May 31 – June 6, 2020 ~ Forecast

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6/2 ~ Venus Rx (values & priorities) ~square~ Mars (desire & passion):
This is your Inner Sacred Feminine & Masculine pushing out of comfort zone and into new territory. It is time to recalibrate how you give & receive, as well as how you BE versus DO. It helps to know the Signs & Elements to consciously choose how to work with this activation. Tune into how you direct your own power, as well as what you magnetize & repel naturally. Anytime Venus & Mars interact, the energy has to do with your relationships, both personal & professional, private & public. Squares create the necessary tension to catalyze action. As an individual, it is time to grow, change and integrate your own values & priorities (Venus) with your own desires & passion (Mars), however, on another level, it can activate sexual energy as that too is the energy of creation. If you are in a happy, healthy relationship, then it is a great energy for you expressing your love in a physical way. However, if your relationship already has tension (especially in the physical realm), then this is a difficult energy to deal with and the only real solution is open communication and a willingness to compromise, so good luck!

6/3 ~ Venus Rx (beauty & creativity) ~conjunct~ Sun (individuality & Light):
This activates your innate creativity and gets your wheels turning about what you want to express or bring to life in the world, what you want to invest in and be a part of. When Sun contacts Venus, the creativity is centered around you, the individual, however, here as Venus contacts the Sun, it is all about your creations! Use this Solar infusion to brighten and illuminate your self, your surroundings and/or your creative projects. This expands & brightens your magnetic field and opportunities that are just right for you are the result. There is a burst of new energy wanting to be expressed through you, and it’s based on your new values & priorities. It is also the beginning of a new creative cycle. Remember that love too is a creative force, so if your relationships are more center-stage than your creative projects, then this too lends new potency to what you create with others. This is a potent seed time and good to allow support & guidance from men and/or the Sacred Masculine within and around you.

6/5 ~ Mercury (acumen) ~sextile~ Uranus (the Awakener):
This energy says, it’s time to go with the flow – “new and different” being the flow. It wants to shake it up a bit – in a good way. However, if you feel like new and different is more like chaos and disruption, then you need to reflect and see if you aren’t being too rigid. Unwillingness to go with the (new) flow will make this energy harder to handle. This is also a good time to try to resolve any old issues or challenges – they are not going away without resolution and/or conscious release. Perhaps you’ve been trying the same thing over and over and it’s time to try something NEW – now is the time new ideas can/will come to you. Pay attention! Try to be open and receptive to unusual things, events or ideas and allow room for spontaneity & improvisation. You may think you are doing one thing and look up and being doing something completely different – be open to exploring the new path!

6/5 ~ SAGITTARIUS Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse (1 of 6):
The is the first in the series of six – 3-lunar and 3-solar eclipses to reset our connections in the Gemini/Sag/Virgo/Pisces Houses of our charts. We are releasing ideas, thoughts & belief systems that cannot support or guide us going forward. Eclipses facilitate a major recalibration (to the tune of 9 & 18 years) and catalyze inevitable course-corrections around what we believe to be true or possible, individually, socially & collectively. This is a spectacular opportunity to release anything that no longer reflects your personal Truth & Story, which ultimately contributes to the larger social/collective Story.

Essentially, we are supported to do some process, assimilation & elimination exercises. What have you learned, discovered or outgrown in the last 9-18 years? The last time we had these Eclipses was 2010-2013 and before that, 2001-2003. Now it’s time for you to integrate what you’ve experienced as a true knowing and earned wisdom. If you do not integrate the changes you’ve been through, the choices you’ve made, the knowledge you’ve learned & the wisdom you’ve earned, then they never convert from ideas-to-bricks in the Base that supports you, that foundation of your own creation. Many will stay in ‘overwhelm’ or go even deeper at this point because this much information, that does NOT get filed or deleted, WILL overwhelm the system. Gemini (May/June) time is a good time to review & explore the ideas, concepts & perceptions that have been revealed over the last 3-6-9-12 months. It’s good to note that next month (Cancer) the ‘fundamentals’ will be UP again, along with the final Eclipses activating more changes. You are supported to review which of the ideas that come up now will actually nourish, support & protect you going forward. Choose ideas that have life & vitality, choose ideas that *feel* right from your Heart-Center, choose ideas that expand your life, rather than limit, pressure or violate it. Simplify, prioritize, RE-allocate your resources and RE-direct your energy, consciously, so you are not a victim of the energies swirling around you.

I would add that the Pisces Last Qtr Moon (6/13) brings a final piece or step, pushing you to complete something and sometimes, activating a test of faith on one or many levels. What do you truly believe in your heart and soul? It seems we *Seeded* some aspect of the Garden in early May, and now in early June, we have to surrender & trust that Great Spirit will breathe life into the seeds that got planted. What *seeds* have you been sowing & nurturing? Keep in mind the intense Water/Feeling Energy, as well as the Taurus/Scorpio energy that preceded Gemini/Sag now, because power & practicality continue to leap to mind, as does ‘willing sacrifice’ (for the greater good of all involved). What belief or thought can you release so that something of greater value can be Lived ~ Experienced ~ Expressed!?! This Last Qtr Test, which brings a clearing, in preparation for the Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse (6/21) – which is also one of two New Moons in a row in Cancer, which will usher in major new beginnings in our fundamentals: home/work/self/other that have been changing over the last year and a half. We are calling in a new way of relating and being “related” – family, kinship, culture, socializing, friends, community, humanity are all being born anew.

The energies of this Summer are giving us an opportunity to clarify our thoughts, explore the new ideas bubbling and dream up new ways of expressing ourselves as individuals going forward. But pace yourself, this is only the first baby-step on a major New Path!! Gemini/Sag precedes Cancer time, which this year (2020) includes a Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, so we’ll definitely be replenishing behind the scenes. Try to schedule some down-time in June/July & August if/when possible, even one day can feel like a week’s vacation if you really give your mind and body a rest in favor of pampering your heart and nurturing your soul. You’ll feel *loved* by YOU if/when you do this kind of self-care focus. Remember, everything is a response to the last thing and preparation for the next thing. Taurus/Scorpio activated the new power, values & priorities and Gemini/Sag will activate the new ideas, choices and Story, which will lead to renewing the fundamentals that Cancer/Capricorn bring. The more consciously you navigate this period, the more fruitful your Fall Harvest will be this year.

6/6 ~ Sun (source & essential Self) ~square~ Mars (desires & actions):
This is a challenge about your energy and how to direct it properly. You started something about 6-months ago that now challenges who you are and what you want, so adjustments must be made. It’s not a good/bad/right or wrong thing, just a test to get out of your comfort zone and into new territory. You are supported to get your true desires congruent with what/who you present to the world. As you develop that, often the first things that come up are what’s not working. It may seem as if the Universe, and a couple of humans for good measure, will be pointing out your weaknesses, short-comings, lack of preparation and mistakes you’ve made. Be careful not to take things personal, but keep in mind that if it’s being brought into your awareness, you can learn from it. Keep self-preservation in mind, and be compassionate with others struggling with their own identity issues at this time. This is energy that needs a positive, physical outlet too. If you can channel it through physical exercise or an activity you love you may find that the *Moving Meditation* opens you up to better choices and more authentic decisions, while denial & suppression only lead to disappointment, illness or accidents.

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