Special 2020 Eclipse Update

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This is special Eclipse post. We are in a special zone. Although eclipses do happen every 6-months, the signs evolve and therefore the lessons & available energies shift about 1-2 years. Right now, we are deep into the Gemini/Sag series but what you should know is that they actually move backwards through the signs so here too, I remind you about my saying “everything is a response to the last thing and preparation for the next thing”. We had our Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses 2018-2020 (akin to 2000-2002) which rearranged our fundamentals, little did we know what that was really preparing us for with now. Now, we have all these new choices & possibilities but they also seem very tied to or based on what you believe to be true or possible. Either way, we always learn during Gemini/Sag Eclipses 2020-2021 (akin to 2001-2003) and the social/collective realms always evolve too. So what can you remember about those years and what you knew then and what you know now that can inform your choices in the present moment? Then really consider what all these choices & opportunities are actually leading to next for you. Next will be the Taurus/Scorpio Eclipses 2021-2023 (akin to 2002-2005) which would have anchored certain values & priorities since then that have likely run their course by now. So Eclipses facilitate the much-needed & necessary changes that we often want to delay, resist or avoid until things implode or explode and we have no choice but to deal with the real. Taurus/Scorpio will get very real – your Body & Soul weigh in on what is practical and more importantly, what is sustainable, for you the individual but again, with the ongoing evolution of the social/collective realms that we are also a part of.

Eclipses are all about Light Distribution. We often talk about ‘being the light’ or ‘embodying the light’ or Caroline Casey uses ‘translating the light’ and I came across a picture of an eclipse named ‘catching the light’ … tis the Season of Light! We have an unprecedented opportunity to tap into this *Light Energy* for deep soul work, fusion and strength. Nov/Dec always launches our personal Research & Development Process of the year. This is an annual cycle that we can tune into and co-create with by reflecting on the last year of your life and determining what it all really “means”. This month’s lunation brings the added energy of Eclipses so lets just ease into the lunar energies a bit first.

Sagittarius time (Nov 20-Dec 20) is the time in between the end (of the old) and the beginning (of the new), in between the invisible (Scorpio) and the visible (Capricorn), where the possibilities are only limited by your imagination and ability to believe in your Self, your Vision and the Universe (faith with work). Generally, when we move into Capricorn, that’s when we begin to make the vision tangible and the actual physical work begins. But for now, we are in deep gratitude for all that we have and all that we’ve experienced this year, while expanding the vision of what is possible in the new year ahead.

This is a great lunation to set intentions for your Gemini/Sag departments of life (House in your chart). I suggest some meditation on your dream or vision for your life. What have you learned in the last 3-6-9-12-months that you can apply now to support yourself and your community, going forward? This Mutable energy is in everyone’s chart somewhere, however, if you have any planets or placements in Gemini/Sag or Virgo/Pisces, these Eclipses are activating you on a personal level too.

This lunation kicks off with the Pisces First Qtr Moon = 11/21 ~ which helps you process what’s going on in your life through the filter of the emotions & intuitions that you are feeling at this time. You may ask questions that help you discern what’s really happening versus when you are looking through rose-colored glasses, seeing what you want to see rather than what is really going on. First Qtr brings the first step on our New Moon intentions so in this case, you should follow your intuition because Spirit’s communication is always more subtle than literal. I also recommend prayer, reverence in Nature, intentional solitude to hear the Angels & Ancestors wanting to speak to and through you at this time and practice honoring your feelings & personal boundaries but also double-check your own perceptions and filters.

Gemini Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse = 11/30 ~ which helps you process the facts & information revealed. This is good for reviewing options, opportunities & other ways to decide on the best “way” is for you personally. The Full Moon always illuminates an area in need of attention. Sometimes with Gemini it is simply making up your mind and making a decision so you can get congruent instead of being pulled in too many directions and dissipating your energies & resources.

This is bigger than the usual Gemini Full Moon, which supports a major data-dump on a regular day! The Eclipse energy ties it to larger 9/18-year cycles. 2020 marks a decade so at a minimum, we are releasing 9-10 years of old thinking, old ideas, old paradigms, old thought patterns and most of all, old ways of *communicating* ~ on multiple levels. It is a delicious opportunity to change your thinking in a fundamental way, which will shift the Path you are on. The last time we had this energy was 2001-2003 and there are many similarities to the social/collective evolution since then.

As we release debilitating mental patterns with this Full Moon/Eclipse, we move to the Virgo Last Qtr Moon (12/7), and we get to work on the acceptance of whatever is not working. Let go and trust! that you are creating a cleaner space for a more efficient aspect of your Being to emerge. If it doesn’t serve some kind of actual function, it has to go, which clears space for something more useful & relevant to support you in real time.

Virgo Last Qtr Moon = 12/7 ~ will help you sort, sift, release & integrate what is REAL for you personally and what is essential for your body & daily reality – the one that you have to navigate on a regular basis, in real time. We’re still processing, but not the “idea” of what’s happening in your life at this time, but more like how much your physical body and nervous system can actually handle and process what’s happening in your life, in a 24-hour period. This is time to simplify.

Sag New Moon/Solar Eclipse = 12/14 ~ will help you intuit the deeper meaning and develop a completely New Story & Belief System that you, personally, can live with integrity. This is when we plant seeds of living a more authentic, vital, vibrant & honest life. It is also the time when I give everyone permission to dream BIG – stretch beyond your normal limitations and expand the vision for your life. Don’t concern your Self with the how or when – just connect to the essence that you want to experience and invite the Universe to shape it for you.

