2020 ~ Happy New Year!

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Hello Everyone! I just want to say, again, if you are opening & reading my emails and listening & watching my youtube updates, I am so grateful! It’s pretty chaotic & intense in the world and I want to honor you for taking moments here and there, for your Self, to process and integrate the energies swirling around and within you.

I consider it my job to keep you informed of the energies available, the current cycles we are all navigating together and the special & often rare planetary alignments that we can co-create with as well. It’s ALL energy – how we direct that energy, and our thoughts, choices & actions, is directly related to how effective we can be in life.

On the cusp of a new decade, the past & future *comingle* ~ I am reflecting on my Path between 2010 and 2020 to determine where I want to go between 2020 and 2030 and I am doing this in a more conscious, pro-active, on-my-own-behalf kind of way than ever before. That is thanks to all this Capricorn energy, and there’s still a little more inner stability to be anchored but the next decade promises an expansion of our community and doing more soul work & seasonal celebrations TOGETHER!

Being the *Tracker* that I am, I track my personal cycles as well as my business cycles and this initiates my third decade of being an astrologer and sharing what I discover along the way with a global community since 1999. However, I have also been knee-deep in parenting for those first two decades and this will be the first decade I can just run with my ideas and devote my life to service and my true purpose in the world!

That said, I have many new ideas for this decade that will finally be doable! I have more time, space and personal bandwidth to be a better space holder and leader in the world because I am enjoying Empty Nest so much! It’s quite liberating for a goal-oriented soul such as myself and I am excited about the possibilities for my future and much of that includes YOU, my global community.

Also, I am not taking away any of my current offerings, however, I am adding to my repertoire by going much deeper into my Earth Medicine Practice & Mystic Mentorship. I’ve created a structure and format for working with you one-on-one that is proving to be life-changing. It’s officially a pattern to me when I hear anything 3-times or more and the third woman I worked with like this – for what was supposed to be 3-day intensive that we did in 2-days – told me that that 2-days was better than 15-years of therapy! That really means a lot to me!

That’s my one-on-one work, but for my group support, I have also created a new Soul Sisters Circle that will gather monthly and seasonally (so there are two different subscriptions to accommodate your needs and preferences). I will be creating a new container for us to branch out with a little practical application of a lot of what I talk about in my forecasts or energetic updates.

Now that I’ve cultivated a routine with the Sky Pattern and tracked the Earthly Cycles for over 30-years, I am finally able to put them together in a way that supports everything I want to create in my own life and offer to the world. For those of you who enjoy learning about the various ways we can co-create with the energies & cycles, as well as cultivating a relationship with the Angels, Ancestors & Animal Spirit Guides, I am setting up camp! Stay tuned!

I hope you will join me in-person or online to explore the possibilities together and amplify the power of our intentions so that positive vibes and conscientious choices are inspired all around the globe! Yes, we have to survive, but we also have a greater purpose that deserves some time & energy too.

You’ll never believe me until you actually try it but TIME is a tricky thing, I promise you. When you work with your own heart, mind & electro-magnetic field, along with Nature and the resources on-hand, you can play with time to suit your own purposes. When you tend to your primary needs first, you are in better shape to respond to whatever life throws your way. (And we’re back to the value of knowing your own blueprint, the Sky Pattern and the Earthly Cycles.)

So that was a very long way of saying: HAPPY NEW YEAR & HAPPY NEW DECADE! Please make some time & space for yourself so that you can set some intentions of any kind. If nothing else, Numerology being the Universal language that it is, we have 1-9 and then we start over anyway. This one happens to happen during a convergence of much larger cycles that affect us socially & collectively, but to me, that makes it all the more important to tend to your Self individually. So reach out as you are intuitively guided and share me with others you think would resonate with my work because I am here to stay and mama is ready to expand yet again!!

Thank you for your ongoing friendship & support! Anything you’d like more of from me in the new year, don’t hesitate to hit *reply* and tell me so! And finally, for those of you who made it this far, here is my brief (as I could make it):

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3 thoughts on “2020 ~ Happy New Year!”

  1. Thank you Kelly for all you do! I am so devoted to your weekly forecasts and look so forward to everything you write! You are such a positive part of my life. Thank you and Happy New Year to you!

  2. On the eve of the first full moon of the year and the decade, as I focus on releasing the negative root patterns which pain me and hold me back, I am throwing myself into your camp, Kelly. I think and feel it is the right place to be. Thank you for receiving me. Helyn

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