March 7 – 13, 2021 ~ Forecast

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3/7 ~ Pallas Enters PISCES (until 2.14.2022):
This week is very special and the Initiation is happening in your Pisces Department. (That will automatically affect your Virgo/Gemini/Sag Depts by default.) For all of us, this is the conclusion of an annual process that the personal planets activate for us around Feb/March every year. So on one hand, we are processing the last year. With Pallas in Pisces, we are looking to access all the wisdom & miracles of the last 4-5 years which is how long it takes her to navigate Aries-thru-Pisces. What is special about this one is that she will Retrograde (27* / 7.21.2021) and go Direct (9* / 11.8.2021), essentially spending most of 2021 there so that is good for us as individuals. If you have a spiritual practice, it will be fortified, if you do not have one, then you will be supported to activate one for yourself. This is the time we can fully engage our imaginations to ask for the Higher Wisdom – the precious diamonds that we’ve acquired after having our lives blasted apart in 2020.

It is also a good energy that will be with us for about a year that will help us hone our own intuition and learn to trust our own instincts in a whole new way because we are navigating a whole new world. This is the incubation of a new vision of how we can live with more consciousness and connection to Earth and each other that doesn’t have to involve anyone being victimized. It is time to reestablish & redefine what good boundaries are for you and what environments you best thrive in when those boundaries are honored.

On the mystical side, this week is off the charts for us as individuals because that is where the personal planets are renewing themselves too. Pallas is our Sacred Feminine Wisdom and the most masculine of the four asteroids (Juno, Vesta & Ceres being the other three). When I say “masculine” I don’t mean male/female roles, I mean active/yang energy that is strategic and forward-thinking. So Pallas activates our mystical priest/priestess in Pisces, but it also activates the most practical approach to interacting with spirits, energies or entities or a more streamlined approach to your spiritual practice. Or if you are already pretty structured, organized & committed, then you need to use this energy to infuse all that you do with more spirit and imagination. Pallas adds to Venus, doubling our Sacred Feminine influence this week and making whatever we conceive or create rooted in something personal and magical.

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3/10 ~ Sun (essential Self) ~conjunct~ Neptune (delusions & illusions):
This is definitely the Initiation of a New Vision – at least for the year (annual cycle). This transit tends to make you very sensitive (rational or not) to others. If you are one of those people who tends to put everyone else’s needs before your own, watch out, because this energy makes that urge even stronger. Be aware of two things: (1) most times people who focus so much on others, to the exclusion of their own needs, is because there is something about their own life they do not want to face; and (2) you could get lost in your so-called altruism to the point where you lose touch with reality, under this influence. This energy is best used alone to meditate and contemplate your own world. Unless you can be completely detached in your charity work, I suggest you keep the focus on the vision for your Self. I use this little motivation to decide – is your life so organized and abundant that you can afford to spend so much time and energy on another’s life? If so, GREAT! Go for it! If not, however, then “charity begins at home” – so work on YOU!

3/13 ~ Venus (values) ~conjunct~ Neptune (dreams):
This energy is the power of your vision combined with your deepest values. It is the initiation of a new dream or the birth of some creative project that is ready to come through you. It’s a good time to reflect on the big picture of your life and make sure that your connection to the whole, your contribution and your purpose are all truly in alignment with your values & priorities of now. It is time to be more intuitive than linear – time to inspire rather than convince. Finances and relationships are hard to sort out definitively with this energy, it is better to express yourself creatively or artistically. This energy reminds you how interrelated everything is, so aligning your values within/without goes a long way for manifesting the vision. Follow your intuition, maintain integrity, stay grounded & keep good boundaries anytime Neptune is involved.
*This is a special time for Venus. She has disappeared from the sky because she is traveling really close to the Sun. She is in what we call the “Underworld” for almost 3-months (Feb-April 2021). Venus & Sun won’t technically conjunct until 3.26.2021 but they are already at the Council Table discussing things in Pisces that we can complete before we initiate a whole new journey in Aries.

3/13 ~ PISCES New Moon:
This is an annual crossroads we come to every year around this time. It is the completion of 12-new moons since the last Pisces New Moon 2.23.2020. How’s it going a year later? No one is exempt. We all have a House in our charts ruled by Pisces. It is here that you should seed your intentions and precious vision for the next year (minimum), with consideration of where you’d like to be at the 6-month MidPoint, the Pisces Full Moon 9.20.2021, when these very seeds will show their true promise. Consider that this crossroads is simultaneously an ending and the womb holding what will be birthed next. Virgo/Pisces realms teach us about being a Spirit in Human form. How’s that going for you at this time? Can you see any patterns in your health or consciousness, your physicality or spirituality and how all these dynamics are part of who & what you are? This month you get to dream – to dream the New Vision you’d like to experience in the 6-12 months. We are also blessed with additional energies in Pisces helping us go even deeper to discover a NEW dream. We are not going to find solutions in the old or linear way. Sometimes you have to put the Monkey Mind in Time Out and let your Imagination lead the way. Give your Self ample time & space to do this over the next month because you are clarifying what you would like to initiate come the Aries New Moon 4.11.2021, a month from now.

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