to renew our commitment to withdrawing our complicity in that which pollutes, degrades and otherwise disturbs the natural order of how water is supposed to work and flow. We are calling it …

Olokun Rising Ritual: A Praise-Singing for the Waters of the World

In-Person (Oakland, CA) and Online (Worldwide) ~ April 8 – 13, 2022

This is a Global Ritual rooted in the African Diaspora

If you have a GROUP, we are calling you Harbor Masters and we invite you to organize and prepare a ritual that you can do with your people, with the focus most important to your local waters and join us for this potent time.

If you are SOLO, we are calling you Mermaids & Mermen and we invite you to plan your own ritual or ceremony that has meaning & value for you and join us for this potent time.

eMail Kelly@KarmicTools.com for details on how to join us from wherever you are!

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