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Hopefully, you took advantage of the Aries/Mars energy to define, in detail, what it is that you “desire” in various areas of your life. Now you have access to potent Taurean energy to build the foundation which will support your goals. You have to know what you want and be willing to work for it, then the Universe will respond in equal measure. How you spend your resources, energy, time and money, shows the Universe where your true values lie. Venus demands that we define what we truly value – not what we “say” we value … but what we really and truly value.

If you are not clear, it’s time to GET CLEAR! And the current energy can help ground you. Earthy Taurus will give you access to that practical, honest part of your Self which knows the difference between authentic personal reality and the illusions & appearances we are bombarded with throughout society, the media, close friends, family, and our conditioning.

This is the time to connect to your senses – all SIX of them. We have to practice “feeling” more than thinking, allowing the Sacred Feminine energy to lead at this time. Allow what you “sense” to actually register, mentally marinate it for a while, don’t make snap decisions based on immediate appearances, rather connect with the possibilities that ring true in your soul. We operate too often on ‘auto-pilot’ rather than connecting directly with what we ‘sense’ to be true and authentic.

This is also a good time to focus on your physical health. We have access to the consistency, patience and discipline required to execute an effective health & fitness plan. Watch any excess with food, sex, spending or comfort-seeking. Physical activity will also help release blockages and channel energy within you that may otherwise weigh you down. If you are feeling any kind of sadness, blockage, depression or lethargy, get out in Nature and move your body or do something that brings you pleasure. Work on all things tangible. Take this time to cultivate some area – of your life, work or environment – which needs some tending to … your “personal garden” on all levels. Your Garden requires energy, cultivation, nurturing and protection in order to flourish.

Examine what your CURRENT definition of “comfort” is. What makes you feel safe to be yourself? Are the things that gave you “comfort” 1-2-5-10 years ago still giving you that same deep sense of comfort today? Some things have likely shifted as you have evolved over time and because of the influx of NEW ENERGY, you may have outgrown some things and already begun to integrate others.

• Be mindful of excess with food, sex & spending – balance in all things.
• Rather than seeking comfort, practice confidence – then you can be
….comfortable in your own skin.
• What one thing can you do at this time to PREPARE for success?
….When you prepare for success you automatically access your innate confidence
….and then “comfort” takes on a whole new meaning.
• What comforts you here and now, this day?

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