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11/9 ~ Venus (values & priorities) ~oppose~ Mars Rx (purpose & desire):
This energy brings a balance & integration of your Inner Sacred Masculine & Feminine energies. Your Inner Sacred Masculine is supposed to negotiate on your behalf, get your ideas in the world & maintain good boundaries, while your Inner Sacred Feminine is a guiding force that creates space to contain & nurture life and your creative babies. Because it is an opposition, it’s time to check in with your SoulSelf to make sure you’re not swinging between extremes, or trying to force issues rather than being open & receptive and going with the flow. Of course, Venus & Mars brings relationships into the light, forcing issues of balance & integration within your relationships as well. Remember, as you change, others must change or go away. As you integrate more balance within you, maintaining balance with others becomes almost effortless. Also, if sexuality is an aspect of your relationship, then that too will undergo a balancing/re-balancing of sorts with this activation. Rather than project onto another, ask your Self some questions regarding your true desires and your true values. What is closest to your heart and fires you up from within, with no props, people or payments necessary?

11/10 ~ Sun (authentic Self) ~trine~ Neptune Rx (intuition):
This energy triggers your idealistic, altruistic inclinations, but remember that help has to be invited. But if you have the energy to share & to spare, then dedicate your Self to something greater than you. Choose a cause to support or help those less fortunate for the sheer pleasure of giving. If your energy is low at this time, it is better directed inward. If you can, take some extra time in intentional solitude, praying, meditating and connecting to Spirit this week, you will be rewarded with deep revelations & mystical discoveries within you. It’s a great time to do divinations, ritual or ceremony if you’re into that. Your intuition is heightened also, so pay attention to any ‘messages’ that come through or to you. Try to use this energy to reflect on where you are and dream a little about where you want to be, mentally, spiritually and physically in 6-months to a year from now.

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11/12 ~ Jupiter (consciousness, learning & belief systems) ~conjunct~ Pluto (purification & transformation):   (3 of 3: 4/4 ~ 6/30 ~ 11/12)
The highest possible expression of this energy is channeling your very passionate, intense energy into your Highest vision – Highest ideal – deepest personal Truth and receiving the fruits of such hard labor. There is power behind the current expansion and you are in a unique position to create your greatest vision or deepest fear. Both these planets force you to improve your Self, your life, your environment, usually stripping you of misconceptions and excess baggage along the way. This is a 13yr cycle, how did your life completely shift 13 years ago? 2007 This is your time to choose to co-create, to cultivate & commit to expressing your infinite potential. Dig deeper, there is more to you than you give your Self credit for being. This is your chance to completely redefine your Truth & Purpose. The worst possible expression of this energy is to become obsessed by a belief, try to force others to your way of thinking, blow things way out of proportion, magnify the darkness and prolong your trip through the Underworld. Jupiter insists we learn from such excavations of the Soul. Your deepest Truth is surfacing at this time, is it based in fear or faith? Under pressure, whatever is inside, comes out. It’s time to decide if you are going to believe in positive outcomes and the ability to turn your deepest wounds into your most trusted, earned wisdom. For more, check out:

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11/13 ~ Mars Direct in ARIES:
When Mars Retrogrades, it is the time to do the Inner Self-Work – to redefine what you really want and how you express the power & passion of Mars through your own individual choices – which is how you go about getting what you want in life. It spends June 2020 – Jan 2021 in ARIES so you may feel the Retrograde in that whatever direction you were heading in (over the last 2 years) may now be slowed or even reversed (temporarily at least). Things that were easy may seem challenging and things that used to be challenging may now become easier or simplified. Remember, all delays & detours are not necessarily “bad”. Pay attention to the aspects of your own approach to acquiring what you desire, as well as the motivations behind those desires. Always make the self-inquiry, ask yourself what you want and why you want it. The Reboot, Revision, Recalibration of Mars Retrograde is your desire nature doing its regular 2-year “maintenance process”. Your heart’s desires change & evolve over time, so this is your opportunity to check in and tweak things accordingly.

Now, as it goes Direct, it is a good time to review the last couple of months (Sept-Nov 2020) – as well as the last couple of years (2018-2020). What do you no longer want to be responsible for? What no longer supports the foundation you are cultivating in the here & now? How have things organically shifted in your desires, choices & actions? You may have been blocked or delayed from forward movement but now the energy will resume forward motion and start stimulating the rest of your chart, giving you a chance to integrate whatever Mars stirred up for you personally. It is customized for everyone and no one is exempt. I usually encourage folks who are highly driven and have a need to move & accomplish on a regular basis to learn Mars’ rhythm in your own life. If you give your Self permission to honor your desires, as well as the fact that they change & evolve as you do, then you are living a more authentic life automatically. Now is the time to define the terms of what you deeply desire, what you are willing to do to acquire that and what it will take to maintain it.

