Oct 6 – 12, 2019 ~ Forecast

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Note from Kelly:
I do have a few additional thoughts that I’d like to put on your radar this week because we are truly blessed by the energy of balance, but often that too entails noticing where you’ve been in extremes or where you’ve been imbalanced. Just know that you are tremendously supported to do some personal restoration this season. So let’s dive in …

Thanks to Pluto’s 16-year journey through Capricorn (2008-2024) and Saturn’s 2+ year journey through Capricorn (2018-2020) and the North Nodes 18-month journey through Cancer (Nov 2018-May 2020) and Chiron’s 9-year journey through Aries (2018-2027) and most recently, Jupiter’s 1-year journey through Libra (2016-2017) and Uranus’ 7-year trip through Aries (2011-2018) … thanks to all that big energy, our little annual cycle of Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall is constantly a time of intense evolution for one and all. No one is exempt. Everyone has the Cardinal Signs somewhere, ruling some Area of Life (House) even if you do not have any planets animating those energies. It’s good to know your own natural, seasonal rhythm and now that is more important than ever. I look at it like: when you commit and take one step (in the direction of your goal) then the Universe carries you three more steps. If you can co-create with the energies available that are shifting your personal, individual fundamentals, then you are ahead of the game! You are choosing your destiny and you are also making greater strides, in a shorter period of time because this is accelerated growth that the big-boys always generate.

So with all that in mind, I just want to remind you that Libra time is also the one-of-two times per year that we have access to actual, literal balance. So no matter what extremes you’ve been dealing with, and whether you are in the Southern Hemisphere moving into the Light or here, as we move into the Dark time of year, you can call in balance at this time, you can restore your equilibrium, you can experience harmony even while the worldly chaos continues to swirl. The “theme” here (if there is one) is balance and compromise (Libra) … on the heels of sacrifice & purification (Virgo). We have also re-defined “sacrifice” as *Gift or Offering*. In every instance you feel that the Universe is asking you to “sacrifice” something for your own greater good, you could say out loud: “It would be my pleasure to offer this GIFT! I am delighted to give in this way, knowing I am clearing a space for You, Great Spirit, to fill me and my life with that will serve my Highest good, now and always.” What did you have to give up in the last month? Last 6mo? Last year? Whether you think you did or you didn’t, rest assured that the sorting and sifting got done and there are parts of you that have permanently shifted or been born completely anew. Now is a time of integration and restoring balance so you can function at a higher level than before. If you need some help with this, reach out! That’s what the Mystic Mentor is for!

Also heads-UP! Mercury entered Scorpio Oct 3rd and will be there until Dec 9th (Retro: 10/31 and Dir: 11/20) so that is actually going to help us with our integration process. We will be processing everything that’s come up in the last 1-5 years – on a soul level. We will dare to dig a little deeper into our conscious & subconscious terrain to see what is serving or undermining true evolution. I did talk about it in last week’s follow up ~ Audio HERE/Video HERE (49-min).

Mars also entered Libra on Oct 3rd and will be there until Nov 19th and it hasn’t been there since Oct-Dec 2017. It retrograded in Libra in 2014 (Dec 2013-July 2014). Mars rules our desire nature, our energy & fuel – and how we direct it – our passions and the Sacred Masculine, which is the part of you who can negotiate on your own behalf, get your ideas in the world and keep good, healthy, effective boundaries. I always suggest that we can co-create with Mars when we check in with our true Natures, every 2-years. In my experience, Mars’ Retrograde has Mars lingering in a Sign/House for 8-months – so I say: we invest 8-months of conscious self-work for a 16-month return. We get a chance to renew our passions & desires – as well as how we go about achieving them – every 2-years, which is how long it takes for Mars to move through all 12-signs.

