Sept 6 – 12, 2020 ~ Forecast + Bonus

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9/9 ~ Mars Retro in ARIES:
When Mars Retrogrades, it is the time to do the Inner Self-Work – to redefine what you really want and how you express the power & passion of Mars – which is how you go about getting what you want in life. It spends June 2020 – Jan 2021 in ARIES so you may feel the Retrograde in that whatever direction you were heading in (over the last 2 years) may now be slowed or even reversed (temporarily at least). Things that were easy may seem challenging and things that used to be challenging may now become easier or simplified. Remember, all delays & detours are not necessarily “bad”. Pay attention to the aspects of your approach to acquiring what you desire, as well as the motivations behind your desires. Always make the self-inquiry, ask yourself what you want and why you want it. The Reboot, Revision, Recalibration of Mars and your desire nature is a regular 2-year “maintenance process”. Your heart’s desires change & evolve over time, so this is your opportunity to check in and tweak things accordingly.
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9/9 ~ Sun (source & essential Self) ~trine~ Jupiter (expansion):
This is a blessing of Source energy fueling your biggest dreams & visions for your life, this lifetime. You are encouraged to take advantage of the good *vibe* available when these two get together to expand your life’s direction in a big way. This activation is often blessings from previous dedication. You’ve been moving in a certain direction, and it’s like the Path is wider & deeper now, allowing you to connect some huge pieces of your personal Story *together* in a new way. It’s great for learning & exploring anything that will support your forward movement. Some may use the good vibe to veg-out and relax, which for some, may be best. However, if you are stepping up to new levels of your own consciousness, this energy totally supports you as you integrate it all. It is an enthusiastic, optimistic energy that will open doors for you, depending on your attitude. It will allow you to see the big picture and the next necessary step toward your goals at this time.

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9/11 ~ Sun (ego & essential Self) ~oppose~ Neptune (illusion & delusion):
Where Venus oppose Neptune is about your relationships & finances, this Sun activation is more about YOU, the individual. And any opposition requires that we find the balance in the middle. This can be a very confusing energy. You may be very sensitive to others and their needs, as well as how they relate to you & your own needs. You may want to withdraw or not voice your opinion just to avoid conflict, feeling like it wouldn’t solve anything anyway. However, often, if/when you do not ‘disagree’ (openly) then people assume you agree, which creates more problems. You shouldn’t give into any temptation of being “slick” either, that will only attract more of the same to you. If you’re feeling unsure of yourself or your position, you may think it is easier to give into another person’s demands when you really should stand up for yourself. Self-preservation is not selfish, it is necessary, so try to avoid playing the victim. Be honest and up-front with anyone demanding a confrontation at this time, that you would rather gather your thoughts and discuss things later (by then this energy will have passed) when you can articulate your side of things better. Be aware of deception – both on your part and/or the part of others (trying to deceive you). Your discernment is not its strongest under this influence so it is best to be still and quiet until the energy passes. Take this time to do some spiritual, inner work.

9/12 ~ Jupiter Direct in CAPRICORN:
Jupiter goes Retrograde annually, providing an opportunity to check in with the Area of Life (House) where it is extending its stay. This year, it’s your Capricorn House, so limitations & responsibilities is all part of it. Jupiter helps us learn & understand things on a deeper level, and in Capricorn, we start to see how our beliefs and where we focus our attention directly affects our reality. Review what has come into your conscious awareness during May-Sept 2020 and ask how it is serving or supporting you. What have you learned in 2020 about your Self? And the world? Once-in-12-years, we get to do this kind of renewal of the fundamentals that Capricorn represents, which is often family, work & community driven. Jupiter teaches us about consciousness and reminds us that we always have the imagination & individual power to create our lives, based on what we believe to be true or possible for ourselves (or not). Each year, during the Retro, we get to “edit our personal Story” so that we can live our authentic Truth & Purpose, at a more embodied level going forward. We have from now until Dec 19th to finish up this once-in-12-years opportunity to goldmine the wisdom of Jupiter in Capricorn before our education shifts to the Aquarius Department and we get an incredible expansion there next.

Artemis ~ Goddess of Sovereignty & Self-Care

Hathor ~ Goddess of Beauty & Self-Love

Lilith ~ Goddess of Power & Self-Reliance

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