SAGITTARIUS ~ Energy of the Month

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SAGITTARIUS Energy of the Month

Create a New Way of Living
From the Inside-OUT
then You Can Find a Vision
that You Can Live With
Be Inspired By and Share

This month’s theme is:

Scorpio brought some very real, very heavy duty stuff to the surface for most people. That kind of deep energy shift is the catalyst for the *Spiritual Quest* energy of Sag. Sagittarius is the adventurer and researcher of the zodiac, curious about the deeper meaning of all things and cultivating Truth. Since we know that all seeds germinate in the darkness, where Scorpio’s magic breathes life in to Taurus’ Garden, we now encounter the most vital part of the process ~ Sag’s unwavering FAITH in the process that leads to Capricorn’s tangible Earthly results (form).

With all this transition and energy to integrate, we have so much to be grateful for, and a small window to connect to the Infinite possibilities (one month in this context). It is time to free your mind, allow your imagination to be free, tune into Sag’s fiery, passionate energy for The Quest: for knowledge, for meaning and for Truth. What Story do you want to tell? What contribution do you want to make during this pivotal point in history? How often have you ‘wondered’ what the world would be like if everyone would do their part for their own development ~ AS WELL AS ~ do their part for the community to which they belong?

If you are having a hard time getting in the Spirit of ‘imagining a new world’, the “I-Wonder” method is very effective. As Caroline Casey would say, “Believe nothing, entertain possibilities!” If you struggle with believing or having faith, then don’t ‘believe’ … just allow your Self to WONDER. Here are few starters, then have fun making up some of your own.

“I Wonder” … what my life would be like if I did what I LOVE & loved what I do?
“I Wonder” … what my life would be like if I was in a loving, reciprocal relationship?
“I Wonder” … what my life would be like if I was completely debt-free and connected to Infinite *FLOW* ~ cash flow, creative flow and energetic flow?
“I Wonder” … This is your opportunity to tap that part of your consciousness, bring some ideas that you have buried over the years back to the surface, dust them off and see if there are any remaining components worthy of a new investment.

Think ahead …
• What are the needs of the short and long-term future?
• What are the needs for you as an individual? Or for us all as a collective?
• How can you contribute to this evolution?
• What has meaning for you?
• What gets you excited or outraged and motivated to action?

Pick something near and dear to your heart, something you want to be a part of and start there. Even if you get there and things are not what you thought they’d be, it may be leading you somewhere else, useful and relevant to your own journey. You can hear your MIND out on ideas and concepts, but choose your course of action based on the *response* of your HEART. You’re in new territory on many levels – all at once. Tune into the spirit of adventure, rather than the fear of the unknown. We have expanded beyond previous parameters and there is no going back, so it is time to chart your course FROM HERE & NOW. Enjoy this time because, trust me, the Capricorn WORK is right around the corner.

Sagittarius time gives you PERMISSION to expand out to the far reaches of the Universe, cast the net of aspiration and see what you make it back with by month’s end. Whatever is delicious and nourishing, useful and relevant and solid enough to build on, is what you begin the next leg of your journey with.

If you made it this far (if you “Wonder”), perhaps you will go a little further and imagine all that you need, desire and deserve *is and always will be* provided so you are free to CO-CREATE & SERVE! Remember FEELING is how we bring things in to the 3-D, so tune into your HEART and FEEL this new level of existence, as well as the next step.

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