June 14 – 20, 2020 ~ Forecast

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6/17 ~ Mercury Retro in CANCER until July 12th):
Mercury will be in Cancer until Aug 4th helping us process our emotions in a conscious way. Mercury is our conscious awareness and in any Water Sign, it is activating your Emotional Intelligence. As always, it is good to slow down and process during a regular year, but 2020 has taken that to a whole new level. We have been given a golden opportunity to *break to realign* on multiple levels, surely you are able to take advantage of at least one of them! During June/July, there are even more factors pointing toward an inward focus and radical self-care when and where possible. It is time to process & digest the year, which is a tall order but here are a few things to consider. Sensitivity & boundaries are up for renewal and moving sideways and backwards before going forward is completely natural. We need to *feel* things out before making any decisions or commitments. This year is not good for that and Mercury Retro keeps you focused on you, the individual, and how you are processing life at this time. I doubt any huge commitments will even be possible this year but if you do have to do something important, then think with your feelings, do your due diligence and proper pre-planning and then check-re-check-and-double-check the details and follow-up on communications to make sure they are going through as intended. Typical Mercury Retro advice stands: review – revise – go back over the ideas, thoughts & concepts that have come up (at a minimum) over the last 3-months. What creative ideas are you working on? What thoughts are you nurturing and paying attention to?
*As a complete sidebar: I also think this is the best time to make time to commune with the Ancestors or if you haven’t already, begin to cultivate a relationship with them so they can support you in these wild times.

6/18 ~ Mars (desire & action) ~sextile~ Pluto (purification & transformation):
This is lower will meets Higher Will ~ within you! Mars is your inner Masculine and therefore helps you take action & make choices according to who you are and what you want. Pluto will ensure that you come from the purest place within (Soul-level), which often entails a cleansing of the non-essential and over-growth of the last cycle first. Luckily, this is not a “hard/bad” activation but an opportunity to connect with what you really want, at the deepest Soul-level, which will naturally lead to whatever is blocking that and its ultimate release. Keep in mind that those who are more out-of-touch with who they are and what they want tend to explode & implode when Mars & Pluto get together, even in a positive aspect like this one. This is a potent and (thankfully) positive mix of energy & power coming together, direct it wisely on your own behalf. This activation is a great opportunity for substantial forward movement, however, nothing worthwhile comes without conscious effort and sacrifice. (With Pluto involved there is always a sacrifice.) In this case, the sacrifice will likely be where your vision of the final outcome is concerned. Your desires can/will be fulfilled but they just may not “look” like you thought they would. Remember, when it comes to “wanting” anything, stay in touch with the “feeling” that your desire brings rather than the physical appearance or manifestation or the channel it comes through. You always want to set your intentions, do the work, then allow Spirit to breathe LIFE into the vision.

6/20 ~ Mars (your desire) ~sextile~ Jupiter (your Truth):
This energy will help you figure out what your deepest desires and authentic Truth really are for you. If you are not sure, this expansion will illuminate the possibilities for you. This is a potent opportunity to take things to the next level. Mars often lends a boost of energy, so definitely be active, work in some physical activity (but don’t over-do it), make any presentations you need to make, negotiate any contracts or deals you need to because all is supported for you knowing who you are and what you want in a way that conveys without much effort on your part. The effort required to activate this easy energy is to actively pursue your desires, to expand your horizons consciously by learning something new, by being around other like-minded souls and putting that extra energy behind some worthy project … YOU!

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