This Sag New Moon/Eclipse brings a potent *seed* point, fertilized by additional energies this week. Chiron Direct (12/15) allows our healing process to advance after the annual review. This year, what have you learned? Healed? Transformed? Venus & Juno both move into Sag, bringing their feminine perspectives about Truth & Commitment, they’d rather inspire than cajole or convince. But that also shifts the true values & priorities, especially in our relationships, partnerships & finances, to what is truth, integrity, sustainable and on a higher level. Then the biggies for the week, both Saturn & Jupiter move into Aquarius, shifting the vibration, energy & lessons for the social realms. Now you add Eclipse to the mix and you know CHANGE is the name of the game! In Sag, it is a change in your consciousness and a renewal of what you believe to be true or possible for yourself and if we’ve ever had an upgrade, 2020 is it!! Break to realign!

Ultimately, after all that processing, plus the renewal of planets in places they haven’t been for decades, we can then go forward and make better decisions for ourselves and each other. This is the time to focus forward and really decide what the Story of your life is saying to your friends, family, community and the Universe. There are so many planetary alignments & global cycles converging at this time, anything you can do on your personal/individual level is, without a doubt, contributing to the larger story of Mother Earth but even more importantly, Her evolution is contributing to how your life story unfolds. It is an incredible time to be awake, alive & participating! This lunation supports changing our individual *Conceptions & Perceptions* in radical ways. What are you *Conceiving & Perceiving*?

Sagittarius energy launches a personal and global Spiritual Quest to create a life that reflects our Highest Truth. There are some incredibly powerful shifts affecting everyone this month and next. It is vital that I remind you of the planetary support we all have access to at this time as it is more than the usual “shifts” – we are ALL AT A MAJOR LIFE CROSSROADS!

Sagittarius requires us to take a moment to make meaning out of all the information we have gathered over the last 6mo – 2yr. And last month, Scorpio energy brought some very real, deeply buried issues to the surface and further revealed what is truly ending, complete and finished in your life. The reason for this is the end-of-an-era energy going on at the same time. We really are ending some HUGE cycles, personally and globally, and beginning completely NEW ones. There is no more postponing, putting on the back-burner, avoiding, burying, or sweeping under the rug – basically, there is no more rug – no more cover! Not to totally negate free will and choice, you must remember that you can run but you can’t hide (from Self) so you can “choose” to postpone or face things once and for all and move freely, LIGHTER, to the next level. It is time to subjugate your ego to that of higher, Divine Will.

If you find that things are dis-integrating in your life, keep in mind that some things have to “break” to heal correctly and re-integrate stronger. Many people are experiencing career change, relationships ending, income streams shifting, health issues popping up (or getting worse), please know that it truly is Divine Order. You are changing, growing, evolving, and when YOU change – everyone (and everything) else around you must shift too (or go away, even temporarily). These are “growing pains” or “labor pains” that you are feeling and while they may seem unbearable in the moment, it is not a permanent condition. You are in the VOID – between the old and the new – where you have to focus – you have to breathe – and be present, keeping in mind the most optimistic possible outcome because if you give into the fear, you only create more pain, more challenges & more karma to clear.

When you catch yourself giving into the fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) and gravitating toward the worst-case scenarios, it can be infinitely effective to immediately correct those thoughts with the Highest outcome you can possibly imagine in that moment. My thinking is, if we are in a space where “anything can happen” – which I believe we are – then why not connect to the miracles? Why can’t that “anything” be something fantastic rather than tragic? Are you an optimist or a pessimist? It is your choice. But know this, it is an infinitely creative time – WHATEVER you think or imagine is instantly created & eventually manifested.

Next month we move into Capricorn where we begin to make the vision tangible and the physical work begins. Sag asks everyone to reconsider their definition of Truth, Faith and Purpose. We are being presented with a tremendous OPPORTUNITY (Jupiter) the whole month of December. One month is scant time to free your mind of limitations, detach from appearances and focus ONLY on the Highest possible outcomes that you can imagine (to any issue / problem / goal / objective). There are some powerful planetary shifts which are opening gateways to energy allowing us to readily connect to the Infinite Source of all creation. Take advantage of this time!

As I ruminated on the relationship between Sagittarius and Capricorn, many things started to dance in my consciousness. That energy being ~ the faith, optimism and enthusiasm (Sagittarius) to create a reality (Capricorn) based on your personal Truth and ultimate Purpose for being here. It CANNOT just be the proverbial ‘struggle from the cradle to the grave’. ‘Survival-Mode’ is a state of mind and we have free will and choice to re-vision the “Mode” in which we navigate through this life. Sagittarius’ gift is exploring the possibilities, while Capricorn’s gift is turning those possibilities into tangible reality. We need BOTH energies, and the lessons they bring, in order to get the MOST out of this Sacred Season. Life has a Rhythm of Expand & Consolidate ~ Expand the Truth and then channel the energy toward consolidating a Purpose and tangible expression in the world. Tune in to see how this Rhythm manifests in and around you. You will soon discover a pattern that you can work directly with to improve your effectiveness in life.

This time deeply supports activating your NEW Truth/Story (Sag) … which is followed by very potent Capricorn energy which will want to build and take action steps toward laying the foundation (tangible) of the entire year of 2021. Annually, we must infuse our foundation ~ update, improve and restore … or … review, release & rebuild … often BOTH!

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