SUMMER 2019: Portals and Choices and Crossroads ~ Oh MY!

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This Summer, we have some potent alignments, intense energies & radical shifts to initiate, anchor and integrate. As we are able to do that, we prepare for more major changes coming over the next year. June allows you to release anything no longer Truth for you with the Sagittarius Full Moon (June 17th) and prepares you to initiate a new cycle & pattern with the Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse (July 2nd). As we initiate this new cycle/pattern, across the way, Saturn & Pluto are digging up the last 20-30 years (or more) and removing anything non-essential to the growth & evolution of your New Cancer-led Path & Direction (in the here and now).

With Sun in Cancer (June/July), the sign of the Mother, the Moon’s Rhythm rules ALL Life and all life is dependent on Mother Earth so the Holy Trinity of the most vital things to living as a healthy, evolving, earth-bound organism is: Sun, Moon & Earth and Eclipses involve all three. The direction we are initiating will anchor over the next 4-5 years but support us for the next 20+ years if we set it up properly. It’s time for you to birth a new rhythm for your SoulSelf to follow so your Body/Mind can function with more ease, grace and natural balance. It is time to honor The Great Mother, in every sense, micro-to-macro.

We are supported to create a new relationship, starting here & now, with the Sacred Feminine within and around us. The Sacred Feminine is the part of us and our world that is comfortable with the natural Life/Death/Life process, the part of us that is willing to let go and trust that all we need, desire & deserve will be provided along the way. The Sacred Feminine allows space for mystery & organic development. The Sacred Feminine cultivates Wisdom, Beauty & Sustenance in all Her creations, there is no hierarchy and all life is included and valued for its contribution however minute. We can cultivate lives that honor the Sacred Balance of both the Feminine and Masculine, on all levels.

It is time to set completely new intentions where your definition of self-care, quality nutrient for your body, mind & spirit, your definition of home, family, support & protection are all concerned. Many of us consider our friends to be our family, while others have been blessed to incarnate into families which yield beautiful and lifelong friendships. Cancer rules sacred space, home base, what nurtures and protects you and with two Eclipses this summer, we can set completely new intentions for how we would like to live at this time and going forward for this new 9 and 18-year cycles, not only for ourselves, but for ALL Life.

At this time (June 2019), on one hand, we are completing a cycle that we initiated 6-months ago, in December 2018, which was a major crossroads for many around the world. Winter Solstice 2018 initiated the new Solar year when we set intentions for the new year with the Capricorn New Moon (1.5.2019). Now we are approaching Summer Solstice, which will reveal what has blossomed beautifully and what needs pruning this Capricorn Full Moon (July 16th). And because it is also a Lunar Eclipse, it will reverberate further than 6-months, up to 3-years before and after this summer. Eclipses add potency, intensity & permanent change to the alchemical mix of *now*. They always signify major changes, crossroads and radical shifts which will complete their current journey by next year (before moving into Gemini/Sag to shift the lessons & the blessings of those departments/areas of life).

Pluto’s journey through Capricorn (2008-2024) amplifies the power of this Eclipse Season 100-fold, as it did in 2009-2011, but will never again cross through this territory during our lifetime. This is a rare time in the history of our planet, this is also a slightly less rare time in America’s history, but it is a super-unique time for humanity to right some ancient wrongs and re-set things so we do not pollute or degrade Mother any further but begin to heal and restore balance. Connecting our personal, individual stories to this larger story of humanity’s evolution, can speed your own evolution in a special way if/when you consciously co-create with the energies and alignments. I say that anything you are ready, willing & able to change can be permanently released at this time, which can benefit 7-generations before and after YOU! Simply by balancing out your own life, it will ripple outward. So let the bigger energies do some of the heavy lifting, you just choose/decide and clear space for the new, the Universe will provide the rest!

This may make you more emotional than usual due to the overwhelming choices and changes you’ve had to process just in the last 6 months alone. And a certain amount of honoring what you’ve completed and released is fine, however, do no linger, do not mourn overlong. This is a new beginning that deserves to be celebrated! The only way you can create a new sense of home and/or heart-centered work is going to be if you can release whatever is no longer relevant or serving your needs in the here and now, get back to basics and follow your *Heart*.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to tap in to this *Maximum Light* energy for deep soul work, fusion and strength and the calls have been a tremendous resource for all who participate, near and far, so I hope you will join us in June for more energy, support & guidance.

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