Healing Trinity 2009

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NOTE FROM KELLY: Most of you know that I am a *Tracker* and that Cycles & Patterns are my specialty. I love being able to point you to a cycle that is circling back so that you can consciously co-create. In this case, Jupiter in Aquarius is the biggest cycle that is back but there are many other correlations between 2009 and 2021 for us to consider that may prove useful & relevant for navigating now.

I recorded this 71-min Audio HERE (Video Version Below) that I call the *Healing Trinity* and it was all about Jupiter, Chiron & Neptune meeting up, for one year, in Aquarius back in 2009. It was recorded on 11.5.2009 during Scorpio Time and it just came up as relevant again during Scorpio Time 2021. This Post introduces that audio/video.

I’d love you to consider the last 12-years of education & evolution that Jupiter has guided between 2009 and 2021. You could also consider the Pivot Points, when Jupiter moved through the Fixed Signs to pick up on a pattern: Aquarius/2009 ~ Taurus/2011-12 ~ Leo/2014-15 ~ Scorpio/2017-18 ~ and back to Aquarius/2020-21 to start the cycle all over again. What have you learned? How has your consciousness grown & evolved?

Also, I feel that, energetically, we are traversing similar terrain in that, 2009 was on the heals of 2007-08 real estate crash and now we are on the heals of 2020-21 covid lockdown etc. When I listened to the Healing Trinity Audio, I was struck at how useful & relevant all that advice is for here & now, today. I’d love to hear about your own revelations!

Now, much of what I’ve put on the table is about reflecting on the past, but I think we may also find some clues that will assist us in 2022 when Mercury will Retro in AIR Signs and go Direct in EARTH Signs, just like it did in 2009. What can you remember about your ideas, thoughts & concepts in 2009? Are there any ideas that have run their course since then? Or, are there any ideas that you wanted to act on back then but did not have the support or the resources? Perhaps, it will work this time.

Finally, I think you will also find tremendous support in the following RE-Post and I hope you find the Relevant Reflections useful too. I did the first part in Nov 2009, which is more of an Overview. The second part, had many more details and planetary alignments that we were working with at that time, but just like on the audio, I almost cut out the Chart portion thinking it wouldn’t be relevant, but neither were true. The chart advice was totally prolific for what we are experiencing right now and the second part of the RE-Post is like that too – there are little nuggets of gold in there. IN-Joy!!

Healing Trinity:  Forward Motion ~ Universal Order Prevails

~ Jupiter in Aquarius ~
Jan 5, 2009 – Jan 17, 2010

Jupiter Retrograde ~ June 15, 2009
Jupiter Direct ~ Oct 12, 2009

Jupiter (your Truth/your Story) goes forward in Aquarius ~ how did your “editing” process go June-October 2009? Jupiter expands your awareness, thus expanding your personal Truth, as you learn and process what you are experiencing. In Aquarius, it will demand that you cultivate an authentic Self (Leo) so that you can contribute your unique *piece* to humanity (Aquarius), and to the Universe. As it goes forward, so too will your personal Truth & Story.

~ Chiron in Aquarius ~
Feb 21, 2005 – Apr 20, 2010

Chiron Retrograde ~ May 30, 2009
Chiron Direct ~ Oct 30, 2009

During this Scorpio time of year, Chiron’s mythology becomes interesting, as he was known for consciously choosing death, and in this case, his journey through Aquarius suggests that community along with individuals’ special gifts & healing abilities ~ have all been undergoing a major healing and transformation. Allowing the ego-based, separatist thinking to die so that a rebirth of communal living and the honoring of all living things can re-emerge. This is micro-to-macro, yes on a collective level we are definitely going through this, but on an individual level as well.

~ Neptune in Aquarius ~
Jan 28, 1998 – Feb 3, 2012

Neptune Retrograde ~ May 28, 2009
Neptune Direct ~ Nov 4, 2009

“If Uranus is a shout and
Pluto grabs you by the collar,
Neptune starts as a mere whisper.
Although Uranus and Pluto expose you
to aspects of the unconscious,
Neptune IS the unconscious.”
~ Laurie Baum ~ Astrologer & Author of
Astrological Secrets for the New Millennium

Neptune is dissolving the “old” vision, the “old” form ~ of your life and the life of the planet. It is dissolving boundaries between you and everything ~ all is ONE and you can feel this on a visceral level now more than ever (even if we all periodically struggle to articulate it). This process through Aquarius is preparing all of us for a 14-year Piscean process, closing out 165-year Cycle for Neptune. This is ‘back to the womb’ ~ this is a major *Completion* for the collective. 1998 – 2012, the Aquarius lesson of “detachment” has been working on the collective consciousness. The Leo/Aquarius dynamic is all about having the courage to love and be your authentic Self, grounded, centered and ecstatically dedicated to sharing that Light with the community. As the old definitions of “life” dissolve, we are being prepared to (in my humble opinion) express God in human form ~ Spirit made manifest. Neptune in Pisces is going to dissolve any concept of us being separate ~ from ANYTHING! We are NEVER separate from each other, nor our planet. During Neptune’s journey through Pisces, we are being prepared for re-birth in Aries (a major *Initiation*) ~ but before we can BE brand new Beings, we must RE-Connect with our innate intuition, our natural compassion and our own divinity. Keeping in mind, always, with the Virgo/Pisces axis, it is “Service” ~ not ‘servant’ ~ leading by example, teaching people to be self-sufficient is much more loving ~ and Virgo would say ‘more useful’ ~ than wearing your Self out in the process of taking care of others perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. (It is a completely different matter for those who are truly in need.)

