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2/14 ~ Pallas Enters ARIES (until April 30th):
Pallas represents our individual *unique genius* ~ the wisdom that you naturally embody & express. When it is moving through Aries, we have access to healing our self-preservation instincts, physical fitness and any apathy or stagnation going on right now. This energy gives us the urge to fight for something vital and important to our very survival and there’s plenty of that in the social/collective realms, but personally, this is an initiation and an activation of any planets in Aries. Pallas linking up with Chiron in Aries also bodes well for the ability to access deep healing & expanded education around you, the individual. It’s personal! If you want to set intentions around your individuality, freedom, healing & wholeness or if you want to set intentions around your personal purpose & new beginnings, then Good Prayer Days are: 3.22.2022 (11* Aries) and 3.3.2027 (27* Aries). It takes Pallas almost 5-years to make it through all 12-Signs and Chiron takes 50-years so it is a lot for them to connect in Aries *Initiating* a New Cycle like this – I’m excited! It’s always been my contention that “If the individuals get it together, then the globe will be okay!” So use the energy for what it is good for: YOU! Reset your connection to your own Truth & Purpose for here & now, not 5 or 50-years ago!

2/14 ~ Mercury Direct Re-Enters AQUARIUS:
We are finally moving through the Post-Shadow zone of the most recent Mercury Retro and it is our Aquarius Dept getting the Mental Upgrade so, what have you learned in the last 2+ months? What have you changed your mind about? How have you liberated your consciousness from false notions & confusion? From now until March 9th, we can review all that we’ve accomplished with an eye toward what we can build on in the Spring of the new year. We get a little more serious & focused on our goals & how we will accomplish them. We look at our exchanges to see which ones are solid and which ones are not and we start to look at new commitments going forward.

Let’s review: Mercury in Capricorn asked us to get practical about the fundamentals: home & work and self & other. Once it entered Aquarius, we had to review & revise our thinking where our unique contribution to the world is concerned. Then, we had to decide if we were going to answer the call to commit in some way, whether that is to commit to creating containers for our ideas or to new ways of expressing ourselves.

This is an opportunity to release any attachments to the “old story” of the “old you”. Use this time in Aquarius to clarify where you’ve held onto an old persona over-long, assess how rigid your own thinking can be periodically and under what circumstances it hurts more than it helps and prepare to break out of your own rut. You can ask your Guides for the most creative solutions, radical ideas and unique genius to be awakened and channeled through you in a healthy, productive way that expands your individual world and makes you more valuable to the team. You are ready to express in new & different ways and have exchanges with new & different people.

2/16 ~ Venus (love & beauty) ~conjunct~ Mars (passion):
(1 of 2: 2/16 ~ 3/6)  
This is our primary Sacred Feminine (Venus) and Masculine (Mars) energies merging in a potent way, arousing a need to cultivate powerful relationship, whether that is a physical/sexual connection with one or relating & socializing with many. There is a strong need for validation from others, approval (on one level) and affection (on another level), in a way that we usually do okay on our own, but with this one, you just crave human contact of some sort. If you are not in relationship-mode or interacting with human beings at this time, this energy can also activate your artistic nature (Venus). This a perfect time to create something (project or relationship) that is seeded by a deep, authentic love & passion for life.
*Note: This first conjunction (2/16) happens in Capricorn suggesting that the “re-set” is happening there in our fundamentals so that when we have the second conjunction (3/6) at Zero Aquarius – we can really Initiate the New Cycle of conscious equal partnership within and with others. We are beginning a new cycle of standing in the truth of our own individual journey, while honoring and contributing that to the collective narrative unfolding at this time.

2/16 ~ LEO Full Moon:
The Leo Full Moon often illuminates the discrepancies between who you are, who you think you are and who you are perceived to be. This Full Moon is an annual check-in with your self-esteem and reveals any Self-Love/Self-Value issues, and this reveals how you have been operating from the Outside-In, when Inside-Out would be more effective. It may also expose where your ego has gone unchecked and/or where your Inner Child has been neglected and is now *cranky*. Play is part of being Human and something many have forgotten how to do on the most basic levels because of the system we were born into but we must practice integrating joy & play into our daily lives! It is much more fun & interesting to use the Full Moon energies to play with a variety of creative ideas and/or possible roles of who you are evolving into (or would like to over the next 6-12 months), as well as your place of service within any chosen Community. In what capacity can you shine and share your Light going forward? Each year, you get to release negative patterns, as well as your old self or old desires of the heart so that a new, evolved version of YOU can be birthed to bless the world. It’s time to do what you love and love what you do. It’s time to release anything that doesn’t truly express your authentic self so that the *real* you can shine brighter! This is a clearing that should lighten your heart and connect you to a renewed vision for the future.

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2/17 ~ Jupiter (expansion & consciousness) ~sextile~ Uranus (liberation & awakening):    This is the energy of your own consciousness and the awakening that you’re having at this time. It is a relatively rare combination of energies and you are invited to expand what you think is possible for your Self, as well as the rest of the world. Change is in the air! And this is an opportunity to gain some real traction as you make the larger connections in your own life. Depending on your personal placements & disposition, as well as how you normally respond to unexpected changes in your life, will determine if and how disruptive these energies will be for you. This combo gets you excited about experimenting with new ideas & projects, expanding your consciousness as well as your community. We can use this powerful (and somewhat rare) combination of energy: Expansion & Innovation ~ Enthusiasm & Authenticity ~ Truth & Freedom. This is the clue that we are really stepping into a new era. Broaden your vision as anything is possible at this time and good things are on the way!

What makes this special is Jupiter is only in Pisces for one year, every 12-years and Pisces is the culmination of learning that we have all just traveled through for the last 12-years. What have you learned? How well and often did you allow your imagination to help you solve your problems? How often did synchronicity and positive thinking contribute to making your own personal Truth & Story more interesting?

Uranus is only in Taurus for 7-years every 84-years, which coincides with our tangible resources evolving because our values & priorities have changed over time. Since that is such a big cycle, I like to look at this time as another rare opportunity to “awaken” the Taurus Department of Life. Where can you use some physical liberation? How can you be inspired to live your day-to-day in a whole new way, rather than be a victim of circumstance? How can you beautify yourself or your environment?

Together, these two are teaching you how to follow your own intuition, as well as the instinctive guidance of the body. You’re learning to trust Spirit but also remain practical & present in your mind and body. These two remind you that you are made of both Earth & Stardust and you may just be waking up to some of your own natural super-powers. This combo reminds you that you are a Spirit in human form, a regenerating creature and a conscious being. Take advantage of this alignment to take all that you’ve learned in the last 3-12 years and apply it toward improving your life, even if that means shaking things up a bit.

I would add that the next time these two will get together is 4.20.2024 when they will Initiate in Taurus so I see this as an opportunity for us to make the changes & adjustments that need to be made so that our everyday, physical existence can begin a New 12-year Story. If we use the next year or two to change our thinking and what we believe to be true or possible, then we can anchor something beautiful & sustainable in 2024, and going forward.

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