Thank you Shanta and Kelly for an enlightening and inspirational message last night. Very magical. All the best, Yvonne

Hi Kelly, I think your reading is truly spectacular which gives numerous insights. I am still assimilating them and I want to give it some thought before I come back to you with questions. Once I do that may be we can schedule time when I can speak to you in a couple of days. Hope that works for you. Many thanks, Upamanyu

Dear Kelly- Serendipity is delicious. After dinner last night, weary of family togetherness, I retreated to my condo and opened the Aquarius Full Moon guidance you sent. There, in encapsulated form, was much of what I have been experiencing these past few days. The containers you have created feel so good, and as I read and pondered, order and perspective and contact with my inner knowing were restored. Thank you for your awesomeness. So sorry to miss the Circle; So happy the Wisdom you share is so pertinent and speaks to me profoundly. So grateful the Circle wisdom is present whether I am or not! Many blessings~ Lindsey

Hope you are doing good Kelly! I am writing because something you had warned me to be mindful of just happened. You had said in March that I am ending a 20 year cycle in 2022 and on Dec 4th 2017 … and it happened in exactly like you had mentioned. Ego hassles regarding teaching material with my teachers. I would like to know, since you were so eerily precise about the date, whether i could have avoided this one? Or rather more to the point, what do i do now? Given this, what can be my way forward … Hoping to hear from you Kelly! Have a great day! Warm Regards, Vana