Jupiter in PISCES ~ 2021-2022

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Jupiter Enters PISCES ~ May 13, 2021 -thru- May 10, 2022
Rx – 2* Pisces – 6.20.2021    /     Rx/Re-Ent AQU – 7.28.2021
Dir – 22* Aquarius – 10.18.2021    /    Dir/Re-Ent PIS – 12.28.2021
Enters ARIES – 5.10.2022


On May 13th, Jupiter (Truth/Story/Expansion) enters Pisces (Oneness/Surrender/Completion/Womb/Development) beginning the completion of a 12-year Collective Cycle (and personal Cycle for those with Jupiter in Virgo/Pisces/Gemini/Sag). Think back to 2010 – 12-years ago, what were you trying to do that perhaps you or the world was not quite ready for? Are you ready and supported now?

The Collective Story is back in the womb now … preparing for Re-Birth in Aries (May 2022). Jupiter expands anything it touches, and now it will be shining its gigantic light on Piscean Issues: Unity, Dissolving Boundaries, Understanding, Tolerance, Compassion, Bliss, Ecstasy, Universal Love, Sensitivity to Surrounding Energies, Meditation, Secrets, Limitations/Restrictions, Fantasy, Dreams, Vision, Imagination, Creative Visualization, Mysticism, Psychic Ability, Surrender & Trust (Let Go &Let God). This is our chance to expand our individual and collective realms to be more compassionate and understanding because we *know* that we are all connected.

Jupiter will expand the Pisces House of your chart and amplify any other Planets in Virgo/Pisces/Gemini/Sag, ushering in a new Truth & Story there as well. It will Retrograde back and forth through Aquarius/Pisces so we can facilitate the necessary closure on the Old Story, while keeping in mind that next year, it will Retrograde back and forth through Pisces/Aries so we can get acclimated to the New Emergent Story. During those times each year, it will act as a Grace Period and it will be your most potent opportunity to set intentions for the NEXT 12-Year Cycle so you can determine what Story you want to be in a position to tell going forward.

Jupiter spends about 1-year in each Sign and has a 12-year cycle that moves in 3-year increments. It represents learning & teaching through adventure, exploring, ingenuity, games and StoryTelling. What is your Story? What has it been the last 12 years? What Story do you want to tell for the upcoming 12 years? Jupiter is the Researcher, Truth Sayer & Truth Seeker, and is all about making meaning out of the available information & experiences. It also tends to provoke you to “keep your own counsel” – going within to connect with the deepest and most authentic Truth for you – that is wherever Jupiter resides for you personally. Once you have connected to your Truth, then sharing your Story is (or can be) your offering to the Universe. (Have you ever heard the saying, “your life is God’s gift to you – what you do with it is your gift to God”?) Jupiter is also considered a *benefactor* and when in contact with your chart, even when challenging, you often receive blessings & rewards. Where you have to “earn it” with Saturn, with Jupiter, there’s more benevolence or good karma involved.

When Jupiter in the sky touches Jupiter in your chart, it is always an opportunity to release all that is no longer true for you and free your Self from beliefs which no longer serve your current, evolved purpose. This also helps you remember that Truth is fluid, and it changes as you evolve and learn more about your Self and the world. Because Jupiter will spend more time in some Houses and less in others, its presence is helping point out the Areas of Life that currently require the most expansion in your life. It is where you tend to shift your previously accepted beliefs and philosophies because you’ve learned & evolved over the last 3-6-9-12 years. And you remember that it is a good thing to question your fundamental beliefs periodically and ask your Self if you really still believe that (because often you don’t).

Another way to feel Jupiter is that we learn something new, expand in some way, every year and by the third year, your consciousness evolves and you get to integrate all that you’ve learned – in preparation for the next 3-years of learning & education. In other words, there is a pivot-point in your Story, something changes because of your earned wisdom & evolved consciousness. And often, because Jupiter is involved, you can count on some unexpected blessings during those times when Jupiter in the sky touches Jupiter in your chart.

It is a fantastic opportunity to review the last 12-year cycle and CHOOSE what Story you’d like to tell over the course of the upcoming 12-year cycle. Whatever you wanted (or tried) to do (approximately) 12 years ago, you may not have been ready then … NOW you are and the Universe unequivocally supports YOU! This year, Jupiter is going to bounce between Aquarius & Pisces but this is not new. You can reflect on the following years when Jupiter spent time in these two zones ~ well, actually 3-zones total because I also want you to prepare for when it hits Aries next!

Jupiter in AQUARIUS & PISCES (1950-2033):
1949-50 ~ 1961-62 ~ 1973-74 ~ 1985-86 ~ 1997-98 ~ 2009-10 ~ 2020-21 ~ 2032-33

JUPITER IN AQUARIUS ~ Improve Your Community
LESSON: Detachment / Big Picture Thinking
– Be willing to risk – for the reward of expressing your unique truth
– Be cool & detached in your observations, question your beliefs & philosophies – are you acting out of habit or authentic truth?
– Access major detachment, a more philosophic attitude, seeing the big picture
– Create the community you seek to be a part of
– Focus on big goals and far-reaching ideals
– Fully connect with and express your unique contribution
SHADOW: Elitism, Intellectual Snobbery & Thinking that you are better than others or superior in any way.

JUPITER IN PISCES ~ Improve Your Intuition
LESSON: Sensitivity / Boundaries
– Deeply connect with the common thread that runs thru and connects all humanity
– Connect with your compassion, altruism and a true sense of sharing, charity and giving
– Raise your consciousness in all areas but especially the Pisces House
– Practice regular meditation, down time or time in Nature to self-regulate
– Intentional Solitude ~ Practice disconnecting from the buzz of the 3-D and be still and quiet (on regular basis)
SHADOW: Being overly sensitive, absorbing others’ and/or projecting your thoughts & feelings onto others.

Consider the years with Jupiter in ARIES:
1951 ~ 1963 ~ 1975 ~ 1999 ~ 2011 ~ 2022 ~ 2034

JUPITER IN ARIES ~ Improve Your Independence
LESSON: Courage of Your Convictions / Overcoming Fear of New Beginnings
– Develop leadership qualities & practice being pro-active on your own behalf
– Adhere to a routine – know what you want and focus
– Be assertive and fearless – just do it
– Have faith in Self, Spirit & the Unfolding Process
– New beginnings / Fresh start in your consciousness
– Healthy competition with a special focus on bettering your Self
SHADOW: Idle time and starting things but not finishing them.

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