2020 Year-End Blessings & Gratitude

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Out of Scorpio Raw Truth & Revelations comes Sag’s Huge Clarity & Deeper Meaning, before we cruise right into Capricorn’s New Reality & Foundation for 2021. We’ve all been brought to our knees one way or another, but if you’re reading this, you’re still with me and we’re both still standing ; -) So … onward & upward we go! Together!

Like many of you, I also experienced 2020 as a year of unprecedented endings and undeniable crossroads. I find myself untethered, floating in that in-between space, somewhere between the old & the new, which is sometimes magical and sometimes scary … and also known as transition ~ a completely natural part of being here.

I’m so glad to connect with you during this *Season of Light, Gratitude & Giving*! I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude for you, my Community. Without you to read or listen to what I share, I’d just be creating in a vacuum, which is no fun. It’s because of you that my words or concepts have LIFE! I believe we are having an *energetic exchange* when we connect and I always want it to be stimulating, enlightening, uplifting & reassuring in this crazy, transitional time in Earth’s Story.

We need each other’s perspectives & support as we navigate truly new territory on grander scales than our little human mind can actually process in its entirety. We have to break it into pieces to figure it all out. I love sharing the day-to-day energies that we have to navigate and I really love supporting you as an individual. I think if we get our individual selves together, then the globe will be okay. My life’s work is dedicated to supporting our wholeness so that we are more effective teammates in other realms.

I feel privileged to witness your individual evolutions and many of you have traveled with me since 1999 – which makes 2020 our 21st Anniversary (OMG!) and ironically, brings another evolution for me too. In 1999, I started Cosmic-Switchboard.com, then in 2007, I created KarmicTools.com and now I have KellyMBeard.com set up for my Earth Medicine practice. It would seem that I went from connecting with cohorts to creating tools for us to play with to finding my SoulSelf, my true purpose and finally, a sense of wholeness within that makes me a better instrument for good in the world.

I am so grateful to have all of you all in my corner and many of you have held my hand too, through the intensity of individual transformation that we all have to do. And I really love & appreciate you for that. Thank you for being part of my ever-expanding Circle of dedicated students of Life, lightworkers & wayshowers on the Path, and master teachers sharing their Wisdom along the way. Not to mention our Invisible Support Team – they are very important too! Infinite Gratitude!

I believe that anytime you lock-eyes with someone, whether you speak or not, you have known them in other lifetimes. That is tricky on the world wide web but I have to say that if you’re receiving this, then I feel we are truly connected in a sacred & meaningful way. I love the way the Universe always provides us with people for the perfect season and all the right reasons. Onward & Upward! I look forward to all that we will create & explore together going forward. I’m hopping OFF this computer more often and hoping to connect with you all IN PERSON around the globe. That’s the other thing, I have a seriously international crew here – so even if you’re in another country, I encourage you to reach out to discuss possibilities! I want to connect in the new year. Many Blessings!

One more thing, and another amazing support for this sacred season is Shanta’s Annual 7-day Holiday Anustan. It helps you re-set your connection between your SoulSelf, your Higher Self and Source. It’s incredibly simple and unique for each individual (you choose the 5+min per day to dedicate to prayers & mantras of your own or use the amazing ones she provides). Join us HERE!!

If you’re reading this, YOU are already part of our collective, global Circle of over 6000 like-hearted souls, multiplying our influence exponentially with a unifying focus of Peace on Earth & Goodwill for ALL Life. Those of us who do the practice (Dec 5-11, 2020) will be holding all of you in our hearts.

It’s very potent when any ONE person connects to the Light, but we have many! What I LOVE about this one myself, is that Shanta channels a daily message that is always inspiring, reassuring & personally validating. I find myself eagerly awaiting her daily email which often includes Circle members’ altar pics & reports of clarity, connection & increased synchronicities. It’s truly MAGICAL! during the season of Faith, Light & Miracles! Tis the season!

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