August 23 – 29, 2020 ~ Forecast

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Note from Kelly:
If you catch this early enough, I wanted to let you know that Shanta is doing her LAST Saturday Activations on Zoom this Sat/Aug 22nd @11am/pdt – Register HERE. It’s not the last one forever, but she is making her big move from Mt. Shasta to Martha’s Vineyard and we want to support her move, energetically as well as with donations ($22) if you can. Also, my FREE Seasonal Circle is underway HERE and we are trying out the new technology for those of you who like to access your class materials on your phone, that is much easier now than ever before. Each week, you receive an email reminder that *goodies* have been uploaded and then you can pick any day of the week that works for you to *check-in* with your soul work. This Season, Aug 1st – Sept 22nd, is all about Self-Love & Self-Care and Dolphin & Spider are our Guides for this 6-week period. Join Us HERE. I hope to launch this new offering at Dec Solstice. For now, it’s free for volunteers willing to help me iron out all the kinks with the new technology before I offer it to the world. So I am very grateful for the 42 of you who have already signed up! This is finally a platform where I can serve bigger numbers. I am an *analogue girl in a digital world* so I have done a lot of work “manually” over the last 25+ years but I’m excited about the new creative possibilities this is opening up for me too. For example, HERE is a 10-min video that I made with Artemis ~ Goddess of the Hunt as our Guide. IN-Joy!!

8/24 ~ Mars (anger/action) ~square~ Saturn (frustration/limitations):
(1 of 3: 8/24 ~ 9/29 ~ 1.13.2021)
This is the energy of action being restricted and the anger or frustration that follows. You can either be angry and feel restricted, limited and unable to move … or you can see this energy as an opportunity to define the right actions to take and strategically plan to take them when the Universe is more supportive. This energy requires us to slow down and double-check The Plan. If you proceed consciously, your plan has a better chance of success than if you were reckless & impatient. You may experience a blockage of some sort, internal or external. You may feel this tremendous urge to change or move forward in your life but seem to find blockages and limitations with every effort. That is likely your perception, do you feel inadequate to the task at hand? What are you afraid of? Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real – release fear and choose to be responsible for creating your own life. If you don’t, your outer circumstance only becomes a reflection of your inner belief. You will attract criticism and repel support. Take your grand vision and figure out three small steps you can take, on this restricted level, that is still taking you in the direction of your goal. Don’t try to initiate at this time, this is a time for cultivating, planning, working behind the scenes, doing the detail work and foundational (grunt work) that is NECESSARY to support the grand vision when the time comes to fully express it.
*See Important UPDATE regarding this Activation below.

8/25 ~ Mercury (voice/lower mind) ~trine~ Uranus (individuality/higher mind):
This activation gives you access to your Higher Mind and opens the way for new, deeper insights that can guide & direct you at this time. Business as usual will not work, it’s time to open up to the unusual, do something different, look at things from another angle and watch the ah-ha’s start pouring in. Your intuition will be firing on all cylinders, giving you access to unprecedented clarity. While your thinking may lack discipline, your ability to access solutions to any recent (or long-standing) challenges may be off the charts. This energy will not be contained, even though it is generally all mental, you really will have a hard time keeping up with the ideas, thoughts, concepts & intuitions that come to you under this influence so try to take notes that you can refer to later when the grounding will be necessary. Pay attention to the messages that come through/from others as well since you never know how the Universe will show up to communicate with you. This alone is an indication that whatever your consciousness may not have been previously ready to assimilate or process is awakening now to that which is just for you!

8/25 ~ Venus (love, art & beauty) ~oppose~ Jupiter (expansion):
This is a great energy for enjoying nature, really good food & drink, fun company & lots of laughter! It is a celebratory energy, to be enjoyed but not to excess or to the neglect of your health or well-being. It’s very creative and activates the true Inner Artist within all of us. It’s also good to consider that you are at a MidPoint in a relationship or creative project that you started about 6-months ago; is it still viable? is the Story you’re telling still true? where’s the value? is it worth it? So whether you are an artist or not, this activation can facilitate an infinitely creative mood and expand your individual work immensely. Activate your imagination, think big, have fun & laugh today, but tomorrow, plan to start moving in a new direction that is more authentic for you personally.

