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RE-Post:  2009-2011 Eclipses ~ Rhythm, Patterns & Cycles ~ Oh My!

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Note from Kelly:
This RE-Post is so “on time” for now because I literally wrote it the last time we had Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses, only last time it was a Capricorn focus and we were releasing toxic Cancer. This time, we are releasing toxic Capricorn and anchoring a new Cancer focus – which is totally covered in this article. It still applies at this time 2018-2020.

We have Eclipses every year so there is ALWAYS energy for change available. The Signs that these Eclipses fall in express the theme, energy and lesson(s) of that *change*. I did a little tracking and found that like 2009 and 2011, there are other years which bring 6 Eclipses, rather than the usual 4 (and sometimes 5). And on very rare occasions, years which bring 7 Eclipses in one calendar year. It happens, apparently, at least once in a decade. Because Eclipses represent pattern-breaking and permanent change, endings and new beginnings, you can see that these years always accompany intense shifts affecting individuals, as well as the Collective.

In all these years, the *intense* shifts come on the following *3* axes consistently:
These energies and lessons lead us to conceive a new Truth/Story for ourselves and our world (Gemini/Sag); create, contain, nurture, protect and be responsible for it in 3-D (Cancer/Capricorn); and be authentic, lead by example and share our individual & collective brilliance with the global family ~ which includes ALL LIFE (Leo/Aquarius) on this planet. There are *overlap* years (with the Signs), but always, the entire set of Cancer/Capricorn is at the *Center*. Do any of the following years stand out to you, either personally or historically?

Year/Number of Eclipses

*Chart notes only the years which have 6 or 7 Eclipses within one calendar year.

Now, also reflecting on the above patterns, I notice that we’ve had quite a stretch of so-called *peace* with the big Eclipse years falling each decade. But notice when we get the big Eclipse cycles back-to-back in a 4 year period. That clearly “ups-the-ante” for what and how we co-create with these energies and shifts (of both reality and consciousness). And we’re just talking the last century (100 years). But let’s bring it back to human size, here & now ~ 2009-2011. We are in the most intense period we have experienced since 1944-1946. What can we learn from that period regarding our *fundamentals* (Cancer/Capricorn)? how we perceive (Gemini) and conceive (Sag) our Truth/Story? and how we can better embody, express & share (Leo) that Truth in ways which improve, inspire and uplift all life (Aquarius)?

*NOTE* ~ it’s interesting to notice that we got such an influx of energy during the 1900’s and during the 2000’s, we experience only half of that same influx. Also worth noting, for almost the entire 200 years, the Eclipses fall in the above Signs. It is not until 2096 do things move along and activate Taurus/Scorpio for the first time. So I am sure, over centuries of time, we eventually make our way throughout the entire zodiac.

With astrology, planets, cycles etc. we do not predict actual events but notice the patterns, the repetition, the choices and the reverberating consequences of those choices during times of intense transition on Earth or within ourselves or society. There are some amazing scientists, as well as astrologers, deeply focused on human and Earthly evolution, digging, searching for the patterns so that we can learn from our past choices. I won’t even call them mistakes, but choices, which led in this direction or that and the subsequent results. You can learn to be the *Research Scientist* in your own life and dig for the patterns. It will help you make the choices and decisions that need to be made at this time.

During this particular period in history (2009-2011), we have a unique opportunity to co-create with extremely potent energy, the potency further increased by Pluto (purification/transformation) and the North Node (current life path) in Capricorn. This means, if we take responsibility (Capricorn) for what we create (Cancer) then we can live on a stable, functioning *Right Path* (Capricorn North Node) and release the past karma, hunger, neediness and dependency (Cancer South Node) of the old Path. We can create a better structure (Capricorn) that encourages all to be responsible for their actions and contributions to the world, while releasing the past consciousness of sucking Mother dry (Cancer), believing She can continue to produce & provide nourishment with no down-time to replenish. Let’s take our cue from Mother, and replenish ourselves on a regular basis, monthly, annually, seasonally and into the decades and centuries of time as well. We can set intentions for the larger cycles and we can actively co-create with the days, months and years that we have during each lifetime.