Anytime Mars is in Libra, we get an opportunity to tune into what we deeply desire in relationships of all kinds. Fairness, balance, justice & equality are all something Mars is willing to fight for when in Libra – and awaken within the rest of us. It is time to access your inner balance where you have integrity and graciousness, as well as fierceness to stand up for what you believe in. Here’s a snapshot from my Your Soul’s Path Series, where I created a workbook for every planetary cycle. The Mars in Libra one says: This is a time when you have extremely high ideals; you’re shooting for the BIG dream! Not easily dissuaded, as you weigh all aspects of each circumstance as it presents itself. Avoid indecision and step confidently in the direction of your goal. Don’t focus too much on how others are directing their energy as much as how you are directing yours. Teach, guide & lead by example, that’s going to be the most powerful and effective use of your energy. Refined strength, rather than brute strength is necessary at this time to accomplish the current goals.

I just feel like we got to reset something during its retro through Libra in 2014, which evolved by Oct-Dec 2017 (in a way we should be able to track a common or continual thread) and now we are getting an opportunity to do some incredible work this go-round. And the reason I feel like the “relationship work” is really up and good to dive into whole-heartedly, is because next year, Mars is going to retrograde in Aries, the sign it rules, and here is when you will get a chance to invest 8-months in YOU – who you are, what you truly want and what your purpose & passion really is and it will really help if you’ve worked out some of this ahead of time. You all know, my thing is CYCLES & PATTERNS ~ if you’re interested in diving deeper into your own, so you can be more effective, feel free to reach out for a reading or a mentoring session.

10/7 ~ Mercury (thoughts) ~oppose~ Uranus (radical shift):
This energy tends to make your mind work in over-drive. Not that you think too much, but rather you may tend to think, speak and process information faster than usual. However, when you are moving that fast, sometimes you can overlook something vital. The negative expression of this energy tends to make you feel scattered and disorganized, but the positive side of it is making those brilliant connections that are normally just out of reach. Your perception and intuition are picking up so much in such a short period of time that you will want to review the details later to ensure that you didn’t overlook something crucial to your development. You may be impatient with same-old/same-old routines or responses but check in with your body to make sure it is not just your monkey mind playing tricks on you. It is a good time to breathe and be flexible because if you are impatient with this energy, you are more likely to make mistakes. Anytime Uranus is involved, radical shifts and ah-ha moments are totally possible on an internal level, however, on an external level you may tend to blurt things our without proper forethought. Be sure to engage your Heart and some kind of filter, especially when communicating with others this week.

10/7 ~ Sun (essential Self) ~square~ Saturn (responsibility):
With this energy, it is best to understand that you will have two distinct pulls within – obligation to others versus responsibility to Self. It’s not nearly as bad as it feels, however, it does bring up something we all work really hard to balance to some degree or another – SELF & OTHERS. How much do you owe your Self and how much are you obligated to others? Balance and reciprocity come to mind as guides. One of the challenges of this influence is making negative assumptions that there is no support for you when in truth, you haven’t asked for any and *help must be invited*. Saturn brings up our relationship to Time, and some people may feel restricted, as if life/other/outer is all too demanding and there’s never any time just for the individual. This activation is a push to grow. It’s time to hold your own structure in some way and reclaim your Inner Authority (also Saturn’s domain) to direct your own life. Others may find their lives falling apart because they have avoided responsibility for so long and now there’s no more “wiggle room”. Rather than have a meltdown, take a nap and resolve to wake up with a plan, a strategy for taking the next step, even if that means simply asking for help or guidance from someone older and wiser. It’s time to deepen your dedication and commit to your Self in a whole new way. Recognize any current limitations and work with the resources at hand for now. The Sun usually illuminates the core essential nature or the Self, so see where you may be stuck and need to break out of a rut of some sort and trust that taking charge and making a decision and choosing a direction is *inviting help* from the Universe to support your new direction.

10/12 ~ Venus (values) ~oppose~ Uranus (freedom):
Any time Uranus is involved, it becomes the “wild card” and hard to predict how things will unfold, but right now there is a push-pull between your apparent values and your unique individual self. Venus also represents relationships, so you may begin an unusual relationship or you may have something unusual happen in an established relationship. It is not necessarily a “good/bad” thing, as much as an unpredictable shift or sudden awareness, which requires some compromise & integration. This energy works beautifully if your personal Truth and values are in alignment. It will be very disruptive if they are not. Be open and flexible, while looking for the win/win situation for all involved.

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