Feb 3 – 16, 2019 ~ Forecast

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2/3 ~ Aquarius Gate of Power/Imbolc Cross Qtr/MidPoint of Winter & Spring 2019: February always brings the MidPoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. It’s a 6-week period that we can dedicate to igniting the spark of inspiration to guide the new year and strengthen our renewed connection to Life. Cross Quarters are considered the Gates of Power ~ the in between/the midpoint between the Solstices and Equinoxes. This is the *Sweet Spot* between Seed and New Life. This particular one is about PURIFICATION through Fire & Water … preparing a space for pure, new energy & Life. This is a good time to pause, reflect and receive guidance directly from Divine Spirit. It’s also a good time to clean and take inventory. What do you have and what do you need? This is the second of *8* Sacred Seasons, a time of INVITING the Renewal of the Light. This is the season dedicated to the process of nurturing the intentions you set for the new year at Winter Solstice and hope to see sprout by Spring Equinox.

In order to create anew, sacrifices & changes often must be made. This time of the year coincides with several celebrations, when many cultures give up something cherished in an effort to cleanse and clear a space for renewed growth, within your Being and your environment. This is about clearing a space for the NEW to come in. (It is useful and effective to prepare as if it has already arrived.) As you stretch and awaken this season, you will have many revelations that you can use as fuel for your own Creative Fire! Get moving when necessary and be still when you can. Try to stay neutral ~ neither getting overly excited about success, nor excessively discouraged by defeat.

Reflect deeply on the (raw) Truth of who you ARE (in this moment) – who you have cultivated, from the inside-out (in the last year), and then ask your Self if the Life & Being you’ve created (thus far) FEELS Authentic? Does it feel authentic to you? To others? Think Aquarius: Unique-Individual-Rebel-Radically Different-Ahead of Your Time.

Is the ‘Life/Being’ you’ve created physically sustainable? Is it energetically fulfilling? Keep in mind, this season will culminate in August 2019, so ~ what would you like to create by then? What do you want to be able to express by then? Think Leo: Love-Creativity-Play-Heart-Courage to be your Authentic Self.

2/4 ~ AQUARIUS New Moon: This brings us to the New Moon of Feb, the first one now that the recent series of Leo/Aquarius Eclipses has finished rearranging our molecules in the Fixed Houses of our chart. We are ready to seed completely new patterns & cycles of being an individual contributor to a larger community. Every year, we use this time to laser away the non-essential and anything blocking the new vision for the year from taking root. What is most important to you this year? Are you working on the new role that you want to play going forward, at this new level of maturity and higher level of consciousness? And what kind of communities do you want to be a part of? And contribute your energy to? Aquarius New Moon is when you can dig in to how your *Unique Essence* can contribute to humanity & the planet in some way. It’s connecting to your Leo/Heart and discerning what you most Taurus/Value and are willing to build or invest in so that you are stabilized & whole enough to channel your clean, authentic Scorpio/Power for the greater good of Aquarius/ALL! This month, my *Fixed* Babies are on deck! Aquarius/Initiation ~ Leo/Integration ~ Taurus/Scorpio/Growth. Dec/Jan has led right to here & now, so it is good to do a little review of what NEW Sag Truth/Story is emerging and what NEW Capricorn Structure/Foundation you are creating that will *contain, nurture & support* your NEW Aquarian Unique Brilliance that wants to come through YOU! Even if it is simply living more completely centered in your Authentic Self and sharing THAT with others!

2/7 ~ Mercury (your voice) ~sextile~ Jupiter (expansion): Where a Sun/Jupiter activation is more about YOU, this Mercury activation is more about your consciousness, ideas, thoughts & concepts, which Jupiter expands in some way, helping you to ‘think bigger’, edit your personal Story and step-up your game in some way. This is also a great energy to work with if you are in school, learning something new, expanding your knowledge base or gathering new tools & information to support your goals. Your dreams are tapping you on the shoulder, demanding some attention. Mundane issues are not your concern right now, you want to figure out how to create the life you’ve been imagining. This energy also provokes within you the awareness & understanding that being generous naturally attracts generosity to you. The big picture and overall patterns which have led you to this point are being brought into the light. Feeling clear, sharp, alert and optimistic, you begin to realize that anything you can imagine (or remember), you can achieve.

