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5/31 ~ Mars (desires & actions) ~trine~ Neptune (dreams & visions):
This energy is good for spiritual exploration, digging deeper into your place in the Cosmos and in relation to others. Your energy is best turned inward, as you find just how much ‘who you are’ and ‘what you want’ has actually changed over recent years and using this energy to infuse more depth into your heart’s desires. By infusing your dreams & visions for your Self, you naturally bless Others & the Universe. You may feel inclined to help others, but always balance that drive with some objectivity (are those you’re helping just as dedicated as you are to the common cause?) This is a very laid-back energy that allows you time to take effective action on behalf of your dreams and/or spiritual growth, more than outward action or specific steps. Enjoy it!

6/2 ~ Venus Enters CANCER (until June 27th):
It was one year ago that Venus lingered in the Gemini for her retrograde, which recalibrated the values & priorities in that department of life (House), especially where our relationships & finances are concerned. But more importantly, how has your consciousness evolved over the last year, on individual, social & collective levels? What have you learned? May 8 – June 2, 2021 (Venus in Gemini) was our first chance to really activate our imaginations and explore possibilities that have never been available until now. It’s also a chance to re-dream our lives on absolutely every single level. The Sacred Feminine is reminding us that we are Infinite Beings and can choose in every moment how to respond to what life is presenting. Part of being on Earth is being adaptable and dealing with the ecology within and around you. Now, she moves into Cancer June 2 – 27, 2021 ~ which is giving us a chance to soothe our nervous systems, reassure our Souls and replenish our energies after a life-changing ride called 2020. The “value & priority” pretty much all summer, but kicking off right now, is self-care and personal tending to that which allows you to function as a human being in the most basic ways. We are going to go forward to release old thinking, old consciousness and the old story with the extra help & support of Mercury Retrograde, Gemini/Sag Eclipses and Summer Solstice. So I recommend that you use this Venus in Cancer to strengthen & fortify yourself internally & privately – especially during the summer months when we have the Annual Retrogrades to support your inward focus even more. This energy can help you re-set your individual system so that you are better able to step up and into that NEW STORY, secure in your self-expression and strong from the self-care & replenishment that you were able to do for yourself.

6/3 ~ Sun (your core drives) ~trine~ Saturn (discipline & order):
This energy gives you the direction & discipline at the same time. Use it consciously to fuel your goals at this time, as you will be blessed by your past efforts. You are completely supported to structure your life in a whole new way. It’s time to take a personal inventory, organize your life, especially your home, office or immediate environment. Naturally, this kind of shift will also affect those who you relate with in these close environments, so be mindful of others who are not necessarily as *clear* as you may be at this time. A new order is trying to take root, which scares some and excites others, and this activation supports you and your personal definition of stability & good boundaries. You have access to focus & dedication that can set the tone for the next season, as you clarify the connection between who you are and what you are truly responsible for in this life. Evaluate your daily routine and see what’s working and what’s not and move forward with some new choices.

6/3 ~ Venus (socialize) ~trine~ Jupiter (optimism & travel):
This is usually a pleasant energy, although short lived. This is a good time to enjoy some kind of social activity. No pressure – just easy, laid-back fun. It can make you prone to laziness or excess, but only if you’re already prone to it. Otherwise, if you are typically busy and constantly on the go, this energy gives you permission to kick back a little and release the usual pressures to produce. Take some time out to “smell the roses” or at least reflect on all that you have accomplished and give your Self due credit for coming this far. This is a good time to travel, go on a vacation or take a short trip. This energy tends to bring forth earned blessings. Take a moment to give thanks to the powers that be which brought you to this point!

6/5 ~ Mercury Rx (communication) ~square~ Neptune (dissolution):
(2 of 3: 5/22 ~ 6/5 ~ 7/6)
This is a mixed blessing energy. On one hand, it’s good for spiritual study and giving your dreams a little energy (if your schedule permits). On the other hand, it makes for major miscommunications between people. Try to think before speaking, because if it’s possible to misunderstand or not ‘get it’ altogether, it will happen this week. Be careful not to let “longing” for your dreams to come true, distort your judgment and mislead you into believing the illusion. With this energy, some people will deliberately deceive and others have to be careful not to be misled. Stick to the facts or stay quiet, for now. You may even be inclined to withhold information to avoid a confrontation – don’t do it. Communicate with your Self and God today, otherwise plan to be very clear in explaining yourself to others (humans) so there are no misunderstandings.

6/5 ~ Mars (desire) ~oppose~ Pluto (transformation):
This energy is higher will versus lower will, an opposition which always brings tension and the need to balance & integrate whatever your dealing with at the time. It’s not a good time to be selfish, go it alone or let ego lead. Something you did not consider may become obvious and force you to change in some fundamental way. You may have to decide if the path you are on at this time is really going to lead you to the destination that you originally chose. If you have been clear about your desires and willing to sacrifice, work hard (and consistently) this energy will activate a turning point for you. You will have access to energy and passion that propels you forward when based in love and light. However, if your ego has been leading, you may find yourself at an impasse. This energy is all about power and with that power comes great responsibility. Be very careful of abusing that power as it will likely backfire on you.

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