July 19 – 25, 2020 ~ Forecast

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7/20 ~ CANCER New Moon (2 of 2):
This is a powerful second chance to start anew in your Cancer Area of Life (House). We are getting a double dose of New Beginning energy that is so needed & necessary, considering the large-scale “endings” we are dealing with. This month gets personal, thanks to Cancer energy and the New Moon + Eclipse energies are helping us all seed a renewed Internal stability, a deeper Heart connection & what quality Soul nourishment really means to each of us. It is time to initiate something you are willing to be responsible (Capricorn) for nurturing (Cancer) to its full development and releasing to the Universe. Something born from YOU! Cancer is the BEST time to practice deep Self-Care so you are a more reliable vehicle for bringing your creations to life! Where is the *Fertile Ground* in your life, environment or world, at this time? What personal tending is ‘up’ for you at this time? What basic fundamentals do you need to feel loved, supported, well-fed and cared for? Cancer/Capricorn are both about the “basics” in life, emotional and physical security, food and shelter. It’s about *feeling* what needs to be done and doing it, so don’t give in to emotional overwhelm. Instead, as you develop a whole new way of *containing, nurturing and protecting* your life-force energy (fuel/what you eat or feed others), you are subsequently, honoring your own feelings and nature. Remember, Cancer is how we feel on the inside, about the Capricorn reality we’re living on the outside so if there is a discrepancy, the New Moon is the time to seed a new vision.

Every astrologer has their ‘way in’ or their primary focus, and one of mine is cycles. And eclipses run in very trackable cycles, every 9 and 18-years. This New Moon is special for a number of reasons, one is that, it is the second New Moon in Cancer, in one 28-day cycle, which only happens every 18-months and sometimes it is 2-New Moons, sometimes it’s 2-Full Moons back-to-back. This is also special because it is the first New Moon in Cancer since the last Eclipse in the Cancer/Capricorn series. Normally, that would happen 6-months later, not one month later. But even that is revealing how we are navigating some consolidated evolution in a very short time. This is our chance to plant seeds for the new cycle that the Eclipses just kicked off, so it is bigger, more potent and more important than usual. The last time we experienced Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses was 2009-2011 and before that, 2000-2002, so it is good to reflect on those years to determine what patterns may be repeating in your life. The value of recognizing any pattern is so you can co-create with it more consciously and repeat less mistakes. Forgetfulness is the primary source of suffering, in my book. So with that in mind, it’s good to know where we are in the annual cycle, which also supports the eclipse cycle we just came through.

7/20 ~ Sun (core essential Self) ~oppose~ Saturn (physical limits & definition of reality):
This is an annual process of development. The Sun makes it personal and about you the individual. Saturn helps move your timeline along and build the literal aspects of life, the basics of providing for yourself (food, shelter etc) and your personal limitations. What renewed aspect of Self got activated about 6-months ago and how do you want that to fully develop over the next 6-months? This is a potent midpoint, the most powerful course-correcting time in any cycle, this one being an annual meeting between Sun & Saturn, a check-point between you and your responsibilities. Each year, you evolve, some years more consciously than others so this is a good time to check in with your own personal definitions of what you are or are no longer responsible for. Often, this energy activates a push-pull between who you are and who you want to be; between what you want to do and what you have to do. My age-old advice is to: do what you gotta do so you can do what you wanna do. And it while it may not be the easiest path, it’s usually worth it for the peace of mind it brings. You may swing between extremes of fulfilling all your obligations to the neglect of your own Truth & Purpose -or- neglecting your obligations and doing whatever you choose, which only means those obligations will be there when you get to them and they will have most likely increased by the time you do. Balance is the key! Practice, there is no perfection and it’s time to practice handling business before pleasure.

7/22 ~ Mercury (ideas, thoughts & concepts) ~sextile~ Uranus (the Awakener & radical change): (2 of 3: 6/5 ~ 6/30 ~ 7/22)
This energy says, it’s time to go with the flow – “new and different” being the flow. It wants to shake it up a bit – in a good way. However, if you feel like new and different is more like chaos and disruption, then you need to reflect and see if you aren’t being too rigid. Unwillingness to go with the (new) flow will make this energy harder to handle. This is also a good time to try to resolve any old issues or challenges – they are not going away without resolution and conscious release. Perhaps you’ve been trying the same thing over and over and it’s time to try something NEW – now is the time new ideas can/will come to you. Pay attention! Try to be open and receptive to unusual things, events or ideas and allow room for spontaneity & improvisation. You may think you are doing one thing and look up and being doing something completely different – be open to exploring the new path!

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