2/7 ~ Sun (core Self) ~sextile~ Jupiter (optimism): This energy is sometimes considered “lucky” but the success you achieve under this influence, is more likely due to a positive outlook and clear vision of who you are and what you want. Your life is expanding, your self-understanding is deepening and it will be easier to be around other people of higher consciousness, improving things and creating opportunities that benefit a larger number of people. There is a healthy dose of optimism around some grand plan, and things are moving, but make sure to do the foundation work to support this larger vision as it manifests in reality. If you are a teacher/guide/leader of any sort, this energy supports your group efforts, so giving workshops, seminars or new classes is totally supported and will benefit you, while serving others.

2/7 ~ Mercury (expression) ~sextile~ Mars (passion): This is a healthy selfish energy (aka self-preservation). Do not hold back this week. If you have a big dream or serious goal you have been working toward, then this is the time that may attract the assistance you need from the Universe. This is definitely a “work” energy, however, it brings with it the caveat that it is best if you can work alone on something important to you. No one else is (or ever will be) as dedicated to your goal as YOU will be, nor should you expect them to be. You are now connected to the extra energy it takes to push your goals to the next level, bringing you a sense of accomplishment while outlining the next tasks to be done. Opportunities present themselves all the time, all you have to do is be ready!! If you are given the opportunity to make a presentation, go for it! Your clarity, energy & enthusiasm will be unmatched and that’s what people respond to. Don’t choose this time to be “shy” or doubt that you’re ready – you are definitely ready … otherwise you wouldn’t be here!! One of my favorite sayings is: “At the moment of commitment, the Universe conspires to assist you!” It’s time to decide if you are committed and how truly committed you are, to your own success.

2/9 ~ Mercury (acumen) ~sextile~ Uranus (the Awakener): This energy says, it’s time to go with the flow – “new and different” being the flow. It wants to shake it up a bit – in a good way. However, if you feel like new and different is more like chaos and disruption, then you need to reflect and see if you aren’t being too rigid. Unwillingness to go with the (new) flow will make this energy harder to handle. This is also a good time to try to resolve any old issues or challenges – they are not going away without resolution and conscious release. Perhaps you’ve been trying the same thing over and over and it’s time to try something NEW – now is the time new ideas can/will come to you. Pay attention! Try to be open and receptive to unusual things, events or ideas and allow room for spontaneity and space for you to improvise and think on your feet. You may think you are doing one thing and look up and being doing something completely different – so be open to exploring the New Path!

2/13 ~ Mars (passion & purpose) ~conjunct~ Uranus (freedom & liberation): This energy is a volatile mix but can be directed constructively. When these two get together, it can provoke you to be completely intolerant of restrictions and gives you an undeniable urge to break free in some way, shape or form. It’s time to do things in a completely new way. Uranus is the Awakener and Mars rules who you are and what you want on one level, and your Inner Sacred Masculine on another level (the part of you that gets your ideas out there, holds your boundaries & negotiates on your own behalf). This is a break-to-realign moment but in an initiatory way (rather than a growth moment), it’s time to start a new path, passion or purpose that is born from within. This is a brand spanking new beginning for you (personally) and one that may even surprise you, let alone those around you, so stay loose yet alert. If you have a solid sense of Self and are clear about your deepest desires, then this energy is just what you need to finally (and permanently) break old limiting patterns of behavior which no longer suit who you have become. You will have considerable energy, so you should direct it consciously or into a project of your own making, something you created, something truly unique and that will ultimately reflect the Truth of who/what you are. At its worst, it is violent thrashing, reactionary and indiscriminate destructiveness. *NOTE* ~ The last 2-years should inform you (2017-2019). Mars connects with Uranus in Aries 5-times during 2011-2019, which is re-setting a lot of buttons for anyone with Cardinal Signs in their chart. The dates of their connection are: 4.3.2011 ~ 3.22.2013 ~ 3.11.2015 ~ 2.27.2017 ~ 2.13.2019. You may be able to discern a pattern to the themes that arise for you when these two get together.)

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