Eclipses ~ Tis the Season of Light

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Eclipses are all about light distribution, the patterns and flow of Light. Being the Light ~ Embodying the Light ~ Expressing the Light ~ Directing the Light ~ Activating the Light ~ Translating the Light ~ Catching the Light ~ Honoring the Light ~ Connecting to the Light ~ Being a Vehicle for the Light ~ Tis the Season of Light, especially anytime Eclipses are involved! Every year, twice a year (sometimes more), we have Eclipses and they offer us energy for change and they facilitate the break in the pattern of Light. At the very same time, there is also a unique Sky Pattern during an Eclipse and it reveals support for our individual & collective break-to-realign moments or experiences, those choices & changes that forever shift the direction or foundation of our lives.

The 2-week period between the Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse (July 2nd) and the Capricorn Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse (July 16th) is your opportunity for an Initiation and an Integration in those departments of your chart for sure. Acknowledge any regrets, mourn any losses and say goodbye to the past, while acknowledging that your journey thus far has led you to here. Now, it is time to build a life based on a reality of your own choosing, your own definition & your own making, a life you create with your Heart & Soul and your own two hands. I love the question: “Can I BE the SPACE for This?” Can you “be the space” for … Quality of Life. Present Moment. Laughter. Silence. Sunshine. Rain. Rhythm. How are you preparing the structure of your body, your life and your life’s work to handle actually receiving what you say you want? Are you ready? If so, create space and begin to build anew. If not, continue to release what you can and prepare as best you can, until you are ready to honor your Soul’s guidance.

Every astrologer has their primary focus, and one of mine is Cycles & Patterns. 6-Months of the year, we are reaching toward the life-giving Sun, while the Light lasts longer, facilitating blooming and blossoming within and without … now we are shifting toward the next 6-Months of focusing on *ROOTS* ~ anchoring all that we’ve seeded this year and working behind the scenes, remembering that ‘seeds germinate in the darkness’ so Mother, in Her Infinite Wisdom, has encoded this *Rhythm* within all living Beings. What will ground and sustain you during the current transition and the general storms of life on Earth? What is working – what is not? As you connect with what you’ve co-created this year, rather than allow the distraction of what did not happen as planned (or at all), focus on preserving the best aspects of what you did create. In other words, work with what you have, start where you are and create something delicious and juicy and full of your unique flavors & spice! Then, throw the rest either back in the cauldron for further cooking or out to the compost pile to be recycled altogether.

Summer Solstice (June 20-21) is the integration and culmination of the intentions you set at Winter Solstice (Dec 20-21). What intentions did you set? How are they going? What has manifested? What has not? December 2018 was a very powerful time of major endings, clearing a space for what is coming in to view now. You are completely supported for healing old wounds and freeing up space & energy within your Being to do great things. And like all cycles, one is preparing you for the next. 2019 is preparing you for 2020 and beyond. There are many major cycles going on at this time, rather than feeling overwhelmed by them all and allowing them to ‘blow your circuits’ (making you completely ineffective) ~ instead, consult your Heart & Soul and follow that guidance. And choose change! Change is good.

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