PISCES ~ Back to the Womb

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Nautilus by Josephine Wall.com
Dreams pass into the reality of action.
From the actions stems the dream again;
and this interdependence produces
the highest form of living.
~ Anais Nin ~

Pisces is the conclusion of the astrological year and brings us all full circle, back to the womb, where sometimes you may feel uncomfortable, unable to move naturally, cranky because of the limitations ~ but at the same time, remaining safely behind the scenes as you fully develop the “new you” – this is vital to ensure a safe, healthy birth of this “new life” whether it be a creative project, a desired goal or YOU! All seeds germinate in the darkness and the infant stages are the most delicate.

This month’s energy is kicking off major shifts in your consciousness and you have access to Spirit so focus your Highest intent and begin to create your reality on the deepest level. Whatever seeds you plant at this time WILL take root. We are moving toward completion and through the darkness of the 12th House. The Rebirth of the 1st House, Spring Equinox, and Aries time are a mere month away.

Don’t rush – life comes in Its time – not YOURS! This is a time to be still, reflect and mentally & spiritually prepare for what’s to come. Your life will NEVER be the same again! Use this time to hone your vision – the NEW vision of your Self and your reality. Create and/or gather things that reflect your vision – the body you want; the job you want; the love you want – find ways to honor THAT vision and it will manifest in Divine Time & Order.

This is a time when you are more connected than any other time of the year – your inner connection is fortified and you are reminded about your connection to Spirit. Don’t waste this time & energy on what is lacking or limited in your world – only give energy to that which you KNOW is the Truth of who and what you are! Honor and express the principle of Pisces – LET GO & LET GOD! Another way to put that is, get out of your own way … and even another way to put it – let ego know once and for all that Spirit LEADS your life! Allow your Highest Self to direct you at this time, invite it to filter everything first and be truly amazed at what you are capable of magnetizing & repelling, naturally, effortlessly.

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