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NOTE: I’m leaving this invitation in here in the event you catch this early enough to join us on Saturday! This is an amazing event that there will NOT be a recording for so if you can join us LIVE for a very special conversation about indigenous basic truths & principles that can inform us now. That day, “We’ll discuss the honoring of natural talents, the intimacy of organizational kinship, and the value of cooperative rather than competitive works styles. It is time for the women to re-direct the flow of human culture.”

SAT/March 12th
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3/13 ~ Sun (essential Self) ~conjunct~ Neptune (delusions & illusions):  This transit tends to make you very sensitive to others whether it is rational or not. If you are one of those people who tends to put everyone else’s needs before your own, watch out, because this makes that urge even stronger. Be aware of two things: (1) most times people who focus so much on others, to the exclusion of their own needs, is because there is something about their own life they do not want to face; and (2) you could get lost in your so-called altruism to the point where you lose touch with reality. This energy is best used alone to meditate and contemplate your own world unless you can be completely detached in your charity work. I use this little motivation to decide – is your life so perfect and abundant that you can afford to spend so much time and energy on another’s life? If so, GREAT! Go for it! If not, however, then “charity begins at home” – work on YOU!

3/17 ~ Mercury (acumen) ~sextile~ Uranus (the Awakener):
This energy says, it’s time to go with the flow – “new and different” being the flow. It wants to shake it up a bit – in a good way. However, if you feel like new and different is more like chaos and disruption, then you need to reflect and see if you aren’t being too rigid. Unwillingness to go with the (new) flow will make this energy harder to handle. This is also a good time to try to resolve any old issues or challenges – they are not going away without resolution and conscious release. Perhaps you’ve been trying the same thing over and over and it’s time to try something NEW – now is the time new ideas can & will come to you. Pay attention! Try to be open and receptive to unusual things, events or ideas and allow room for spontaneity, improvising & thinking on your feet. You may think you are doing one thing and look up and being doing something completely different – be open to exploring the new path!

3/18 ~ Sun (core identity) ~sextile~ Pluto (transformation):
This is a healthy, positive, transformative energy. You will have access to energy that will help you change your current circumstance for the better and/or clear up an issue that has been challenging you for a while now. It’s great for purifying, cleaning & clearing your personal space, as well as organizing your life in general. You may have to examine the “big picture” to see where an adjustment, for the good of all involved, is necessary. If you’re not feeling up to working on outer issues, this also gives you the opportunity to do some introspective thinking and deep self-reflection. Superficial once-overs will not do, you must address the root cause for where you find yourSelf at this time in your life and decide if it is working for you or against you.

3/18 ~ VIRGO Full Moon:
This Virgo Full Moon is a potent time to release the need to ‘keep up appearances’ (of beauty or order in your life). Instead, focus on actually healing what is imbalanced or integrating what is fragmented. Then, rather than a temporary fix, you can and will begin to radiate more beauty & order naturally, from the center of your own Being. Virgo is the energy of fasting and purifying, so if you feel the need to do that, it applies to all levels: physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. Fast from negativity, internal or external, and purify your priorities. There is something you must be willing to release from your system to have what you want and there is something you must integrate into your system to BE who you ARE. This is the completion of an annual cycle so you can ground your intentions this Full Moon for the completion work on the personal/individual level, in preparation for birthing a new cycle of working & playing with others on Collective level this Spring.

As we get to the Virgo Full Moon, we can really assess all that we put in motion around Fall Equinox 2021 and release that which is not falling into a *natural rhythm* by now. What new system or routine did you activate back then? and where does it stand now, 6-months later? Much of what is revealed at this time, will also help deepen your dedication to inner wholeness in some way. Clearly, there is more work to do to align your Internal Truth with your External Reality. Check-in with the reality of the various relationships or basic exchanges that you are experiencing at this time. Any ‘friction’ that you may be going through is necessary to help you grow & evolve into the New Vision being seeded this month. There may be an intense ‘ending vibe’ to the usual Initiation of a new lunar cycle. But maybe ‘ending’ isn’t the right word, think completion or surrender or full circle and trust that ALL is Divine, even if it doesn’t all make total sense to you just yet. It’s time to run everything through your own *Internal Processor* before getting to the action-oriented Aries energy of Spring Equinox 2022.

3/19 ~ Venus (love, finances & relationships) ~square~ Uranus (sudden change): This is a test to grow that you cannot plan for. Venus rules your values & priorities and an activation with Uranus signifies something sudden and seemingly out-of-the-blue. Of course, this isn’t true, but it can feel that way. The truth is, it is time to do something “different” where your love, finances or relationships are concerned. Making a conscious effort to do things in a completely new way will be rewarded with a lesson & a blessing that you would’ve never considered before now. Due to new revelations happening within you, the immediate response will come from those closest to you. If you’re in relationships (personal or professional) that have reached a point where they have to change or end, this is a good time to try to discuss it openly and with as much detachment & objectivity as possible. This energy can provoke the need for excitement or stimulation in your relationships, giving you the urge to shake things up. Be aware & mindful of others’ feelings too because they may not be in the mood for such sudden change. Another expression of this energy is to get things on the table; it’s a great time to really discuss things & come to an agreement or compromise. Ultimately, this is a test of your flexibility in relationships. The more inflexible or attached to status quo that you are, the more disruptive this energy can be.

SAT/March 19th @12pm/noon (eastern)
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