August 9 – 15, 2020 ~ Forecast + Bonus Update

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Note from Kelly:
It is turning out to be quite an intense Summer and the 8:8 Lion’s Gate / Cross Quarter is the MidPoint between Summer & Fall and an excellent time to focus on YOU! the individual. Leo time every year is ALL ABOUT YOU! what you love, what you are attracted to and what you magnetize into your life experience. The next 6-weeks will give you a chance to reconnect with your own heart to decide how you want to live your life going forward, what Story you want to tell with your choices and where your Self-Love & Self-Care (Leo) rank in your life and daily routine (Virgo).

We’ve already been through some potent Activations in the last 6-week season and this week kicks of the new season with squares that always push us to get out of our comfort zone. I like to remind folks that even though they are the “hard” angle, they are also a 90* angle, which stabilizes things, fortifying them in some way that allows you to expand or go to the next level, naturally. So even when it is hard & challenging, if you can keep in mind that – on the other side, you will be better off – then trudging through or just surviving shapeshifts into conscious co-creation, character building and a true sense of Self.

Finally, I tried to join Shanta on Zoom today for the 8:8 Portal but technology took me out so I decided to put together this 51-minute Audio HERE / Video HERE that covers the season and the energies for the next 6-weeks – it’s everything I wanted to share with you in-person but I am still grateful we were all together for this magical day.

8/10 ~ Mercury (lower mind & ideas) ~square~ Uranus (Higher Mind & awakening):
This energy challenges you to expand your mind or consciousness in a way, pushing you to think differently and respond to information in new ways. Uranus brings sudden ah-ha moments, personal awareness and radical new ideas, which is great for you adventurous souls who thrive on change and new ideas. However, if you are personally attached to your routine and things ‘going as planned’, then this energy can cause aggravation and tax your nervous system because things will seem sudden (even though it is more likely that they have already been brewing under the surface for some time now). You will have to adjust and be more open & mentally flexible than usual. You may not be able to control the excessive mental activity or information-overload coming in, but hopefully you can direct it a bit. It’s good to activate or clean your personal filters by taking some time in Nature to process things at your own pace and generally clear your head. This can be a very inspiring & creative time, so try to tune into that too, while keeping in mind that anything you begin or get into, may require a review later so that you can check over the details of your revelations (or creations). You’re just cracking the surface at this time, this is all about the revelation or awakening, you will eventually have to figure out the logistics or effective actions necessary to bring your ideas into form, but for now, the new way is only just beginning to reveal itself to you.

8/11 ~ Vesta Enters LEO (until Oct 22nd):
Vesta represents you the individual – in its purest, most Sacred form. It’s the part of you that can focus deeply or dedicate completely to a person or project. She moves through the Signs, activating lessons for all of us to learn from. As she enters Leo, she wants us to focus on what we LOVE and tend to our own unique brand of creativity. She teaches the Beauty Way and leaving things better than you found them, while demonstrating courage & integrity with all your interactions. I suggest using this time to reconnect with joy, fun & laughter after a very trying year of death & destruction. You cannot stay in ANY emotion too long, especially anxiety & fear. So give your Self a break during the shift of Summer into Fall and check-in with what makes you feel love & connection again. We can use this two months to ignite a passion for life or at the very least, acknowledge how precious it is and the value of joy & vitality in a human being.

8/13 ~ Mars (lower will) ~square~ Pluto (Higher will): (1 of 3: 8/13 ~ 10/9 ~ 12/23)
This is a test of what you are made of, on the deepest core level, and will require surrender as well as focus. This energy challenges you to evolve and will make you want to push through all obstacles but you must be careful not to be so aggressive that you are stepping on anyone to get where you’re going. This is a potent energy that can facilitate major transformation in your life if you know who you are, what you want and what you are willing to sacrifice to get there – that includes parts of your Self that may need to shift to be more effective. This energy can bring power struggles, within or without, so be mindful because this energy is affecting everyone at this time. This is the time to tie up any loose ends if you are close to beginning anew. If you do not finish what you already have in the works, it may get in the way of things you want to do in the future. It is time to align your true inner power with balanced outer actions & conscious choices.

8/15 ~ Uranus Retro 10* TAURUS (until 1.14.2021):
Every year, this retrograde helps us integrate all the shake-ups of that particular year. 2020 has to win hands-down for the most shake-ups in one year. But the silver lining has been more personal presence, being in the moment and in your body, on the ground. That is the “liberating ordeal” happening as we learn what it means to really be a Spirit in Human Form, surviving on a living-breathing organism. Change is the constant and there is nothing new under the Sun. We were actually made for this but Western Culture has tried to strip us of our instincts and connections to Gaia but that won’t work on those anchored in their hearts & souls (and bodies). The years Uranus spends in TAURUS (2018-2026) are going to teach us how to be fully embodied, awakened Stewards of the Earth that is most natural for our species.

The personal planets will interact with Uranus in Taurus in a similar way every year that we can consciously co-create with and every year’s annual retrograde is a special time to assimilate the changes you’ve been going through. Uranus is a collective planet and so affects many people and takes 7+ years to accomplish its mission in each Sign (lesson). It will awaken the Taurus Department of life (House) and stimulate any of your planets in Taurus/Scorpio or Leo/Aquarius (by default). Also, I’d say here & now is a good time to reflect on the ‘liberating ordeal’ that you just went through over the last 7-years as it stimulated & awakened your Aries Department (House). Now that it is truly well into Taurus, you can start to reap the benefits and integrate the recent, radical shifts that you’re Identity & Purpose (Aries) have been through and the focus, and thus the lessons & blessings, will now shift to the physical values & priorities (Taurus) that support that newly awakened Emergent Self and how that works on the ground, in your body, on the Earth, in real time.
*I highly recommend Steven Forrest’s Uranus in Taurus Article HERE.

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