• I have been doing readings since the early 1980’s, and professionally since 1996 and online since 1999.
  • I use a wide variety of Tarot cards & Divination tools, such as IChing, Runes, Bibliomancy etc. Most of my readings include some combo of Astrology & Divination.
  • I love customizing the information and helping people make their own connections by alerting them to the current cycles they’re navigating, as well as the unique planetary support available now.
  • I believe that your birth chart is your individual (one-of-a-kind) blueprint for life. It has the key to your lessons to learn & teach, your life path, as well as past life inclinations that you bring with you to resolve. It also points to your life’s true purpose and natural rhythm. Once you become aware of a few key things, then you can consciously co-create your reality and accelerate your own evolution by, essentially, mastering YOU!
  • I’ve also created some readings that are powerful and unique, like the Access the Ancestors series dedicated to illuminated gifts & strengths inherent within you. I also create the 8 Sacred Season Readings, which are designed to keep you on track as you travel throughout your year.
  • I’ve created a couple of different formats, depending on your preference: to READ (pdf) and to LISTEN (mp3) or BOTH.
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30-min Session w Kelly
$75.00 USD
60-min Session w Kelly
$125.00 USD
90-min Session w Kelly
$150.00 USD
2-hour Session w Kelly
$200.00 USD

~ Special Readings ~
(see descriptions below)
Eclipse Portal Reading
$75.00 USD
Astro/Tarot Special
$150.00 USD
Venus Cycle Reading
$150.00 USD

After you pay for your Reading,
you will be re-directed to my Contact page
to submit your Birth Date/Time/Place and
any notes to me via secure online form.
You will receive MP3 + PDF materials
delivered via email for you to review first.
Then, we schedule appointment to discuss
it and answer your questions.
*If you are old school, you can also receive
your Reading MP3 on a CD and
your PDF printed out, upon request.

Are you feeling disconnected or confused?
Or have an issue you’d like guidance for?

An Astro/Tarot Special Reading is a great introduction to your chart and personal cycles, if you’ve never had a reading. Or it can be super-useful when facing a major life decision or transition (ie, birth, death, marriage etc). Most of all, it helps clarify where you are in your own individual cycles and where the energetic support is at this time.

Are you navigating an
important transition?

Are you standing at a
personal crossroads?

This Reading was created for the Special 12:12 Alignment in Dec but it is useful because ALL of 2020 is a Crossroads for one and all. This Reading is great for getting a basic overview, with some additional insights about the coming months. 2020 is unprecedented in its planetary alignments, which are moving great numbers of species along the evolutionary spiral. We are just one of them! Let’s check-in to see what the vibe is for you, at this time, as you step into a brand new decade! Getting a Reading can be super-useful when facing major life decisions, changes or transitional times and this definitely qualifies! Receive a message from YOUR Invisible Support Team and clarify where the energetic support is for you, at this time.
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$100 ~ Includes MP3+PDF Delivered within 72-hrs via eMail
$150 ~ Click HERE if you’d like to ADD a Follow-Up Session with Kelly

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NEW Venus in GEMINI Cycle
Starting SOON! APRIL 2020

Who is the Venus Reading, Custom Guide & Monthly Circle good for?
~ Anyone who wants to better understand their own patterns around Love, Money & Magnetics.
~ Anyone who likes doing the self-work and also likes the support of a community with common goals.
~ Anyone who is looking for a NEW Passion, Purpose or Identity and feels ‘in between’ on these matters.
~ Anyone who is truly ready to consciously get their outer priorities realigned to match their inner values.
~ Anyone who wants to consciously co-create with the current upgrade of their Love, Money & Magnetics.
~ Anyone who wants to simply learn more about themselves and their values, priorities & personal patterns.
~ Anyone who has strong/many Fixed Signs: Taurus/Scorpio/Leo/Aquarius or Cardinal Signs: Aries/Libra/Cancer/Capricorn in their chart.

Portals and Choices and Crossroads ~ OH My!

Your Personal *Eclipse Portal* Reading will give you a chance to Break to Realign to the NOW! It helps to know the *Areas of Life* being activated by an Eclipse Series because this is where the repetitive pattern will happen over the years. The Eclipse Reading helps you know where you are in your own personal cycles, as well as the energetic support available at this time! This is a time of great power as Eclipses facilitate permanent change.

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