Cancer/Capricorn energy illuminates the lesson that: whatever is going on, on the inside, reflects in the outer structure. The health & vitality of the inside, determines the strength & integrity of the protective outside. Both are needed, both are useful and both are inter-dependent. Capricorn is responsible for the family it creates with Cancer. Cancer is responsible for containing and nourishing the life-force energy of Capricorn’s work so the structure is sound from the inside-out. They are the *ultimate* Sacred Mother/Father archetypes or principles within us. It is time to redefine our terms where business and family are both concerned. It is time to *HEAL* that primal & eternal connection to the Sacred Mother and the Sacred Father. It is time to remember that *BOTH* are necessary for emotional & material security. It is time to realize that we do not have to choose one, to the exclusion of the other, but can redefine *BALANCE* and shift co-dependence to inter-dependence so that we can all be more productive & happy. It’s a beautiful quality and the rightful purpose of being conscious, thinking Beings. Humans have a certain awareness that enables us to navigate our world, just as other lifeforms do. It’s our responsibility to maintain & strengthen that connection on a consistent & regular basis.

If all that sounds too “big” for you to focus on, then pull within. Use this energy to heal YOUR connection to your biological or adopted Mothers & Fathers. That will vibrate out to the ethers and affect the globe automatically. If we cannot define healthy, responsible, loving parents, then we cannot be them either (whether birthing human families or the creations of your heart). It’s a cycle, one which can be worked with over and over again until the patterns you want broken can officially break and the patterns you want anchored can actually take root. But either way, you’re still back to your own “conceptions/perceptions” (Gemini/Sag) ~ you’re own ability to be responsible for what you create in the world (Cancer/Capricorn) and how much love and courage, rather than ego and self-righteousness (Leo/Aquarius), you imbue your thoughts, words and deeds with as you move through your own personal life. You ARE the “gift” ~ you ARE the “contribution” ~ manage YOU! manage your energy and you will be intuitively led to your Truth & Purpose (Internally), as well as the love and recognition that goes with living integrity and being whole (Externally). Every time I get overwhelmed (or talk to those with the same feelings), I breathe and pull back into my own body and ask to be guided by my gut feelings (Cancer) as to the right & tangible (Capricorn) actions I can take ~ in the present moment. One step at a time. Knowing that each step will lead me to the ultimate goal, if I stay connected to my feelings & intuition (Cancer) and if I stay focused & committed (Capricorn).

Remember that Eclipses ultimately have to do with the interaction between our Earthly reality, the Sun which brings Source Energy and facilitates life, and the Moon which controls the tides of our life-giving waters. Ultimately, life on Earth is determined by Light (Sun) and Water (Moon). Sun/Moon/Earth makes this very personal for humans (Individual), but notice the decades of influence on society (Social) and centuries of influence on the planet (Collective). It’s been about 60 years (think: Second Saturn Return) since we’ve had an opportunity like this one to drastically change our personal and collective reality. With Eclipses, we get a Galactic Reset Button ~ there is an “interruption of flow” ~ flow of Light ~ flow of Electro/Magnetic energy between our hearts and our Mother Earth. This is an opportunity to “break to re-align” ~ between micro and macro worlds, internal and external realms of life.

Use this time and energy to pull back, as the Retrogrades completely support you in your review process this Summer & Fall. Set your intentions for Home & Work / Emotional & Material Security / Balanced Feminine & Masculine (within and without) / Inner & Outer Harmony ~ for your Self, your Community, your Planet, your Universe. Renew your definitions and then renew your commitment to living a happy, healthy, loving, balanced, fulfilling life *NOW* ~ THIS Lifetime! Change is endless and ongoing, don’t fight it or try to block or delay it, work with it consciously. When you have this kind of unprecedented support for radically changing how you do Family & Work, why not at least set the intention? This is what is best supported at this time, so if you’re ready to change, it can and will happen during this 2-4 year period. Look for the dust to settle over 6-months to 3-years on these specific changes, and results of your choices to trickle in over the next 6-months / 1-year / 3-6-9-years.

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