8/27 ~ Venus (values & priorities) ~trine~ Neptune (faith & spirituality):
This is a very supportive energy for dreaming your world into being! Allow your imagination some latitude to wander and see where it leads. Play with “what if” scenarios. For example, “what if” all your material needs & desires were taken care of, what would you dedicate your time, energy & resources to? You may be very empathic and connected to others and what they are going through at this time, so maintain adequate boundaries. Neptune can activate a very spiritual encounter with another human being (friend, family or lover) but only time will tell if it is Neptune playing tricks on you or if it is truly a spiritual connection.

8/29 ~ Mercury (learning & mind) ~trine~ Jupiter (education & consciousness):
This energy is great for expanding your mind, learning something new or taking a class. It’s time to plan for the future and start getting organized. However, you may feel less disciplined and more creative, which is fine in the beginning, but eventually focus & discipline will have to be engaged to ground your new ideas, thoughts or concepts. You have to ask your Self, ‘How bad do you want it?’ If you are self-aware, awake & alert, you will be able to see (and seize) the opportunities as they present themselves. It may ‘appear’ to be luck, but it’s really more that you were in alignment with the Cosmos, present & positive, and ultimately, able to trust & follow your own instincts. Practice, there is no perfection. Being optimistic & looking for opportunity in every experience will magnetize the positive and naturally repel the negative, leading right where you want to be! Take advantage of this good energy to connect to whatever it is that you are trying to create in your life at this time.

UPDATE:  This is a note to my Inner Circle eMailing List ~ you can Join HERE if you are not already part of my community. However, I went into more detail about this week’s Mars Activation and wanted to share it here too. IN-Joy!!

Hello Everyone!
This week has an important Mars Activation to pay attention to because it will happen 3-times over, so it is best to look at it as a *process* more than the usual one-hit and move on. Mars lingering in Aries is challenging us all to focus on Self in ways we normally do not have the time, nor the support from others, to do. But 2020 has smashed that! and created an opening where there was none before – as I’ve said, I think we are “short-cutting” to our next level in a lot of ways. The better we are at streamlining our individual lives, the easier it will be to navigate the social/collective realms with more ease & grace and much better personal boundaries.

The other thing that’s a good reminder now is that Mars already kicked off the process with Jupiter first (8/4 + 10/19), who only has two chances to activate our imaginations and really get us tapped into the Higher Self to determine what we believe to be true or possible ~ for your Self in particular, but that then extends out to the social/collective realms.

Once you can believe something NEW is even possible, then Mars meets up with Pluto (8/13~10/9~12/23), ushering in utter transformation of “who you are” and “what you want” as well as how you make conscious choices and choose your actions.

Now, this week, Mars hits Saturn (8/24~9/29~1.13.2021) and we get an opportunity to restructure and rebuild from the rubble of Pluto’s destruction of that which is no longer viable anyway! No one promised easy, but I do think the investment in Self at this time will be worth it in the end, when we are in brand new territory come Spring of 2021.

So most of you know I care about the order these things hit because I think it helps us see how the Universe is molding & shaping us with these Activations (planetary transits). Here’s what I mean …

8/4 ~ Grow in Your Truth, Story & Belief System
8/13 ~ Transform Who You Are & What You Want
8/24 ~ Restructure & Fortify Who You Are & What You Want

9/29 ~ Restructure & Fortify Who You Are & What You Want
10/9 ~ Transform Who You Are & What You Want
10/19 ~ Grow in Your Truth, Story & Belief System

12/23 ~ Transform Who You Are & What You Want
1/13/21 ~ Restructure & Fortify Who You Are & What You Want

It’s all Aries (representing you/the Individual) to Capricorn (representing the social/collective). Mars in Aries is Initiating a New Cycle, while the others are all finishing major cycles (12-28-248 years respectively). All three interactions are all about how we can be more responsible – response-able = able to respond – for ourselves especially. Can we heal, educate & transform ourselves so that society can be reborn at this Higher level of consciousness? Can we be the authority in our own lives and still be of service to the whole? We’ve got to imagine how to do this in a whole new way.

To the extent that you can maintain your own boundaries, responsibilities & commitments, will be the extent of freedom & independence you are able to have in your life going forward. All of it requires courage too! So through it all, that is what we are developing the most – our courage to believe something new and more life-affirming, our courage to let go of an old way of life that no longer serves ANYONE and our courage to rebuild a beautiful, sustainable world for one and all, one which considers the last 7-generations and especially the next 7-generations. It is a tall order, no doubt, but you/we were all BUILT FOR THIS!! Dig deep and REMEMBER (re-member your Self – put your Self back together) who you really are and what this Sacred Orb of a planet and home-base for now really is and that alone will change how you do things – in an instant!

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