AQUARIUS ~ Energy of the Month

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This month’s energy helps you focus on expressing your innate uniqueness, on all levels. It is also the energy of experimentation – try some new way of doing an old thing. Try to get an understanding of the bigger picture, see your connection to the whole or work on planning your long-term goals. Sometimes we get too bogged down in mundane matters and we lose sight of why we started doing the things we’re doing in the first place. Avoid seeking others’ approval, as most people think differently and may not understand your truth and purpose, which is really none of their concern to begin with. Try seeing the positive side of EVERYTHING this month – even if it utterly sucks! Find the lesson and/or the blessing in it and release it back to the Universe. You may not be able to do it consistently for the entire month, start out slowly, one whole day, one whole week, etc. Be flexible!! This would also be a good time to hang out with good friends, make some new friends and/or try some group activities – exchange some energy – experience the flow – make those connections ~ it’s a wonderful thing!! This is the month to create your definition of an Authentic COMMUNITY!

Aquarius/Uranus is the energy of lightning – that instant illumination, that split second bright flash which lights your way in the darkness, that sudden realization of the obvious. It’s powerful and equally natural yet (occasionally) dangerous. You may blurt some truth out at an inopportune time and place. Or you may say what everyone else was thinking and, in the end, it was something that needed to be said aloud.

Also, with Uranus, the only consistent thing about it is to “expect the unexpected”. If you prefer routine and predictability, this is the energy that drives you crazy! But it is probably also just what you need … on an occasional basis. I can assure you that the more you try to control and predict things this month, the more far out, strange, uncontrollable and unpredictable the Universe will make things for you. Remember, resisting the natural flow of any energy only increases its strength or the appearance of strength in your own mind & perceptions. The best way to deal with this energy is to sit back, relax and watch. It is absolutely uncontrollable. It is better to breathe and welcome the new and unexpected with an open mind and heart. Ask: How is this perfect? Uranus challenges the rigid structures in life that some prefer and work so hard to create and maintain. Think of a time when you have remained in a situation just because it was familiar in order to avoid the uncertainty that change may bring, even when you know change may be for your Highest good. That’s what is called remaining in a “known hell” versus venturing out into an “unknown heaven” and you’d be surprised how many people live miserable lives simply out of fear of the unknown.

This month is about venturing out! Mentally ~ Emotionally ~ Spiritually … and oh yes, Physically! Experiment with new ways of thinking, acting, speaking and being. Even if it doesn’t work out, just see how it feels to be spontaneous or do something different for a change, it may be just what you need to jump-start your heart, activate your imagination and inspire your Spirit!

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