LEO Energy ~ It’s All About YOU!

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LEO Energy ~ It’s All About You!!

This month is all about YOU!! Leo energy always makes me think of the song, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine …” If you did the Cancer work of clearing emotional debris (ineffective reactions, old habits, past events or people) from your life and anchored your inner sense of belonging, then you should be quite ready for Leo’s heart-centered radiance to shine through you. If you tend to be shy or hide your own light under a bushel, then it may signify a time for you to get out anyway to share, socialize and be seen! What’s the use of clearing a space for all your good and then sitting around waiting for it to knock on your door? It ain’t gonna happen that way! Leo energy is where our courage lives and asks us to tap in and recharge that battery annually, if not more often.

This energy requires self-expression, in a most creative fashion, which often draws attention to ourselves. (You introverts are the only ones who may struggle with this one.) It’s time to get out there and express what’s inside you in some kind of new way. It’s a good exercise to practice receiving attention, praise and admiration from others for all your talents and accomplishments. It’s time for you to express the Lion or Lioness within, that is the part of you that fights for what you love and only when you have to. It’s the part of you that leads your family or community in your own special way. If you aren’t comfortable with other people admiring and praising you, then you should do it for your Self in some way, shape or form – it is even more powerful when it comes from within. Pamper yourself, make time to take time just for your Self. Don’t worry if it seems frivolous. Sometimes the most valuable insights come to us when we completely detach and do something out of the ordinary. Shake up the energy in your world. Be creative.

It’s the most creative time of the year and often, when the Light is shining on what you love. If you don’t like the way your life has been going lately, get CREATIVE! This whole time, the introduction of the Aquarian Age, is about finding NEW ways to do the same old things. We still have to eat, sleep, work & play and the old ways no longer work so we’re all being forced to be creative and come up with new ways of functioning. You can do it – improvise & experiment – make it fun when you can!

This is a wonderful time when the Universe supports you unequivocally. When nothing’s in place, then anything is possible! You can create the life you’ve always dreamed of if you just connect to the essence of it. You have to believe it is actually possible in order to connect to the energy which will manifest it. So exercise those faith muscles! This isn’t Scorpio energy of creation, where you can manifest your thoughts almost instantly, but it is the creative energy of Leo. It’s more about how you express who you are on a core level. It’s the time of year that you can infuse the light of the Sun into all your creations & communications. How do you express your most authentic self? Who are you? What motivates you? How do you express yourself creatively? What new mediums of expression would you like to explore?

You are in an amazing position, right now, to decide which parts of your SELF no longer apply and which ones are ready to be fully expressed & embodied going forward. This is the time to introduce the “new you” to the world. Don’t allow people to limit you with labels or hold you in the past, remind them that it is a new day. If anyone doubts your change, you can just look at them, smile and say, “I used to do that, (or be that way or say things like that or feel a certain way) but I don’t anymore!” The Shadow aspect of this energy can make you seek others’ approval but it is more necessary that you tap into your own inner confidence and true sense of Self during this time. There is nothing more attractive than authentic, radiant, cool confidence. Dig deep! It’s in there! Hidden in your heart!

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