Jupiter Enters Capricorn ~ Build On the Vision

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This is special – so I wrote an article for those of you who want to dive deeper! Jupiter is shifting from expansive Sagittarius to the consolidation of Capricorn. The last time we experienced this energy was 2007 (Sag) and 2008 (Capricorn). We’ve learned that what we believe to be true or possible for ourselves & the world is usually what we act upon and now we are about to learn that whatever we focus on grows & expands. So, in Capricorn, what are you responsible for? How do your beliefs now have to serve a purpose in some way? Sovereignty & Inner Authority are going to be a focus for learning over the next year.

Jupiter comes along to shift our generally-accepted beliefs and philosophies. It asks you to stretch your awareness to include some new possibilities. It spends approximately 1 year in each Sign, activating those lessons in the areas of your life (House) it travels through. We learn something every year, then 1-2-3 years in a row – and your consciousness evolves & changes. This is a fantastic opportunity to review the last 12-year cycle and CHOOSE what Story you’d like to tell over the course of the upcoming 12-year cycle. Whatever you wanted (or tried) to do (approximately) 12 years ago (2008), you may not have been ready then … you are NOW and the Universe unequivocally supports YOU!

Jupiter has a 12-year cycle. Jupiter represents our consciousness, our belief systems, how we learn and teach through games, travel, creativity and story-telling. What is your story? Make sure your Story is authentic and teaches as well as it shares, delights, entertains, unifies, expands & uplifts those who get to share your Story – and your life. Jupiter is the Researcher & the Truth Sayer, and is all about making meaning out of the available information & experiences. It also tends to provoke you to “keep your own counsel” – going within to connect with the deepest and most authentic Truth for you is where Jupiter resides for you. Once you have connected to your Truth, then sharing your Story is or can be your offering to the Universe. (Have you heard the saying, “your life is God’s gift to you – what you do with it is your gift to God”?) When Jupiter in the sky touches Jupiter in your chart, it is always an opportunity to release all that is no longer true for you and free your Self from beliefs which no longer serve your purpose. This also helps you remember that Truth is fluid, it changes as you evolve and learn more about your Self and your world.

Jupiter is also considered a *benefactor* ~ when in contact with your chart, even when challenging, you can often receive blessings & rewards. Where you have to “earn it” with Saturn, with Jupiter, there’s more benevolence or good karma involved. When Jupiter travels through each House, it will certainly liven things up! The following is some of the different things activated by Jupiter’s presence …

Dreaming of the future & making future plans
Expanding your field of knowledge / going to school
Acting on your desire to improve on all levels
Actively seeking truth, wisdom & understanding
Taking risks which build your character
Being the most optimistic & enthusiastic
Connecting to a larger, more philosophical perspective
Activating your own Spiritual Quest
Getting your PhD in *YOU*
Accessing your own Truth & Purpose

Things to beware of as Jupiter travels thru each House …
Blind Spot
Being Unrealistic
Over-expansion / making things bigger than they are / exaggerating

So I also have a Kelly-theory that: everything is a response to the last thing and preparation for the next thing. So in astrology, every Sign (and its subsequent lessons), becomes ‘a response to the last Sign and preparation for the next Sign’. For the last year, Jupiter has been in Sag expanding the possibilities. Now, as it moves into Capricorn, the expansion in our lives comes from what we are able to stabilize & structure for long-term success. It is time to manifest the vision and create the container that is going to house the vision as well. This automatically leads to having to really stretch to consider the future. Lately, I’ve posed this question to folks: What would your Future Self really appreciate your Current Self doing right now? I say go 5-10 years ahead of now for yourself and feel into what your Future Self is really going to care about and need that would’ve been nice if you’d cultivated it NOW rather than when you get there. I’m easy, I just entered my 50’s so I’m asking what my 60-year old/Second Saturn Return Kelly would be deeply grateful for me taking care of now instead of later. All that to say, Jupiter is moving forward, expanding these areas of our lives (and charts) so try to co-create with the expansion so you are not overwhelmed by it.

The following are excerpts are from my Your Soul’s Path Series. These are workbooks that I have created over the years to help you work with every planetary cycle. The following is from my Jupiter Custom Guide. If you’d like to know more about working with your own Jupiter, the Benefactor in your life, just Reach Out anytime.

Improve Your Beliefs & Personal Philosophy

Lesson: There is a Common Link Between All Living Beings and All Aspects of Life
 – Take advantage of opportunities as they are presented / look for them
 – Practice faith and positive thinking
 – Seek Higher wisdom / make meaning out of information you receive (is it relevant/useful?)
 – Access your fiery optimism
SHADOW:  Be aware of any tendency toward having a blind spot, where you’re too far ahead of yourself and miss something vital right under your nose.

Improve Your Reputation

Lesson: Responsibility for Your Actions / Inner-Authority
 – Look for areas that require expansion and which require consolidation
 – Access your discipline through activating your passion and ambition
 – Remember Truth IS authority
 – With joy, practice methods which are tried and true to accomplish your current goals
 – Pay attention to how your work contributes to society
SHADOW:  Be aware of any tendency toward postponing decisions out of fear, doubt or depression.

Improve Your Community

Lesson: Detachment / Big Picture Thinking
 – Be willing to risk – for the reward of expressing your own unique truth
 – Cooly, and with detachment, question your beliefs and philosophies – are you acting out of habit or truth?
 – Access major detachment, a more philosophic attitude, seeing the big picture
– Create the community you seek to be a part of – Focus on far-reaching ideals
 – Fully connect with and express your unique contribution
SHADOW:  Be aware of any tendency toward thinking that you are better than others or superior in some way.

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