Summer Retrogrades 2020

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The *Summer Retrogrades* always extend us a type of grace that shifts the focus (and support) to the work behind the scenes (personal/individual), so do not squander this time on people or circumstances which no longer “fit” the vision you hold for your life. If you allow yourself to get caught up in the storm (of now), you will find when things move forward (Dec/Jan) that you are not in a position to take full advantage of the opportunities. This Summer is about *Completion & Closure* on all old projects and past inclinations. You are moving rapidly toward the “new you” and you can no longer “wing it” (the old way) because you are in completely new territory, where new rules apply.

July continues the work of clearing emotional debris that may rise to the surface, but only to be *Released & Recycled* (Cancer) into useful/usable energy. Recognize each time an OLD “hot button” (usually emotional) is pushed within you, then use it as an opportunity to take a more penetrating look into the *Source* of that emotion. It’s trying to communicate something to you from within, from the Soul Level. It is time to fortify this connection to your Feeling Nature, so part of the stripping process that continues at this time, is also stripping you of any FALSE sense of security that you may be nursing because it is convenient, comfortable and/or unconscious … the Universe supports potential ~ you are the channel or container of that potential and you are being activated (supported) to upgrade at this time. You may not have to necessarily succeed (as the definition of “success” shifts as we evolve) but you do have to TRY (to fulfill your potential). That requires you to *TRUST* and dig deeper to define your terms where both Physical & Emotional Security (Cancer/Capricorn) are concerned.

Because it is the Mid-Point in the Annual Cycle and Cancer time, I am inclined to think most of us have some major decisions to make which are going to require us to *Assimilate & Eliminate* … in one or many distinctly different areas of life. Nourishment on all levels is the KEY. If you are particularly toxic, you will have to cleanse and heal FIRST, before you can rebuild your structure. If you have done a good amount of Karmic Clearing, you should feel OPEN and on a threshold of sorts, ready to take that next step into the unknown future because everything behind you is so clearly DONE. We are all at a Zero Point of Possibilities.

Take advantage of this time to:
• Re-View ~ your life (from a Higher vantage point)
• Re-Assess ~ your plan (what needs tweaking?)
• Re-Consider ~ your options (you have more than you think)
• Re-Evaluate ~ your philosophies, beliefs and what you hold to be true (in the present moment)
• Re-Connect ~ with your intuition (open the channels)
• Re-Form ~ your being (from the inside-out)
• Re-Write ~ your personal story (of the upcoming 12 yrs)
• Re-New ~ your sense of Self (at this Higher level of consciousness)

Use this time to research your own life for any major cracks in your foundation – any instability – any blockages – any festering wounds – any excess baggage – now is your opportunity to RELEASE IT ALL … PERMANENTLY!!

Taking the time to review how you have expressed yourself up to now brings up questions to consider …
• Who have you led your Self (and others) to believe you were (over the last 2-28 yrs)?
• Who are you today?
• What parts of you are solid and structurally sound?
• Which parts of you are completely worn out and need to be released or recycled?

These are questions only you can answer for yourself. It is a NEW day, and like it or not, you will have to make some (seemingly) daunting choices that will determine your course (path) over the upcoming year to anchor the next 7-9 years. And backwards is not an option! (No matter, all that used to be back there is gone / done / over / completed anyway.) So you can CHOOSE – or you can get dragged – but either way, you’re going (to the next level). Actually many of you are already there but some people are holding onto the door as it closes on their fingertips.

It is time to move FORWARD consciously ~ into a NEW Rhythm and a whole NEW YOU! Acknowledge the blessing that you are aware of at this time and in a position to CHOOSE – to actually choose who you will be from this day forward. Embrace change and choose something new! Fighting or holding onto the past is exhausting and a waste of your precious resources. It really depends upon what you want to create for the next leg of your journey.

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