LIBRA ~ Energy of the Month

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Libra energy is best for evaluating all your relationships, collaborations & partnerships, personal or business. Are things fair & balanced? Most relationships are rarely “equal”, but how do you feel about the exchange of energy or reciprocity at this time? Is there any kind of imbalance? That should be your focus this month. Libra energy helps us see all sides of an issue or our lives, and this energy gives us the capacity to access a win/win situation if we only open up to the possibilities and be more receptive to teamwork. Get out of selfish Aries—it’s all about ME-mode, consider what would the most beautiful & inspiring and what would best serve all involved and voila’ – you are using Libra energy the way it was intended.

On another note, this is also a good energy for practicing partnering and collaborating on projects that are mutually beneficial and serve a higher goal. You should be focusing on developing those as well. Any projects that you’ve postponed, for whatever reason, that also required a partnership deserve a re-visit.

A lot of us take on obligations unnecessarily, just because we want to do the “right” or “nice” thing. Sometimes it is as simple as a bad habit, at worst, a narcissistic need to be needed. It is the highest form of ego to think that you know better what someone else needs. Best to think bigger with Libra, what does everyone need? What is balanced and fair? And how can we create it together? It’s time to question obligations and review responsibilities. How much do you choose for yourself and how much is imposed upon you by others? That is the balance we improve this month!

Libra energy tends to show up wherever we over-give – to the neglect of self – and wake up drained, angry & feeling used or victimized. It’s the part of you that would rather have peace & harmony, then get down to the nitty-gritty truth. But if you do not delve into the deeper issues of imbalance, you rarely solve anything. We all have tremendous access to the energy of understanding and the ability to cultivate more authentic exchanges with others at this time. Libra energy is about fairness, balance and reciprocity in all our exchanges. You are “in-relationship” with ALL Life, at least that is the goal. We don’t “own” any of this, we have a temporary relationship with everyone that crosses our path, with every place we choose to lay down roots and with whatever we are able to contribute in our few years on the planet. It’s all temporary – so let’s leave it better than we found it.

In this day and age, unless you are so organized and so together and so well-off financially, how much EXTRA are you really able or obligated to do for others? Charity begins at home for a reason. Once you do have it all together, or at least more than you do now, then you will actually have it to give. In the meantime, if you are one of those people who is constantly other-directed or doing for others only to find yourself drained at the end of the day, with a list of things to do of your own, take this time and use the energy available to connect to some inner balance. Perhaps start with restoring some beauty in your environment or freshening up your own look, another fun thing to do during Libra time.

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