SCORPIO: Energy of the Month

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Scorpio is the energy of power, conception, creation & karma; Pluto is the energy of death, rebirth and transformation; and the 8th House is the energy of past life relationships, Ancestors and personal renewal. This is the most powerful time of the year for planting the seeds of what you want to manifest in your life, as well as what you want to release (permanently) from your life. I highly recommend that you take some serious quiet time, meditate for a while and then write them, sing them – dedicate in some kind of way.

Even if you don’t happen to have any of the Scorpio energy in your chart, you still have access to this creative force as it rules some aspect of your chart and area of life. Whatever you focus on at this time, comes to manifest (usually faster than expected). Remember that even if you don’t consciously sit down and write out your goals, keep your thoughts as positive as possible, vigilantly correcting negative thoughts as they arise. ALL thoughts can manifest during this time, so don’t allow negative ones to usurp your time and creative energy.

You may encounter more endings this month as your Path is cleared for the new energy to more fully exist in your daily reality. (Your old reality cannot support nor sustain this powerful new energy coming in.)

·You may notice things that used to work, no longer work for you
·You may notice people leaving your Path (for a myriad of reasons) who may or may not ever return
·You may notice you are being forced to face and actually deal with some very dark, repressed parts of your Soul
·You may notice your new Path solidifying as the old Path dissolves behind you
·You may notice initial fear, which will force you to surrender to the process (which is unfolding whether you think you are ready or not)

There are many distractions designed to prevent you from evolving to the next level and placed in your Path to test you and your resolve. And if you choose to postpone evolution at this time, when the inevitability is upon you, it can be much more traumatic or particularly disruptive. It is so much more rewarding to choose – choose to do the intense self-work, acknowledge your Shadow, give it something to “do” so it does not get in the way of you evolving to the next level. When you don’t do your Soul Tending or personal Shadow work, it can become toxic! Honor it by acknowledging that it exists, listening to its needs and then feed it some soul food. If you’re not sure what I mean, Reach Out!

Everyone’s heard “ask and ye shall receive”, well one of the ways the Universal God Force knows your asking is through ritual, prayer & ceremony – that is how you “invite” co-creation with the Universe. Scorpio time is the perfect time to create a ritual of your own or read up and perhaps use one that resonates deeply in your soul. Keep in mind, a ritual is any action taken, with a conscious intent behind it. And the simplest of all rituals is to ASK! It opens the way for the answer to get to you. However, one step further, in our case would be the Power Wishes or setting intentions. And one step beyond that would be to set up an altar to what it is you’d like to manifest.

For example, a picture of what you’d like to create, along with any special symbols of your vision – again, intent behind the action is KEY! They say that if you create the space, the Universe will respond in kind. So ground your intent with a ritual and then follow through with the necessary work of creating a space in your life for your creative babies to exist & develop. If they manifested this instant, would you truly be ready? The ritual doesn’t have to be big or ornate in any way, in fact, the simpler the better. You can call in the Four Elements with a candle (fire), glass/bowl of water, herbs or incense (air) & plant or flowers (earth) – all things that are very easy to acquire if they aren’t already in your home.

The energy this month is also the energy of your “mission”. What is your mission in life? Do you know? Do you have one? I would think of a “mission” as the ultimate goal, which may actually be intangible but for which all these other little tangible goals along the way help facilitate and support. Remember ~ as Spirits having a human experience, we are still integrating and mastering the physical and spiritual; tangible and intangible; spirit and matter – classic polarity of Scorpio and Taurus, the energy of Body & Soul.

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