Over the last 20+ years, many of you found me through my Shamanic Astrology practice where the focus is the Sky Pattern and is often the work I do in the virtual world, online around the world.

Here you will find the introduction to my new work as a Mystic Mentor, where the focus is on you the individual and the Earthly Cycles we have to navigate as human beings.

This is where you and I get to connect directly, in-person, one-on-one, or in a Live Circle somewhere in the world. I love practicing and exploring the infinite ways to reclaim our natural instincts and integrate the Sacred Feminine into our daily lives.

As the Mystic Mentor, I love sharing what I’ve learned from the Angels, Ancestors & Animal Spirit guides. I love tracking patterns, helping you become more effective and discovering untapped resources of strength, wisdom & courage needed to navigate the modern world. 

There is nothing new under the Sun, and Earth Medicine is simply honoring that Mother Earth has provided absolutely everything we need to exist in a healthy, balanced way. It is our job to learn Her language, Her rhythm and Her ways. It is our job not to disregard the Elements She has provided that enable us to co-create our reality on every level.

So, reach out if you need to! If you would like to learn more about Nature’s Cycles and your own personal patterns, I’d love to support that education and healing process with and for you.

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Your Inner Archetypes, Animal & Ancestral Guides

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Wolf Pack Photo by Thomas Bonometti