Saturn in CAPRICORN 2017-2020

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Grandmother Moon by Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

This is a SPECIAL Post for Saturn in CAPRICORN ~ Dec 2017 – Dec 2020. Most of you know my specialty is cycles & patterns so I consider it my job to remind you of these things when there is energy to be worked consciously. Right now, we are redefining our terms on absolutely every single level of existence! I don’t know about you, but I believed certain things and had only so much life-experience in 1988 but we have graduated since then, with a 30-year education, thank you very much. Saturn rules our hardest lessons but also our most profound, literal & long-lasting results of our labor so I find it highly useful to work with it consciously & co-creatively. That usually entails re-reading the meaning through the filter of NOW. For those of you sensitive to energy, you probably *felt* it as it arrived, peaked in intensity and is now wrapping up. But we are still in the creative zone of possibilities, where if we clarify our needs & desires, we can make much better choices & commitments to carry us forward for the next 28+ years. I’m always curious if you make any connections too so feel free to let me know if you are also working this *mojo* with me!

12.19.2017 ~ Saturn Enters CAPRICORN:
We are in an unprecedented Seed Time for our personal, social & collective lives. Think of Saturn as a Teacher/Guide. Think of Aries thru Pisces as the Lessons that we all have to learn and just like any other education, some things will be naturally easier & naturally harder, according to your individual blueprint. During Capricorn, the Lessons have to do with personal responsibility & accountability in a myriad of ways, as well as how we structure our lives and if they support & protect us (or not). Capricorn is one of Saturn’s favorite subjects to teach and you can see, it’s also an underlying theme that is carried throughout all twelve lessons because of Saturn’s natural inclinations.

We just spent the last 2-3 years, in Sag 2015-2017, learning about how our belief systems support & protect us (or not). There have been tests, especially tests of faith on what you believe to be physically possible for yourself, others & the planet. I remind you here, that while you’re “in it”, and the energy is active, things can seem very chaotic & ungrounded. However, once it passes, the dust settles and you can truly begin to integrate (and apply) the (Sag) lessons you just learned in the last few years. Now, the energy moves to the Capricorn House to check for stability & instability, strength & weakness and essential & the non-essential so that it can eliminate, fortify & upgrade to something more appropriate to here & now.

We are at a delicious point in the Saturn Cycle and we’re going to have additional help from Pluto for purification & transformation and Jupiter for Truth & Expanded Consciousness before it’s all done. Take some time to tune into your Fundamentals: Home/Work & Self/Other to see where the biggest upgrades in your life can be supported because having Saturn there is going to strengthen & fortify all four Houses either way (Aries/Libra/Cancer/Capricorn Houses). Use this time to tap into your personal Inner Authority and connect with your Inner Council of Grandmothers, the Wise Elders within, and remember how to let that energy guide you & your decisions.

Note from Kelly ~ JUNE 2020:
When I reviewed May & Sept 2018-2019, they were all surrounded with additional potent energies like Mercury Retrograde assisting our mental processing of the reality we’re living and Chiron just moving into Aries asking us to be more proactive on our behalf where healing, education & soul work is considered if we were going to be responsible adults in life and New Moons, activating new beginnings for us all along with Venus Retrograde in Scorpio rearranging the values & priorities. Now here we are, facing very different choices & commitments than we could’ve ever dreamed up from then to now. We have additional information now but also different needs & desires. If nothing else, we can say during Saturn’s journey through Capricorn this time, we got more serious about something (look to your Capricorn House). Here I give you my 2-cents on Saturn Retro & Direct, plus Chiron in Aries for good measure.

Saturn Retrograde & Direct in CAPRICORN:
This is an overview of what we need to look at every year when Saturn slows down so I’ve modified it for this post but it was originally written for the May 2018 Retrograde. This is Saturn’s first time in Capricorn since 1988-1990 and it brings its first retrograde in its home sign. This is a tremendous amount of stabilizing energy that you can direct consciously on your own behalf. In general, you can look to any area of your life that requires you to upgrade & fortify because it has essentially run its natural course and is more/less worn out. But you can also look to your Capricorn House, and see if the Areas of Life it represents, also may require some much-needed focus & dedication. Saturn often gets our attention by creating blockages & delays, pointing out weaknesses & oversights, and during its retrograde, there are reports of folks feeling like they are being ‘held back by the elbows’. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. A better use of Saturn’s amazing energy is to slow down and check in with your personal base. How organized are you in general? Are you naturally focused and self-directed or do you succeed more often when you have a structure and external guide? This is a time to develop or fortify your Inner Authority to make choices & decisions on your own behalf, with courage & confidence. That’s what Saturn is good for! Take time to organize your thoughts or create a plan or strategy for adjusting to the changes (seemingly) being forced on you at this time. Start with small, manageable goals because accomplishing them will also give you the momentum & fortitude to go after the bigger goals. It’s time to release fear & doubt and redefine your reality on some level, if nothing else, for the new year alone. The Retrograde likely revealed at least a clue about what restructuring needs to happen for you personally and going Direct will help you begin to rebuild.

Chiron in ARIES (2018-2027):
Chiron was only discovered in 1977, at the end of its last run through Aries (1968-77), but you need only look back to all that was happening during those years to recognize the deep thread of wounding that runs through those alive and born during that time, and thus where the healing work lies. That said, everyone born at that time are approaching their Chiron Return, which brings an amazing opportunity for healing & integration over the next 9+ years. And because it is happening up in the sky, it is relevant to all. No one is exempt from this opportunity to heal or integrate your Aries Houses & Planets. That said, it will also affect Libra/Cancer/Capricorn as well but from different angle (perspective). This healing is all about your individual right to be here, to have an inherent purpose and to claim it – from the inside-out. I have a little mantra that always puts both the power & the responsibility squarely back on the individual: “It’s always you!” Everything in our consciousness, and thus what we create, magnetize & manifest, is but a reflection of what is going on inside. That is where your power to change also lies. You have to be willing to face the fears & hurts, accept the losses & defeats, and then get up, dust yourself off & try again. Chiron can help guide this process. We just experienced the last 10-years of healing via Pisces/Water and now it will shift to healing via Aries/Fire, which means another form of cleansing & purification, infinite creativity & deep passion for Life and Nature. It is time to initiate new Paths, new ways of being a spirit in a human form, and new ways of relating with each other. You can see where this may require some practice and safe space to gain any degree of mastery, but we can do it both individually & together. It’s time to be brave & pioneering (clearly the old ways no longer work), it’s time to follow our instincts (though first we may have to connect to them properly), it’s time to face challenges head-on, and remember that though we have to do for Self (be self-sufficient & self-contained), we do not have to do it alone. So this time is really going to support the evolution of the individual within the context of the community or their relationships. It is all connected, if one evolves (Self), the other (Relationship) has to evolve too (or go away/dissolve).

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