March 1 – 7, 2020 ~ Forecast

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Note from Kelly:
What a week, last week, so how are you doing this week? If you missed the forecast, it’s not a bad idea to review it because there are still reverberations energetically, this week. It’s all very personal, Mercury Retro and Venus speeding toward hers, so we are responding to the reorganization of our cells. Something is or has changed and how you express yourself has evolved, don’t fall into old habits of self-expression. Take this retrograde opportunity to conjure a new vision for yourself and don’t look back! Your values & priorities are being rearranged too, so pay attention to reverting to negative habits, under pressure, where food, sex or money are concerned. It can be challenging to give up an old vision that never really materialized but if you don’t, the new one cannot come in on time.

I should remind you here too that we are coming up on Spring Equinox in 3-weeks, which will usher in radically new & different energies & vibrations to navigate. Let’s take as much time to process & integrate our thoughts & emotions about the fundamental shifts we have all come through over the last 1-10 years and beyond, so we can make the best decisions possible for ourselves going forward. New ideas and opportunities are going to be presented and you do not want to choose from a place of lack & limitation or fear & doubt. If you need some support sorting things out, reach out! That’s what a Reading or Mentor Session is all about!

Finally, if you missed the PISCES Article HERE, that is posted and so is this week’s Instagram LIVE with me & Marji of This week we did some Divinations to guide us around managing overwhelm and taking the ‘first step’ at this time, so you may want to review that for some extra goodies. Check that out HERE! Plus, we are winding down and I’m not sure how long after the month of March we will do it. It depends on your response and if people still want to engage on that platform. I have to have people to play with and we’ve consistently had that (25 people is the average) so now I need to hear from those of you who perhaps only watch the video replay. If you find it useful & relevant, that is more incentive to keep doing it. Let me know!

3/3 ~ Venus (values) ~square~ Saturn (foundation):
This energy can make you feel cool & detached with loved ones. It is time to ‘take stock’ of your relationships and really evaluate the level of balance between giving & receiving. Business or personal – relationships must have a balance of give & take. You may feel more aware of your true independence in life and start reevaluating the need for certain relationships, at this time. This energy pushes you to dig for your individual fortitude & determination to live according to your personal values & priorities, so corrections or adjustments may be necessary and fairly obvious at this time. You may feel lonely, depressed or disconnected but it’s just the Universe forcing you to question or assess your current relationships, how you interact with others and how you allow them to interact with you. It’s good to periodically evaluate even the strongest relationship and check the foundation. Don’t give in to (ego-based) fears, focusing on the lack & limitation or what is not working, but instead build on your strengths and honor the goodness that you have created together, as well as in your Self. This is the best time for intentional solitude because the insights you acquire through this process will help you down the road to stabilize your future.

3/4 ~ Mercury Rx (thoughts) ~sextile~ Venus (art & beauty):
This is a great opportunity to beautify your ideas, improve or deepen them so they are expressing more of your unique authenticity. Communication in relationships usually goes well under this influence. This energy also turns your thoughts and ideas toward how you feel and what inspires you with love & beauty. This is a great time to be particularly creative, or do something that activates your own Imagination and Inner Artist. It is best to keep it light and let go of your mundane burdens just for a time. Pleasure reading, a walk on the beach, a play or museum are all good things to do at some point this week, if possible.

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  1. Thank you Kelly. This last forecast resonated deeply. I’m feeling very alone at times, and its so refreshing to find someone, something else that feels kindred. Blessings to you for all your efforts, please know you are appreciated.

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