July 28 – Aug 3, 2019 ~ Forecast

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7/29 ~ Sun (source & essential Self) ~square~ Uranus (awakening & radical shift):
As with any Uranus activation, this one disrupts the normal flow to facilitate a ‘break to realign’ moment. While sometimes disruptive & challenging, the ultimate result is usually refreshing in some way. Consider the energy that thickens, gathering for a severe thunderstorm, then releasing buckets of rain, for hours, you sleep deeply and awaken to a bright sunny morning with birds chirping unusually loud outside your window. Got the visual? ; -)) This activation is the necessary challenge that gets your attention that something better is available, if you’re willing to improvise and think on your feet. If you’ve been unusually restricted in some way, you may feel restless. Rather than being reactive to the unexpected shift (within or without), it’s best to take a pause for the cause, step back and try to gain some perspective so you can consciously respond, instead of react. Remember to be present, too far in the past can be depressing and too far into the future, and you cause your Self unnecessary anxiety. Breathe, be under the sky, invite clarity about the next step and trust your gut – your natural god-given instincts are what is needed for this one. This energy, while sometimes uncomfortable and often sudden, is very necessary to disrupt any illusions/delusions you may be holding on to. It’s time to express your Self in all new ways.

7/31 ~ Super/New Moon in LEO:
Around this time last year, we were wrapping up the Leo/Aquarius Eclipses so I am curious how you are doing 1-year later? Often, when we are “in it”, we can’t really know what exactly is changing, however, once we get a little distance and the dust starts to settle, we discover what radical shifts really took place. Leo/Aquarius Eclipses activated reverberations from the years 2008-09 and 1998-2000. Last year, we were also navigating the Full Moon first, giving us a chance to clear before seed-planting. However, this year, brings today’s Leo Super/New Moon first, so we have to plant seeds and walk by faith, trusting they will be activated in Divine Time & Order. This new moon will help initiate the new in a clean, positive, and hopefully fun way! It may be time to Lighten UP! Get creative, have some fun! Make time & space to dig into anything that is weighing heavily on you and find a NEW way to express it. This is the annual New Moon of the New YOU (Leo) and thanks to the recent eclipse series, you may have only realized a “New You” was activated last year. If your focus is on self-care, self-love & self-worth and how you define that for yourself, it may also allow you some customized opportunities (for you) to change your thinking in some way. The world is shifting at such a rapid pace that I feel it is more imperative than ever to know your own *Heart*. Many of us have lived our lives guided by “survival” rather than what is truly in our hearts. And we have discovered, either directly or from observing others, how this can backfire on you. Consider that anything you do, whether for yourself or the world, needs to be heart-centered and rooted in *love* (Leo’s domain) – that love is that which endures, and ultimately succeeds. When we do things with genuine enthusiasm ~ humble & pure ~ we can literally Inspire, Awaken & Uplift others and that creates a certain magnetism that creates an energetic flow. The purest form of leadership is to lead by example, so deepen your connection to your own Heart, share your Light (without attachment) but simply for the joy of sharing and that will encourage others to shine their own Light. It’s contagious! So Happy New YOU ~ may you rise into your courageous Emergent Self!

7/31 ~ Mercury Direct in CANCER:
We still have a bit of a Shadow period through Aug, but I think it is actually going to work in our favor, slowing things down so we can do some personal tending. This retrograde in particular is shining yet another light on the value of self-care & self-love, as it relates to communication & self-expression. If we are not clear about our personal needs & desires, it makes it really difficult to attract the good things in life. I encourage you to use the rest of August to dig into how you really feel and what you really think about some issues that are close to your heart in some way. We can use this slow reversal to reconnect internally, so we navigate externally with more ease & grace. We have this breather, right as we plant these new moon seeds, that will support us when we get to the Harvest.

8/2 ~ Venus (love, finances & relationships) ~square~ Uranus (sudden change):
This is a test to grow that you cannot plan for. Venus rules your values & priorities and an activation with Uranus signifies something sudden and seemingly out-of-the-blue. Of course, this isn’t true, but it can feel that way. The truth is, it is time to do something “different” where your love, finances or relationships are concerned. Making a conscious effort to do things in a completely new way will be rewarded with a lesson & a blessing you would’ve never considered. Due to these new revelations happening within you, the immediate response will come from those closest to you. If you’re in relationships (personal or professional) that have reached a point where they have to change or end, this is a good time to try to discuss it openly and with as much detachment & objectivity as possible. This energy can provoke the need for excitement or stimulation in your relationships, giving you the urge to shake things up. Be aware & mindful of others’ feelings too because they may not be in the mood for such sudden change. Another expression of this energy is to get things on the table; it’s a great time to really discuss things & come to an agreement or compromise. Ultimately, this is a test of your flexibility in relationships. The more inflexible or attached to status quo that you are, then the more disruptive this energy can be. The more willing you are to change within and do things differently without, the more productive & joyful you will be.
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