Mars Reminders:
There was so much to this extended trip through Aries for Mars, for all of us, and it ain’t over yet! It is a great idea to review the materials I’ve shared over this time for reminders on what the energies have stirred up so you can consciously co-create going forward.

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11/14 ~ Sun (core identity) ~sextile~ Pluto (transformation):
This is a healthy, positive, transformative energy. You will have access to energy that will help you change your current circumstance for the better and/or clear up an issue that has been challenging you for a while now. It’s great for purifying, cleaning & clearing your personal space, as well as organizing your life in general. You may have to examine the “big picture” to see where an adjustment, for the good of all involved, is necessary. If you’re not feeling up to working on outer issues, this also gives you the opportunity to do some introspective thinking and deep self-reflection. Superficial once-overs will not do, you must address the root cause for where you find yourSelf at this time in your life and decide if it is working for you or against you.

11/14 ~ Sun (core Self) ~sextile~ Jupiter (optimism):
This energy is sometimes considered “lucky” but the success you achieve under this influence, is more likely due to a positive outlook and clear vision of who you are and what you want. Your life is expanding, your self-understanding is deepening and it will be easier to be around other people of higher consciousness, improving things and creating opportunities that benefit a larger number of people. There is a healthy dose of optimism around some grand plan, and things are moving, but make sure to do the foundation work to support this larger vision as it manifests in reality. If you are a teacher/guide/leader of any sort, this energy supports your group efforts, so giving workshops, seminars or new classes is totally supported and will benefit you, while serving others.

Rumi POEM ~ from the Essential Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks and John Moyne – Chapter 12 – Page 132 ~ for my numbers people 😉

The Sheik
I have such a teacher. On the Sheik the existence of the beloved is not provable nor is it fantasy, the friend as Rumi usually calls this presence within and infinitely beyond the senses is illusive and nearer than the big vein in your neck you need a mirror to see it. The Sheik is a mirror a reminder of that presence and a cook. The understanding that comes through a Sheik gives nourishment and transforming energy to many. Rumi’s image of a disciple as chickpea that sprouts and enjoys the rainy garden of sexual pleasure, it matures and grows into its hardened form then gets picked and thrown into the cooking pot. The cooks tending is careful and constant and in Rumi’s case garrulous, gradually the disciple softens and takes on flavors the cook adds, eventually he or she becomes tasty enough to be appealing to those who n the Sufi tradition are called the true human beings. So the chickpea moves from garden to cooking pot to a taste for the cook finally to become subtenant for a mysterious community.

Chickpea to the Cook
A chickpea leaps almost over the rim of the pot where its being boiled, “why are you doing this to me” the cook knocks him down with a ladle, “don’t you try and jump out you think I’m torturing you but I’m giving you flavor so you can mix with spices and rice and become the lovely vitality of a human being. Remember when you drank rain in the garden that was for this, grace first, sexual pleasure, then a boiling new life begins and the friend has something good to eat.” Eventually the chickpea will say to the cook “boil me some more, hit me with the skimming spoon, I can’t do this by myself, I’m like an elephant that dreams of gardens back in Hindustan and doesn’t pay attention to his driver, you’re my cook my driver my way into existence I love your cooking.” The cook says “I was once like you fresh from the ground then I boiled in time and boiled in the body, two fierce boilings my animal soul grew powerful. I controlled it with practices and boiled some more and boiled once beyond that and became your teacher.

From Kelly: That is Pluto our purifier, our teacher, our way into existence, into authentic existence and the process is usually pretty painful, and stressful, and chaotic, and uncomfortable. And we are all being boiled in that beautiful Calderon adding spice and vitality to who we are, this is part of the process, as I said Pluto works on us all the time but sometimes it’s a little more intense than others. Sometimes it depends on where it falls in your personal world on your timetable, which is very individual and very personal. This is a huge undertaking a huge process and I do not want to underestimate the value of the process itself. This is all necessary; you should be paying attention all along the way as best you can as humans in the flesh in 3D. It is challenging to release control and get the ego in check so that you can hear spirit, but that is part of Pluto’s process of what feels like abuse and getting you totally focused and clear about who is in charge. Higher will vs. lower will. Pluto strips you of all non-essential and it is vitally important that we get clear about what Pluto’s job is and we don’t see it as the torture it feels like to our human selves.

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