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2/8 ~ Mars (courage & passion) ~trine~ Uranus (freedom & individuality):   This is a powerful combo, however, it has to be integrated and consciously expressed to yield the best results, otherwise you may miss an opportunity for a major personal breakthrough. Mars gives you the courage and Uranus awakens new possibilities within. This is an easy alignment of your actions and your individual brilliance coming together in a new way. You may even discover some new gift or talent that has been dormant for a while, but is now beginning to come to life. This energy pushes you to try something new that liberates you in some way that you may have previously felt daunted by in the past. Because of the easy angle too, this new evolution to the next level should not entail you having to annihilate any other aspect of your life, you will just intuitively know that it is time to change. It won’t matter what others think or say either, because the prompting for change comes from within, so take advantage of this time to experiment or try something new or in a new way and see what unlocks for you. You never know where it will lead.

2/8 ~ Ceres Re-Enters GEMINI (until May 15th):
Ceres has been going back and forth through Taurus/Gemini where it Retrograded Oct 2021 – Jan 2022, activating a deep-dive into our true values & priorities around what truly nourishes, supports & protects us on both mental & physical levels. Now she will finish upgrading our Mental Body – connecting us to more sensible choices. Ceres rules how we nurture and like to be nurtured. As it moves through the Signs, it also moves through your respective Houses, activating your Planets and bringing some much-needed loving, caring, nurturing, maternal energy to those zones. It takes about 5-years for Ceres to move through all 12-Signs so the last time it was in Gemini was June/July 2018 and (fyi) the next time will be May/June 2026. What is special about this year (2021-22) is that it will linger and Retrograde there, so that means we all get a concentrated dose of nourishment in our Gemini/Sag and Virgo/Pisces Departments by default. It is a once-in-5-years renewal in the Gemini zone, and this is your Mental Health, your ideas, thoughts & concepts. After the couple of years that we have had, this is critical to co-create with consciously. You are supported to re-set how you think & express yourself in the context of what feeds, nourishes & protects you and what you love. We should give some extra attention to improving our Mental Health in any way we can. Feed your mind GOOD stuff – not toxic, junk food that gives you a high but also includes the inevitable crash. Protect your peace of mind by limiting input – your system can only handle so much. Part of nourishing your Mental Body in new ways is expanding your ideas & concepts – think bigger! Do things or watch things or listen to things that INSPIRE you and uplift your consciousness. What have you been feeding your consciousness over the last 5-years? How can you improve that and do it in a new way? My typical prescription for good mental health is to double the good stuff – for example, if you have to watch your 1-hour news program every day just to stay informed, then counter-balance that with 2+ hours of good comedy or inspirational programs.
*Ceres in Gemini 7/31 – 12/21 of 2021
*Ceres Re-Enters Gemini 2/8 – 5.15.2022
*Ceres Retro: 10.8.2021 / Ceres Direct: 1.14.2022

2/11 ~ Mercury (mind, thoughts & ideas) ~conjunct~ Pluto (purification & transformation):      (3 of 3: 12/30 ~ 1/28 ~ 2/11)    This activation takes you into the depths of your own mind & consciousness, deepening all communications. You may find yourself obsessing over something, either by yourself or in an attempt to convey something to another. Superficial, quick once-overs or trying to keep things ‘light’ will not likely be possible with this energy. You may feel determined to dig deeper until you get to the core or base issue. It’s good for soul-searching when it’s motivated by a genuine desire to know the truth, rather than to evade it. It’s not-so-good when you’re obsessing over someone or something which no longer serves you (or your Highest good). The challenge with this energy is the tendency to be really intense and locked-in on your own point of view, which is no less valid, but often this type of mental intensity blinds you to something obvious that you overlooked because you were not being objective, but being driven by much deeper (possibly unconscious) emotions. Your intensity is capable of influencing others but be aware of the difference between sharing information and trying to “convince, convert or cajole” others, as that can naturally attract challenges & opposition. Remember, the opposite can also be true, where you’re on the receiving end of this intense energy from someone else (trying to convince you). The best way to use this energy, as it doesn’t really last that long, is to turn that intensity toward Self, peel the layers to your own Truth & Purpose. The channels are open for a time and you can communicate and receive information from the deepest part of your SoulSelf. This is an Initiation.

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