March 24 – 30, 2019 ~ Forecast

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Note from Kelly:
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3/24~ Mercury Rx (communication/expression) ~conjunct~ Neptune (imagination/spirituality):   (2 of 3: 2/19 ~ 3/24 ~ 4/2)
This is a mixed blessing, but definitely an initiation either way. It can be miraculous for creativity, art or exploration. I like this one for a personal ‘conversation with God’, your Higher Self, your SoulSelf. As with any initiation, a completion must come first, and in this case with Mercury, it’s time to expand your thinking in some way – go deeper. Invite your Ancestors, Angels & Animal Guides to answer your questions and guide you at this time. Communing with them is much more supported than communing with the humans around you. So if you need to think about the mundane or confront someone about something which requires complete honesty from both parties, things could get a little hazy & confused thanks to Neptune here. There is always a veil to contend with when dealing with Neptune, but you have to know which side of it you are on so you are in alignment with the Nature around you (3D vs 5D). This energy tends to color reality, misleading you to think you are being perfectly clear in your communication or what you’re trying to express, while others are completely lost. It’s better to say nothing, rather than be completely misunderstood.

3/ 27 ~ Venus (relationships, love & money) ~sextile~ Uranus (clarity & inspiration):
This energy, thanks to Uranus, activates a certain spark of electricity in the air. New relationships will have an unusual aspect to them and old ones can break-to-realign in a positive, even fun way with this energy. No monotonous routine, humdrum people or boring collaborations with this one. Use it to access your unique genius and deep well of creativity and then share if you can, with other like-hearted Souls. Take advantage of this energy to tap into areas you may not have realized were available to you before. Keep it light and upbeat; socialize and enjoy the experience of different people or new activities. Keep in mind, however, any relationships begun this week may not be based on qualities needed for long term survival. It is more a time to enjoy the people and experiences that pass through at this time and accept this gift!

3/28 ~ Mercury Direct in PISCES:
WooHoo! That said, we still have to deal with slow-emergence from the deep end of the ocean until it enters Aries 4/17. So let’s tap into the delicious energy of Venus arriving in Pisces just in time to help us clarify the values & priorities going forward, with the help of Liberating Uranus in Taurus which is facilitating an awakening within our bodies and Earth’s body. Let’s take the next couple of weeks to close out the past and really focus on the true priorities of here & now so we can make the best decisions possible.

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