Use the Healing Trinity’s combined potency to tap true Source energy. All wounds can be healed, scars can fade and a stronger foundation can (and will) naturally emerge. Jupiter helps you express a New Truth/New Story. Chiron helps you self-heal and share your process with others so that they too can benefit from your healing process. Neptune reconnects you to Source ~ God ~ Great Spirit ~ Unity of the Highest Order. Fusion. Strength. Flexibility. Endurance. Awareness. Wholeness is a choice, maintaining it is a commitment. You are worth the effort. Take some time to reflect and set intentions for your own healing, education & soul work. Even if you cannot articulate things specifically, open to healing, open to wholeness, open to balance, open to support and protection, open to preserving your life. Just be Open, Receptive and Willing.

It has been said many times, “We live in interesting times.” It may be challenging to “multi-task” with all these simultaneous activations, and you don’t want to scatter what little energy you may have to devote to your Self, so be sure to take some “Intentional Solitude” to reflect on which of these activations will *SUPPORT* you while also preparing you to take on other activations whenever you can. It would be better to strengthen one aspect of your Being, than to half-step on ALL. Choose one thing to focus on and watch for better results!

~ May*June*July 2009 ~
Trinity of Conscious, Healing & Expansion

The remainder of May 2009 is bringing in the *MAGIC * HEALING * EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS* that we’ve been discussing all year. How’s it going for YOU? Personal development work is never done, there is ALWAYS something to do. So rather than focusing on what still has to be done, take some time to check on and affirm what you DID release, clear or heal over the last 6 months or so. It will likely be those freshly cleared areas of your Being, life and/or environment that are most ready, open and receptive to the incoming blessings that the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune Trinity brings.

The areas of your Being, life and/or environment that you are STILL working on are equally supported, by different planets. If you are feeling there is considerably more emotional and karmic debris to clear before good stuff can take root and grow, then you should tune in to the Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn to assist in the deep clearing of any blockages to you living your Truth & Purpose. Tune in to Saturn Direct in Virgo to start integrating all the new definitions you’ve come to over recent months. How do you define emotional and financial security? How do you define happiness and success? How do you define home and family? How do you define needs vs. wants? How do you define gift vs. sacrifice? How do you define self-preservation vs. survival mode?

Take some time to reflect on all that the Venus Retrograde through Aries has done. This is an energy you have not experienced since 2001, what have you learned in the last 8 years about your true values, priorities and preferences? Are all aspects of your Being congruent ~ who you are, what you do and how you live? Remember, that the initiation of 2009 begins with a review of your values and priorities (Venus) and ends with another review, in Dec 2009, on your deepest desires and things that you are passionate about (Mars). Now that you are this new person, at this new level, when Mars Retrogrades through Leo, the energy and lesson of Self-Love is going to really *TEST* all the work you’ve done with Venus. It’s going to ask, “How bad do you want it?” to be a new person? to deeply love and appreciate who you’ve become? to love – the VERB? (Mars wants to *DO* love!) to live in harmony with Mother Earth and all Her inhabitants? to experience good health and wholeness? to participate and contribute to a loving community? to access, nurture and protect Mother’s abundant resources? to nourish and sustain reciprocal, fulfilling relationships?

Don’t get caught up in Mercury Retrograde madness either, focusing on how to make your ideas tangible, useful and ascetically pleasing – THAT is what you do this Mercury Retro! But to get distracted by delays, confusion and miscommunications will cost your precious resources and possible miracles & synchronicities that the planets so plainly support at this time. Keep in mind 3 of the 4 Mercury Retrogrades this year start in AIR signs (indicating a review of your ideas, concepts and thoughts) but finish in EARTH signs (indicating it is time to create a form to express those ideas, make those concepts tangible & useful and change your thinking in very real ways … that will ultimately lead to the 4th and final one of the year launching 2010 when Mercury will be working in ALL EARTH signs. So take advantage of this year to tweak all your biggest, brightest ideas and be ready to concretize them next year.

This year is really *PREPARING* YOU for many things to come in the next several years. Notice. Sense. Attune. Watch. Listen. Feel each move (before you make it). Visualize every goal through to completion. Reflect on your personal cycles and where they fit in with the collective cycles. You are being strengthened and fortified for your future and your future is *NOW*. You are already in *NEW* territory. Proceed calm and alert ~ with discernment and consideration ~ with innocence but not ignorance ~ entertain the possibilities based on what you know in your heart.

Most of all, honor your RE-BIRTH … and know that you have an entire Spirit family awaiting your arrival and anticipating loving you and playing with you, learning from you and teaching you new things ~ as we ALL move in new directions and onto new Paths,sharing our individual as well as collective experiences.

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